Chat Wrap: Julius Barnes

March 7, 2003

Julius Barnes:(7:32 PM ET ) Hey everyone, just got done with practice and I'm readyto answer your questions.....

Janice/Kells San Ramon: Hey Julius! Do you feel everyone underestimatedthe talent of this year's team before the season started?

Julius Barnes:(7:35 PM ET ) Hey Janice, I do in fact feel that everyone underestimatedus this year....But we've come out and proven that we have the players to competewith the nation's best.

Johnny San mateo ca: Julius what is the difference between last years teamwith Jacobsen and Borchardt and this years team?

Julius Barnes: (7:37 PM ET ) Well Johnny, I think last year guys would stand around and wait for Jake or Borch to do something with the ball. The offense pretty much ran through those two and guys got anxious and shot it if they touched it. This year, we don't have a go to guy and different guys have stepped up every game.

JR (San Francisco, CA): Julius, can you tell us about the tight knit nature of the Cardinal?

Julius Barnes: (7:39 PM ET ) JR, this particular group of guys is the tightest that I've been around. We all pretty much hang out together and I think having everyone out here last summer really laid the foundation for what we've shown this year.

Besta--Seattle: In what ways, both positive and negative, do you thinking having to play point guard this season has influenced the way in which you are being evaluated by NBA scouts?

Julius Barnes: (7:43 PM ET ) Besta, I think that my ability to run a young team has been positive in terms of what NBA scouts are looking for. I think that my decision making,shot selection and shooting percentage has been a negative influence, although I do feel that they have been much better in the latter part of the season.

Leftcoast (Los Gatos, CA): Julius --I look forward to seeing you in the NBA someday but will it be as a 1 or a 2? (You've excelled at both - surprising those who predicted doom for Stanford after the Chris Hernandez injury) Any NBA favorites whose style would best fit your game? (I like the thought of a chance in LA or Portland).- Lefty

Julius Barnes: (7:49 PM ET ) Sup Lefty. Should I be playin in the NBA next year, it will definitely be at the 1. I'm not tall enough to guard the likes of Kobe, T-Mac or the other 2's in the League. I'd love to play for Dallas or teams that really like to play an uptemp game. LA would be nice too!

John (San Mateo) California: hey julius do u think Stanford is capableof making a run to the final four

Julius Barnes: (7:52 PM ET ) John, I feel that we have a great chance of makin a pretty decent run in the tourney. If we come out and play hard, execute and do the lil things it takes to win then it's definitely possible.

Rich California: Now that you are a senior and in your fourth year with the program. Looking back has the experience met your expectations or possibly exceeded them?

Julius Barnes: (7:55 PM ET ) Rich, reflecting back on my career here, life at Stanford has been great. There were times were I struggled, but the good times definitely outweigh the bad. It's sad that it has to come to an end, but hopefully better things are in store for me in the near future.

Stanfan SF, CA: What do you credit for you late season hot streak? Can you keep it up?

Julius Barnes: (7:57 PM ET ) Stan, I credit my teammates and coaches for the hot streak. They've stayed positive throughout the course of the season and that confidence enables me to continue doing what I do. I will try my best to keep it up hoping that it has a positive effect on the whole team.

Dan, Palo Alto: Vitamin J- Do you prefer to play the point, or the off-guard?

Julius Barnes: (7:59 PM ET ) Dan, never heard that nickname before. It's kinda, I actually prefer to just play. Different teams create different match-up problems for the team. While I prefer to play the point, I have no problem sliding over to the off.

Adrian Moravcsik; Burlingame, CA: have brought a unique brand of excitement to Stanford hoops (and several gray hairs for Coach Monty)...It has been quite a career spanning a key role on top-ranked teams to being the undisputed Senior leader on this year's surprising (to some) top 20 squad...with that wealth of experience, what is your proudest moment as a Stanford athlete?

Julius Barnes: (8:03 PM ET ) Adrian, thanks for the compliments! I think the most memorable moment will occur tomorrow prior to the game!

Joe, Missouri: Going into this season nobody expected you guys to be where you are now. How did you feel about your chances of success this year at the beginning of the season?

Julius Barnes: (8:05 PM ET ) I knew we would finish no lower than 4th in Pac 10 but didn't expect us to be where we are now. It's been a fun ride and hopefully we can end it having second place to ourselves after tomorrow night.

Lauren (Stanford, CA): Hey, Julius. How do you like playing in Maples compared to other venues you've been able to play in? Does Sixth Man do a lot for the mood of the team?

Julius Barnes: (8:07 PM ET ) What up Lauren? I love playin in Maples because it's nice and cozy, and can be really loud. The Sixth Man really helps out, especially when you get really loud. We tend to play with a lil more energy as a result.

Pam Los Angeles: Julius, I really admire your maturity and the Stanford team. What separates this program from others that recruited you. Would you recommend it to others?

