Chat Wrap: Buddy Teevens

Feb. 6, 2003

BuddyTeevens: (4:00 PM ET ) Hello everyone. Thank you for joining me. I look forward to answering your questions on Stanford football.

Tim (Stanford, CA): Hey Buddy,Congratulations on a great recruiting class!How do you think that Stanford's 2003 recruits will help to expedite the implementation of your offensive system? In recruiting, did you pursue the top-talent players, or players who you felt would fit best into your offensive scheme.

BuddyTeevens: (4:02 PM ET ) The wide receivers could have an immediate impact. We have some talented individuals on our squad, but Jai Miller, Mark Bradford and Tim Sims could contribute in their freshman year. We look for the most talented athletes who meet the academic requirements at Stanford University and adjust to our needs offensively and defensively based on who we identify.

Joe, Fort Worth, TX : Coach Teevens,USC seems to have returned to football prominence as evidenced by their top ranked recruiting class. Couple their return to power with the traditional strength of the PAC-10 and, on paper at least, it looks like Stanford has a long way to go to return an upper echelon status in the league. How quick will that happen?

BuddyTeevens: (4:03 PM ET ) There is great balance in the Pac-10 aswitnessed by the number of teams that have won conference championships in thelast 10 years. We will have young team next season, but feel we will the abilityto compete within the conference.

Mike(Pittsburgh): coach,is it easier,in a sense,to recruit at Stanfordknowing you can't waste time on recruits who would have a tough time making itfrom an academic view!great job

BuddyTeevens: (4:04 PM ET ) The number of available recruits is greatly reduced because of our academic standards. Top athletes who qualify academically are also being recruited by every major program in the country. Thus, the recruiting process is more rigorous.

Boston: Is there anyway that you could get the school to have more gameson TV/Satellite here on the East Coast. Best of Luck next year!

BuddyTeevens: (4:06 PM ET ) Most of our games are on ABC, Fox Sports Net or ESPN. If these games are not show locally in your area, many times they are available on ESPN Gameplan, ABC pay-per-view or via satellite.

Derek (Palo Alto): Congrats on a most impressive recruiting class, Buddy. I was wondering about your thought process for selecting starters and redshirts among the players. How much do experience, talent and desire come into play? What qualities would make you want to redshirt a freshman? Good luck for next season and GO CARDINAL!

BuddyTeevens: (4:08 PM ET ) We encourage all of our players to compete for starting positions when they arrive on campus and will base our decisions to redshirt freshman based on their physical preparedness and their ability to adjust to our offensive, defensive and special teams schemes. In general, offensive and defensive lineman need to increase their body mass and strength and frequently will be redshirted. Perimeter positions can run when they arrive and have a better chance to play.

Claude Fortson (Kilgore): How do you think Landon Johnson will fit in as LB in your program...

BuddyTeevens: (4:09 PM ET ) Landon is well developed physically, runs quitewell and appears to be an instinctive linebacker. We think he will be a greataddition to the linebacking corps.

John (Boston): Coach, congratulations on an excellent class from a Stanford alum and fellow Bay State Native. While I am very excited for the prospects you signed yesterday, my only concern is that while we cleaned up in the West and the South, we only got one player each from Big 10 and Big 12 country. Is that just the way things worked out, or will it be an area of focus in the future? Thanks.

BuddyTeevens: (4:10 PM ET ) We went where the academically qualified were available and the location appears to change from year to year

Michael (Stanford): What freshman will get a starting role or some substantialplaying time? And is T.C. Ostrander going to have a chance to compete for a startingspot next year?

BuddyTeevens: (4:11 PM ET ) There are a number of freshman, including Danahy, Brewer, Evans, Harrison, Marrero, Nnoli, Ottovegio, Sims,Sanchez, Miller, Johnson, Bradford and Okwo who phyically will have a chance to make an impact next fall.

Bobby skinner/ Montgomery, Alabama: What do you think about new recruitJai Miller?

BuddyTeevens: (4:12 PM ET ) Love him!! He's a tremendously talented individual and a great fit for Stanford University.

Alex (San Jose): You've signed a great class coach - congratulations! My question is, do you have any plans to maybe make WR into DBs, where we could still use bodies, and TEs into DEs? We seem stocked @ WR & TE and can maybe spare some bodies there.Looking forward to a great 2003, Coach...again, congrats to you & your staff on a great class!!

BuddyTeevens: (4:13 PM ET ) We will access all of our positions and if we are stacked in a particular position, we may in fact move talented athletes to other need areas.

