Buddy Teevens Talks Spring Football

April 4, 2003

Stanford second-year football coach Buddy Teevens sat down with the Bay Area media prior to the beginning of 2003 spring football, and talked about his expectations for the upcoming three-and-a-half week weeks. Here is a sampling of what Coach Teevens had to say:

Opening Statement

'I'm certainly anxious to get (spring practice) underway. Our players have worked hard in the off-season in preparation ... We have a lot of work to do and a short period of time to do it.'

Q: Do you want to get out of the spring with a pecking order, or will you wait for training camp?

'Ideally if we could have a pecking order (at quarterback), that is certainly a comfort level for the players to know, and from a leadership standpoint on the offensive side of the football it would be important. The key is to have someone step up and emerge and take hold of the position.'

Q: Is spring practice going to be a time for basics and practicing fundamentals?

'Yes, especially from an offensive standpoint, and also from the defensive side of the ball. We allowed far too many big plays last year when caught out of position. You look at some mistakes of the young guys from last year, and you see that these are correctable. Again, the discipline of being where you need to be and the 'count on me' mindset is something we will stress. We are going to put a lot of emphasis on special teams. We are going to put guys in a position where they can have success.'

Q: Do you like spring practice?

'Yes, I do. Especially in a case like ours when you have so many young guys that really need an opportunity to experience things a little under pressure, moving things at a higher level and a higher speed. The way the NCAA has structured it is player friendly in comparison with the past when you could practice as much as you wanted and a long as you wanted. So I think that there really is an opportunity to teach and instruct, and the focus is not so much on preparing for opponents, but rather preparing yourself. '

Q: Can a great spring practice transfer into a great training camp and regular season?

'When people develop consistency, I think that there is a greater confidence in their execution. If you come through the spring feeling good about your individual and unit development, and there's an enthusiasm going into the off-season, this bodes well going into the regular season because it provides positives to draw from. There is a direct correlation.'

Q: Are leaders made in spring football?

'I think that they emerge. That was a big push of ours in the off-season, taking about leadership and being a team player. The response was very positive. People are supportive and encouraging. Also the work ethic during the off-season contributed to gains in strength, and this will be very good when it comes to performing in the spring and beyond. The guys have more confidence.'

Q: How will the new coaches help put a stamp on this year's team?

'I have known Bill Cubit for a number of years, and he is a good, sound X's and O's football coach. He is very sound with his approach and good with people. He knows how to hold people accountable for their positions. He is a very good teacher, and his interpersonal skills are very strong. The players will know exactly where they stand, when they do it correctly and when we feel that they need to make improvements.'

'As for A.J. Christoff, he is very highly thought of in the football world. He has coordinated a lot of different programs across the country. He is demanding and will hold the players accountable. He works in very well with our staff, and he emphasizes discipline and consistency, just as the rest of us do. I think that both of these men will add to our staff, and we are poised to make a positive transition.'

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