Entries and Schedule of Events for Saturday's Meet

March 21, 2003

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MEN'S HAMMER THROW 2 P.M. FRIDAY179-0/190-3/229-0

Pos Comp# Name School1 88 Whittington, Zeck Unattached2 82 Williams, Rhuben California

WOMEN'S HAMMER THROW 4 P.M. FRIDAY168-4/170-7/214-0

Pos Comp# Name School1 123 Johnson, Carrie Unattached2 100 D'Artenay, Tamrya California3 9 Elsbury, Katy Stanford4 3 Brisbin, Lindsay Stanford5 12 Hopping, Sarah Stanford6 128 Russell, Sheni Unattached7 22 Pluth, Jessica Stanford

WOMEN'S JAVELIN THROW 9:30 A.M. SATURDAY136-1/142-8/142-5

Pos Comp# Name School1 16 Lee, Jennifer Stanford2 19 Merriman, Erin Stanford3 126 Meredith, Brooke Unattached4 129 Vanek, Missy Oakley Golden Br

MEN'S JAVELIN THROW 9:30 A.M.198-6/196-10/222-0

Pos Comp# Name School1 75 Ross, Greg California2 43 Taylor, Nicholas Stanford3 30 Hustedt, Joshua Stanford4 46 Wusu, Timi Stanford5 25 Avila, Keith Stanford6 31 Kelley, Bryan Stanford7 54 Berro, Joe California

WOMEN'S SHOT PUT 10:30 A.M.45-7.25/43-3.75/54-4.75

Pos Comp# Name School1 11 Hodari, Ahimsa Stanford2 21 Mills, Sally Stanford3 4 Bush, Lillian Stanford4 129 Vanek, Missy Oakley Golden Br5 100 D'Artenay, Tamrya California6 123 Johnson, Carrie Unattached7 128 Russell, Sheni Unattached8 108 Johnson, Jenna California

MEN'S SHOT PUT FOLLOWS W-SHOT PUT53-5.75/55-9.25/66-3

Pos Comp# Name School1 93 Hart, Bevan US Army2 72 Miranda, Tony California3 38 O'Neill, William Stanford4 73 Nikfar, Amin California5 42 Svitek, Will Stanford6 82 Williams, Rhuben California


Pos Comp# Name School1 123 Johnson, Carrie Unattached2 6 Cork, Tambi Stanford3 100 D'Artenay, Tamrya California4 108 Johnson, Jenna California5 3 Brisbin, Lindsay Stanford6 7 Currier, Kitty Stanford7 20 Molly, Meyer Stanford8 128 Russell, Sheni Unattached

MEN'S DISCUS FOLLOWS W-DISCUS165-0/168-11/210-11

Pos Comp# Name School1 93 Hart, Bevan US Army2 88 Whittington, Zeck Unattached3 76 Seefeld, Kurt California4 38 O'Neill, William Stanford5 91 Giesler, Andy Oakley Golden Br6 54 Berro, Joe California7 72 Miranda, Tony California

WOMEN'S LONG JUMP 11 A.M.19-4.25/19-0.25/22-1

Pos Comp# Name School1 17 Lint, Jennifer Stanford2 104 Green, Monica California3 10 Folayan, Victoria Stanford4 117 Prasetyo, Inge California5 11 Hodari, Ahimsa Stanford6 21 Mills, Sally Stanford7 4 Bush, Lillian Stanford8 98 Carter, Anthonette California9 129 Vanek, Missy Oakley Golden Br10 109 Lamb, Elzunia California

MEN'S LONG JUMP FOLLOWS W-LONG JUMP24-0.25/23-11.50/26-6.25

Pos Comp# Name School1 43 Taylor, Nicholas Stanford2 46 Wusu, Timi Stanford3 30 Hustedt, Joshua Stanford4 79 Tolbert II, Jeremiah California5 92 Ferriera, Chris Oakley Golden Br6 93 Hart, Bevan US Army7 44 Welch, Solomon Stanford8 68 Ibia, Vincent California


Pos Comp# Name School1 104 Green, Monica California2 117 Prasetyo, Inge California3 17 Lint, Jennifer Stanford4 10 Folayan, Victoria Stanford


Pos Comp# Name School1 68 Ibia, Vincent California2 44 Welch, Solomon Stanford3 65 Giron, Bruce California