Ben Felts: What do you look for in Height, Weight, 40 and 10 time for an Offensive Tackle Prospect?

BuddyTeevens: (4:14 PM ET ) We don't a required size for our offensive tackles.Generally, we recruit lineman who are physical and can move their feet. That'smore important to us than height, weight and a 40-time.

Big Red: coach nice job signing these guys. Do you see any of these guysplaying a role as a kick returner in the fall with the loss of wells?

BuddyTeevens: (4:15 PM ET ) Marrero, Evans, Harrison have all returned kicks and will definitely get a look.

Flamingo : coach very good class on paper, happy to see it. You've gota young offensive line returning, do you see brewer, clover or long in the mixwith cochran, beall, vinson, edwards and mcclernan for playing time next year.Also, if you had to throw a starting five out there right now, who would you plugin with chambers and at what positions?

BuddyTeevens: (4:16 PM ET ) Brewer is the most physical capable of playingearly, but there are a number of offensive line positions up for grabs this spring.

gmoney: coach, great group. You appear to have 3 double sport guys withbradford, miller and moore. Do you and coach Montgomery feel that all three willfollow in the footsteps of Teyo Johnson and play both sports? also, there's arumor that landon Johnson is quite a baseball player? could he play for coachMarquess on the farm?

BuddyTeevens: (4:17 PM ET ) We have a number of individuals who will compete in two sports. We may be one of the few in the country that allows student-athletes to pursue interest s in other areas.... Our kicker, Eric Johnson, just made the Stanford golf team!

the big man: buddy, congratulations on a fine class. Have some coffee,cause you are a CLOSER! you lost 3 interior defensive linemen this past seasonand have only 4 returners at those positions, none of which are very experienced.Is there any chance we'll see Amon Gordon or another player moved down inside?Amon seems like he would be a warren Sapp type at the 3 technique. Any thoughtson that? also, would you consider a 3-4 with Babatunde and Shelwell big bodieswho could play the two gap nose?

BuddyTeevens: (4:18 PM ET ) We may shift some big guys around and we'll look at various ways to use them to improve the performance of our front four.

jtw95: Great job! I'm sure you're exhausted -- you seem to be one of the most tireless recruiters in college football. But before you rest... any thoughts on the Offensive Coordinator job?

BuddyTeevens: (4:19 PM ET ) Now that recruiting is concluded, we'll look towards filling our open coaching position.... lots of interest and we will find a a great fit for Stanford.

Hulk, The Frozen North: It appears there is a favored profile for the newStanford player. As a group, they appear to be unusually tall, lean and fast,with very few over 260 pounds and height everywhere, including the tallest offensivetackle and wide receiver in college football. Do you favor the tall, leaner, fasterframe for they style you plan, both on offense and defense? And second, how inheaven's name do you plan to maintain the academic standards that this class achieved?My estimate is the average GPA is 3.8-plus and the average SAT about 1225. Canwe maintain that level and win a national championship, and if so, how?

BuddyTeevens: (4:21 PM ET ) Quite often we recruit based on projections....wehave an outstanding strength coach in Ron Forbes and since his arrival we haveseen significant strength and size increases in our student-athletes. We willtake a tall, lean individual, especially fast ones, because we believe we canhelp them increase their size, but it's difficult to develop speed and quickness.....that's why we look for the one's that run!

DeAndre (Palo Alto): With the addition of Michael Horgan, and Patrick Danahy, would you consider moving Matt Traverso to defensive end?

BuddyTeevens: (4:22 PM ET ) We will use a two tight end set on occasion and we need to have four people ready to play at that position. So, we'll keep things as they are for now.

Mike (Kingston, MA): Congrats on your class from a Silver Lake grad. When do you begin the process of evaluating and offering members of the junior class, or has that already begun? Bring some MA players out there!

BuddyTeevens: (4:23 PM ET ) Go Lakers!! We've been recruiting juniors steadily and make our offers as soon as we access their academic and athletic skills..... if you know of any Mass. players, send them our way!

CK (Bay Area): What are positions of priority for next year's class?

BuddyTeevens: (4:23 PM ET ) Offensive line, defensive line and cover corners.

David (Chicago): Congrats on a great recruiting class.What will you look for in your new offensive coordinator? Do you expect a change in the team's offensive philosophy?

BuddyTeevens: (4:24 PM ET ) We will adjust our offense to the talent level we have and probably will look for greater balance.


BuddyTeevens: (4:24 PM ET ) If I do, I may resurrect some of those old Silver Lake plays you taught me..... hope to see you on the golf course this summer.

