Live Gymnastics Stats - UCLA Vs. Arizona

Feb. 23, 2003

Follow the UCLA gymnastics team as it competes against 16th-ranked Arizona on Sunday afternoon at Pauley Pavilion. The meet will begin at approximately 2:15 pm, and scores will be updated here periodically during the meet. Please hit refresh or reload for the latest updates.

Rotation One

UCLA - Vault
Yvonne Tousek - Yurchenko half front layout (10.0 SV), took two steps back, 9.675
Kristin Parker - Handpsring front pike half (10.0 SV), powerful vault, took step back on landing, 9.75
Kate Richardson - Yurchenko layout full (10.0 SV), huge vault, tiny hop on landing, 9.825
Jeanette Antolin - Yurchenko layout full (10.0 SV), she is very consistent with this vault, another great one, 9.95
Jamie Dantzscher - Yurchenko layout full (10.0 SV), landed a little short and hopped forward, 9.8
Onnie Willis - Yurchenko layout full (10.0 SV), great height and distance, took a tiny bounce on the landing, 9.925
Team Total - 49.25

Arizona - Bars
Nikki Beyschau - 9.675
Stevie Fanning - 9.725
Andi McCabe - 9.6
Sheehan Lemley - 9.7
Jamie Duce - 9.775
Monica Bisordi - 9.825
Team Total - 48.7

Rotation Two

UCLA - Bars
Malia Jones - tough routine for Malia with two falls during the routine and then dropping to her knees on the double layout dismount, 8.0
Jeanette Antolin - picked things up for the Bruins with an awesome routine that was very aggressive. Hit her double pike front half dismount, 9.85
Onnie Willis - her Tkachev soared over the bar, huge overall routine, took a couple of steps on her double front half dismount, 9.875
Yvonne Tousek - overall a very clean routine, nice floaty Pak Salto, huge double layout dismount with a small hop backwards, 9.9
Kate Richardson - great routine going but came up short on her double layout dismount and saved herself from landing on her knees, 9.7
Jamie Dantzscher - flawless routine until the end, where she had to fight hard to stick the full-out landing, 9.925
Kristin Parker (Exhibition) - 9.925
Team Total - 49.25
Two-event Score - 98.5

Arizona - Vault
Nikki Beyschau - Yurchenko layout (9.8 SV) - 9.625
Jamie Duce - Yurchenko layout (9.8 SV) - 9.525
Erin Muirhead - Handspring tuck front half (9.9 SV) - 9.625
Katie Johnson - 9.775
Monica Bisordi - Yurchenko half front layout (10.0 SV) - 9.825
Abby Pearson - Yurchenko half front layout (10.0 SV) - 9.925
Team Total - 48.775
Two-event Score - 97.475

Rotation Three

UCLA - Beam
Malia Jones - Great comeback after a tough routine on bars; really solid bh/bh/lo flight series; leaps over 180 degrees; stuck her gainer full dismount, 9.8
Jamie Dantzscher - bobble on straddle jump combination but connected a beautiful punch front/wolf jump/chest dive series; otherwise a good, solid routine, 9.875
Jeanette Antolin - had a few breaks in the routine but battled through, 9.75
Onnie Willis - break on her full turn, great punch front, stuck double back dismount, 9.85
Kate Richardson - struggled just a bit getting to her reverse planche but hit her flight series with ease, stuck gainer full dismount, 9.925
Yvonne Tousek - very aggressive routine, slight break on reverse turn, stuck double twist dismount, 9.8
Team Total - 49.25
Three-event Score - 147.75

Arizona - Floor
Stevie Fanning - 9.625
Jessamyn Salter - 9.8
Kristine Harper - 9.775
Jamie Duce - 9.8
Katie Johnson - 9.9
Monica Bisordi - 9.9
Team Total - 49.175
Three-event Score - 146.65

Rotation Four

UCLA - Floor
Jeanette Antolin - oustanding difficulty in the tumbling passes, huge double pike dismount and a new ending, 9.875
Kristin Parker - small hop on Arabian double front and came up a tad short on her double pike dismount, but overall a very energetic, crowd-pleasing routine, 9.9
Malia Jones - huge double pike on her opening pass, stuck cold; good dance; very expressive and connected with the audience, 9.9
Kate Richardson - great dance, first two tumbling passes were solid, but she nearly overrated her double pike dismount but made a great save to finish off her routine, 9.85
Onnie Willis - fabulous routine, leaps and jumps were huge, tumbling was solid, 9.975
Jamie Dantzscher - stuck her double layout cold, middle pass was great, nice and high double tuck dismount; she looked like she was having a lot of fun during her routine and showed it off well, 10.0
Team Total - 49.65
Final Score - 197.4

Arizona - Beam
Jamie Duce - 9.65
Stevie Fanning - 9.7
Sheehan Lemley - 9.65
Kristine Harper - 9.1
Katie Johnson - 9.75
Monica Bisordi - 9.825
Team Total - 48.575
Final Score - 195.225

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