Husky Gymnasts Post Win at Seattle Pacifice

Feb. 7, 2003

Seattle - Carly Dockendorf and Molly Seaman combined for a three first place finishes on the uneven bars, floor exercise and balance beam as Washington (5-2) defeated Seattle Pacific 194.550 to 189.950 in a women's dual gymnastics meet Friday night at Brougham Pavilion.

Dockendorf nailed the landing on her uneven bars routine during the Huskies' initial rotation to earn a career-high 9.950. The sophomore, along with Seaman, negotiated the balance beam to a 9.825 tie. Seaman capped the night with a 9.775 on floor exercise to win that event. Stacy Wong took top honors on vault with a score of 9.850.

'We were able to give a few gymnasts some opportunities tonight since we travel to UCLA on Sunday,' said Husky coach Bob Levesque. 'Overall, I was pleased with our efforts and our score.'

Washington did not have any gymnasts compete as all-arounders during the meet as a total of 12 individuals competed during the event.

Washington travels to third-ranked UCLA for a meet Sunday at Pauley Pavilion.

Team Scoring

Washington       48.925  48.925  48.550  48.150  194.550Seattle Pacific  47.625  48.100  46.675  47.550  189.950


 1 Stacy Wong  (UW) 9.8500 2 Christina Pelaez  (UW) 9.8250 3 Carly Dockendorf  (UW) 9.7750 3 Kelly McDonald  (UW) 9.7750 5 Courtney Canavan  (UW) 9.7000 6 Amy Metcalf  (UW) 9.6750 7 Rachael Anderson  (SPU) 9.6500 8 Corrie McDaniel  (SPU) 9.5750 9 Jaynie Reynolds  (SPU) 9.525010 Cindy Reed  (SPU) 9.450011 Jennifer Christman  (SPU) 9.425012 Kari Kelly  (SPU) 9.2750


1  Carly Dockendorf  (UW)  9.9502  Amy Metcalf  (UW)  9.8253  Tanya Powers  (UW)  9.8004  Corrie McDaniel  (SPU)  9.7754  Kimberly Lewis  (UW)  9.7756  Melissa Stanton  (SPU)  9.7007  Annastasia Ahr  (SPU)  9.6758  Kristen Strid  (SPU)  9.5758  Jenny Ehlers  (UW)  9.57510  Jennifer Christman  (SPU)  9.37511  Kelly McDonald  (UW)  9.32512  Cindy Reed  (SPU)  9.275 


1  Carly Dockendorf  (UW)  9.8751  Molly Seaman  (UW)  9.8753  Christina Pelaez  (UW)  9.8504  Corrie McDaniel  (SPU)  9.7255  Kristen Strid  (SPU)  9.7005  Courtney Canavan  (UW)  9.7007  Bijoya Das  (UW)  9.2508  Annastasia Ahr  (SPU)  9.1509  Courtney Amonsen  (SPU) 9.0509  Cindy Reed  (SPU)  9.05011  Kimberly Lewis  (UW)  8.72512  Rachael Anderson  (SPU)  8.575


1  Molly Seaman  (UW)  9.7752  Rachael Anderson  (SPU)  9.7503  Annastasia Ahr  (SPU)  9.7254  Christina Pelaez  (UW)  9.7005  Amy Metcalf  (UW)  9.6256  Elisabeth Kingsley  (SPU)  9.6007  Kimberly Lewis  (UW)  9.5508  Courtney Canavan  (UW)  9.5009  Cindy Reed  (SPU) 9.4259  Jenny Ehlers  (UW)  9.42511  Corrie McDaniel  (SPU)  9.050

All Around

1  Corrie McDaniel  (SPU)  38.1252  Cindy Reed  (SPU)  37.200
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