Mike (Chicago): Hey Buddy. Nice to talk to you again. I remember talkingto you at a Stanford game last year. Hopefully we can talk again if you answermy question. Who is the best player out of your 2003 class?

BuddyTeevens: (4:26 PM ET ) We feel we have a number of talented individuals. At this point, it's tough to say who will be the best. We helped our talent pool appreciably and expect a number of players to help next year.

Scott (Palo Alto): Coach Teevens, Do you think you improved the defensewith the recruits you signed because, as we all know, the defense struggled mightilylast year and it is definitely an area that needs serious adjustments.

BuddyTeevens: (4:26 PM ET ) Our defense was young last year. The experience they had will help for the future. And, some of the new additions will help as well!

Alberto (Stanford, CA): Hey Buddy,Stanford is the best school with a relatively competitive football program. When you recruit, do you try to attract players with the opportunity to play for a national championship, or do most players come simply to get a good education.

BuddyTeevens: (4:27 PM ET ) Our goals are quite simple: win a national championship and be a top-25 team annually..... we look for players who would like to play in the NFL without compromising their education. All of these goals are achievable.

Stanford, CA: I'm a freshman at Stanford. Congratulations on a great recruiting class. I'm really excited about the future of the football program. I was wondering now, with all this new talent, how do you plan on turning around the team this year? -David Breger

BuddyTeevens: (4:28 PM ET ) We need to execute better in all phases of the game. We are a stronger football team now than we were last fall. This combined with the increase in athletic talent will ensure an improvement on last season's performance.

Aaron Gelband (Stanford, CA): Hey Buddy,Do you think the geographic diversity of this year's class is a product of your southern roots, or is it the new direction of Stanford football?

BuddyTeevens: (4:30 PM ET ) There is great speed down South and this yearthere were a number of very talented students. Geographically, prospect locationchanges from year to year and we will go anywhere in the country to identify thetype of student-athletes Stanford needs.

Tim (Stanford, CA): Hey Buddy,I was reading in The Stanford Daily that you recruited 3 of the nation's better running backs. Considering the depth that this now gives Stanford at that position, are you going to consider switching any of these athletes over to the defensive side of the ball, to linebacker or in the secondary?

BuddyTeevens: (4:32 PM ET ) We recruited a big back in Emeka Nnoli and two true tailbacks. We will use each of them, so we will keep them where they are.

Mike (LA): Coach, how important is it to cultivate a relationship with HS coaches to find prospects? How hard is that for a school like Stanford that recruits nationally?

BuddyTeevens: (4:33 PM ET ) There is trust factor involved in the recruitingprocess. When you have a preexisting relationship, it helps the recruiting process.

Jeff (Houston): hey buddy!! good luck!! I was wondering how do you recruitpeople for your football program? do the applicants have to mail u or somethingor do you find out about them?

BuddyTeevens: (4:35 PM ET ) We find out about prospects in a variety of ways, telephone calls, newspaper articles, word of mouth and recruiting services. If you know of any great ones, send them our way!

T-Sea: Coach--why is it so many blue chippers hold out on their decisions till Signing Day? Isn't that a disadvantage to a recruit? How do your coaches feel about that? I think it makes a player look bigger than the program.

BuddyTeevens: (4:36 PM ET ) With five visits, it takes a while to see the schools they have interest in. When they conclude their visitations, they have very little time in which to make a decision. Though it's trying for the coach, it's probably more difficult for the student. Thus, we're both happy when signing day finally arrives!

RJ-Fremont, CA: Coach--are you for a playoff system? Given the power inthe PAC-10, a playoff system would seem ideal for Stanford. But I also love thetradition of the Rose Bowl

BuddyTeevens: (4:36 PM ET ) I'd love to have a playoff system in place.

George (DC): Great work on recruiting. What is the greatest single lesson the staff learned from last year's two win season that might help avoid a repeat? I wish you well!

BuddyTeevens: (4:37 PM ET ) That we don't want to go through this again!!! Experienced gained last season, our rigorous off-season program, and the influx of more athletes will make next year's season much more productive.

Vinny deMacedo (Plymouth, MA): Buddy, I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Hopefully all is going well for you! Good luck next year.

BuddyTeevens: (4:39 PM ET ) Thanks, Vinny. Tell Maria I said hello....That we don't want to go through this again!!! Experienced gained last season, our rigorous off-season program, and the influx of more athletes will make next year's season much more productive.

BuddyTeevens: (4:40 PM ET ) Thank you for joining me and for your supportof Stanford Football. Keep following us... good things will happen soon....


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