WOMEN'S POLE VAULT 11:15 A.M.12-0/12-5.50/13-2.5

Pos Comp# Name School1 125 McIntyre, Shannon Unattached2 114 Navarre, Danielle California3 2 Ben-Youssef, Leila Stanford4 23 Shepard, Samantha Stanford5 8 Donoghue, Kathleen Stanford

MEN'S POLE VAULT No Entries for This Event16-0.75/16-4.75/18-8.25

MEN'S HIGH JUMP 1 P.M.6-9.50/6-8.75/7-5.75

Pos Comp# Name School1 36 Meigs, Darryl Stanford2 64 Gill, Herman California3 66 Glasgow, David California4 63 Gatewood, Jason California5 81 Wilburn, Teak California

WOMEN'S HIGH JUMP 2:30 P.M.5-7/5-7/6-0.75

Pos Comp# Name School1 111 Mallory, Cynthia California2 126 Meredith, Brooke Unattached3 129 Vanek, Missy Oakley Golden Br


WOMEN'S 4x100 RELAY 12 P.M.46.20/NA/45.61

Lane Comp# Team Relay4 California B5 California A

MEN'S 4x100 RELAY FOLLOWS W-4x10040.70/NA/39.14

Lane Comp# Team Relay 4 California- A

WOMEN'S 3,000M STEEPLECHASE 12:15 P.M.10:50.00 (10ft. pit); 11:00.00 (12ft. pit)/11:10.14/10:22.38

Lane Comp# Name School5 116 Parker, Abbey California

MEN'S 3,000M STEEPLECHASE 12:30 P.M.9:12.00/9:09.14/8:36.7

Lane Comp# Name School1 58 Conrad, Martin California2 60 Davis, Kevin California3 77 Spence, Dan California4 50 Jizmagian, Greg California5 84 Kouri, Michael Unattached

WOMEN'S 1500M RUN 12:50 P.M.4:31.00/4:40.14/4:09.23Section 1 of 1 Timed Finals1 13 Hyatt, Lindsay Stanford2 94 Bailey, Lache California3 15 Kretzschmar, Yfa Stanford4 5 Cohoon, Kristin Stanford5 97 Borak, Christy California6 112 Markiewicz, Eva CaliforniaMEN'S 1500M RUN FOLLOWS W-1500M3:41.50/3:50.14/3:39.90

Lane Comp# Name School2 69 Lee, Craig California3 26 Bordoni, Michael Stanford4 53 Barre, Abadir California5 32 Knapp, Sean Stanford6 52 Balzer, Jonathan California7 35 Martin, Russ Stanford8 41 Stillman, David Stanford9 83 Wong, Chris California


Lane Comp# Name School1 129 Vanek, Missy Oakley Golden Br2 113 Meyman, Mary California3 4 Bush, Lillian Stanford4 105 Hawes, Shannan California5 115 Omwanghe, Osarhiemen California6 99 Cowling, Stephanie California7 106 Holliverse, April California8 21 Mills, Sally Stanford

Section 2 of 2 Timed Finals3 126 Meredith, Brooke Unattached4 11 Hodari, Ahimsa Stanford5 109 Lamb, Elzunia California

MEN'S 110M HURDLES FOLLOWS W-100MH14.40/14.5/13.39

Lane Comp# Name School1 91 Giesler, Andy Oakley Golden Br2 46 Wusu, Timi Stanford3 45 Williams, Justin Stanford4 55 Bogdanof, Timothy California5 89 Jett, Rod Oakley Golden Br6 30 Hustedt, Joshua Stanford7 93 Hart, Bevan US Army

Section 2 of 2 Timed Finals3 75 Ross, Greg California4 87 Perry, Gulliver Unattached5 43 Taylor, Nicholas Stanford

WOMEN'S 400M DASH 1:40 P.M.55.00/55.44/52.53

Lane Comp# Name School3 124 Dorsey, Lauren Unattached4 121 Slaton, Deanna California5 115 Omwanghe, Osarhiemen California

MEN'S 400M DASH FOLLOWS W-400M47.45/47.84/45.46

Lane Comp# Name School2 75 Ross, Greg California3 40 Ryan, Christopher Stanford4 90 Berkeley, Chuck Oakley Golden Br5 56 Boykin, Chris California6 62 Ellis, Aaron California7 74 Norby-Cedillo, Scott California