Julius Barnes:(8:12 PM ET ) Thanks for the comments Pam. I think that the environmenthere at Stanford really distinguishes it from others. You have a top notch academicinstitution as well as winner of the Sears Cup 8 years and running. Your abilityto network with the people here can also help in the long run too. I'd recommendit to anyone that can pass admissions.

Bobcat (Rowland heights): Hi Julius -- what do you like doing in your sparetime (other than practice your sick dunks, FTs, treys, passing), and what areyour favorite video games?

Julius Barnes: (8:13 PM ET ) Bobcat, I love playin my PS2 in my spare time. I also like catchin up on current events too. My favorite video games are GTA: Vice City and Madden 2003.

Danny Davis Rowland heights: Can u do a 360 dunk

Julius Barnes: (8:17 PM ET ) Hey Danny, of course I can do a 360. It's not that hard! If u see Jamaal, ask him to do it for you.

Chad (San Francisco, CA): Hi Julius, congrats on a stellar season. Do you agree with those who say Coach Montgomery is among the best coaches in the nation, and how does he compare to coaches you've played under?

Julius Barnes: (8:19 PM ET ) Chad I think Monty has to be rated as one of the top 5 coaches in the country. What he's been able to do during his career, as well as this year has been unbelievable. He knows the game as well as anyone I've ever met.

Helen (Redwood City): Are you going to let your hair grow or keep it short?

Julius Barnes: (8:22 PM ET ) The hair is stayin short. The afro last year was probably a one time thing. I liked it for a minute than it got too hot and had to cut it. So if you like lookin at long hair, Josh will be here still. LOL

FarFromHome (Burlington, VT): Hey Julius,Congrats to you and the team on an amazing season. I don't get to see many games out here but I've listened to almost all of them. Do you think that if it was close at the end of a tournament game you guys would have the advantage what with all the close games you've played and won this year? Good luck Saturday and in the tournaments!

Julius Barnes: (8:25 PM ET ) Thanks for the compliments FFH. I do feel as if we'd have an advantage at the end of a close game, being that we've played in and won so many. However, it boils down to makin plays and whatever team does that will win.

Lakeshow (LA, CA): J - You jump so damn high. Not that I ever want to see you stop amazing us with your hops, but do you worry about the wear on your knees, and do you do anything to prevent such wear.You Gotta Rise!

Julius Barnes: (8:29 PM ET ) Lakeshow, if you think I jump high you ain't seen nuthin yet. I'm tellin you, my lil bro's ups are comparable to those of a flea. I'm not really worried about wear and tear. If my knees hurt I just ice 'em. Hopefully, they'll be with me til I'm ready to hang 'em up.

Home Sweet Home: When all is said and done, do you think you'll return back to LA/Rowland Heights?

Julius Barnes: (8:31 PM ET ) I dunno. I like livin up here and don't miss the smog too much. However, there are a lot more things to do down there and plus the fam is down there.

Karen (Lakewood, CO): My husband has complained about your shot choice. Earlier in the season, your shooting percentage was down, but now he's eating his words. It is, however, still lower than other starters'. Is this a part of your game - to fire away hoping to get streaky, or is this a part of decision-making as a point guard that you've tried to improve on?

Julius Barnes: (8:35 PM ET ) Karen, shot choice was bad earlier in the season but I've realized that you don't need to put up 20 shots to have 20 points. I'm very confident in my ability to shoot the ball, but have pressed at times where they haven't fallen. Decision making is a huge part of it and I continue to try and make the best decisions possible.

Erin (Stanford): Hey Julius, what are your plans after you graduate? Areyou considering the NBA or perhaps going overseas? It'd be great to continue tosee you play.

Julius Barnes:(8:44 PM ET ) Erin, the NBA and overseas are both great options forme after I'm done here. I'll do what's necessary to achieve the goals I've setsince the beginning. However, should something unfortunate happen, I'll be workinga 9-5 like other folks I guess. ; )

Curtis (Rowland Heights/Riverside): Hey Julius,What a great senior year you've had so far! What has been your most memorable moment/game as a Cardinal? Good luck in the post-season, hope to see you and the Cardinal in New Orleans. And I hope Rowland High retires your #24 cause you truly deserve it. Lates

Julius Barnes: (8:49 PM ET ) Let's see, my most memorable game as a Card has to be Duke 2000. That game was fun and hard-fought. It would be cool if they did retire my jersey at Rowland. I'll have to talk to Mr. Weirich and Mr. Robinson I guess. LOL

Julius Barnes:(8:51 PM ET ) Lynn and Steph, I'll miss being here too! I guess itdoesn't really matter who you play, because the deeper you go, the better theteams are.

Julius Barnes:(8:57 PM ET ) Sorry if I couldn't answer all your questions, but mystomach is starting to growl, therefore I need to go grab some grub. But it wasnice chatting with you all. See ya next time. Peace.
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