WOMEN'S 100M DASH 2 P.M.11.80/12.04/11.64

Lane Comp# Name School2 14 Johnson, Nashonme Stanford3 127 Groce, DeCola Unattached4 48 Sesay, Ola Unattached5 47 Upshaw, Grace Unattached6 103 Earls, Jacqueline California7 113 Meyman, Mary California

Section 2 of 2 Timed Finals3 24 Tapscott, Leah Stanford4 98 Carter, Anthonette California5 104 Green, Monica California

MEN'S 100M DASH FOLLOWS W-100M10.50/10.74/10.18

Lane Comp# Name School2 71 Mazur, Nick California3 34 Little, Milton Stanford4 85 Wright, Ahmad Unattached5 51 Atawo, Toby California6 61 Dula, Ryan California7 28 Crochet, Gerren Stanford

WOMEN'S 800M RUN 2:20 P.M.2:10.30/2:11.14/2:01.59

Lane Comp# Name School2 120 Sandoval, Lisa California3 110 Maclise, Lindsey California4 18 McMillian, Danielle Stanford5 107 Jarvis, Chloe California6 119 Ruznic, Maja California7 116 Parker, Abbey California

MEN'S 800M RUN FOLLOWS W-800M1:51.15/1:51.44/1:45.40

Lane Comp# Name School1 27 Conkey, Jeff Stanford2 37 Ojumu, Busayo Stanford3 39 Romaniuk, Justin Stanford4 86 Collin, John Unattached5 29 Gibson, Dan Stanford6 70 Fair, Randy California7 49 Allen, Tom California8 78 Tolan, James California

Section 2 of 2 Timed Finals2 58 Conrad, Martin California3 53 Barre, Abadir California4 80 Uyemura, Trevor California5 60 Davis, Kevin California6 69 Lee, Craig California

WOMEN'S 400M HURDLES 2:40 P.M.1:01.50/1:02.04/57.61

Lane Comp# Name School2 1 Anderson, Elizabeth Stanford3 95 Baires-Irvin, Brooke California4 99 Cowling, Stephanie California5 106 Holliverse, April California6 96 Barbieri, Lauren California7 118 Reynolds, Shalonda California

MEN'S 400M HURDLES FOLLOWS W-400MH52.70/53.64/48.46

Lane Comp# Name School4 59 Correnti, Kevin California5 33 Knickerbocker, Dan Stanford

WOMEN'S 200M DASH 3 P.M.24.00/24.64/23.50

Lane Comp# Name School1 103 Earls, Jacqueline California2 47 Upshaw, Grace Unattached3 48 Sesay, Ola Unattached4 14 Johnson, Nashonme Stanford5 105 Hawes, Shannan California6 127 Groce, DeCola Unattached7 98 Carter, Anthonette California8 109 Lamb, Elzunia California

Section 2 of 2 Timed Finals3 101 Davenport, Erica California4 24 Tapscott, Leah Stanford5 126 Meredith, Brooke Unattached

MEN'S 200M DASH FOLLOWS W-200M21.20/21.44/20.20

Lane Comp# Name School1 90 Berkeley, Chuck Oakley Golden Br2 71 Mazur, Nick California3 34 Little, Milton Stanford4 51 Atawo, Toby California5 85 Wright, Ahmad Unattached6 28 Crochet, Gerren Stanford7 61 Dula, Ryan California8 45 Williams, Justin Stanford

Section 2 of 2 Timed Finals3 62 Ellis, Aaron California4 92 Ferriera, Chris Oakley Golden Br5 40 Ryan, Christopher Stanford

WOMEN'S 3,000M RUN 3:30 P.M.NA/NA/9:21.42

Lane Comp# Name School1 102 Duffy, Bridget California2 122 White, Katie California

MEN'S 3,000M RUN 3:45 P.M.NA/NA/NA

Lane Comp# Name School1 67 Guangul, Girmay California2 57 Carballo, Carlos California3 50 Jizmagian, Greg California4 84 Kouri, Michael Unattached5 77 Spence, Dan California

WOMEN'S 4X400 RELAY 4 P.M.3:45.50/NA/3:35.56

Lane Comp# Team Relay4 California B5 California A

MEN'S 4X400 RELAY 4:05 P.M.3:11.50/NA/3:03.91

Lane Comp# Team Relay3 Unattached A4 California B5 California A

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