OSU Travels To Princeton For Two Races On Saturday

May 1, 2003


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SCHEDULE: The No. 12 Oregon State varsity eight travels cross-country for races against No. 7 Princeton, No. 10 Yale and No. 15 Rutgers on Lake Carnegie in Princeton, N.J., on Saturday, May 3. This trip marks the first time OSU has traveled east to face these programs. The Beavers race Yale and Rutgers at 7:45 a.m., Pacific time, and take on Princeton at 12:15 p.m. OSU's junior varsity and novice eights head to Seattle for the University of Washington's Opening Day Regatta on Montlake Cut. The freshmen race at 10:54, and the JV at 11:06.

Q&A WITH DYLAN MORO: Sophomore Dylan Moro is in his first year as the coxswain for the 12th-ranked varsity eight. Moro hails from Joseph, Ore., in the eastern part of the state. As a freshman, Moro guided the novice eight to a 10th-place finish at the IRA National Championships last year. The following is a question-and-answer after a recent practice.

Q: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ASPECT OF BEING A MEMBER OF THE CREW?A: 'I think the camaraderie between the guys is probably the best thing - getting everybody on the same page. Crew is the only sport that I've done where the obvious objective is to get the one boat together as one unit. It's everybody doing their own thing, but it's for one goal and one speed. It's the camaraderie that comes with that - getting all the guys together.'

Q: WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A COXSWAIN?A: 'It takes showing up everyday, trying to get past your own problems and your own issues and coming to practice with a good attitude. Also, being a friend to all the guys while taking care of business. It's kind of an intermediary between being a coach and a rower. It's a middle ground. So, being able to do that yourself, and on top of that, you need to be able to do what it takes to get the guys going and know what it takes to spark them. You have to be that sparkplug and get it going. And all at the same time, you need to be good technically and know what to do to call them out to get the rowing good. You have to be on top of your game and know the race plan. You're kind of the coach on the water.'

Q: IS THERE A FINE LINE BETWEEN BEING A COACH ON THE WATER AND A FRIEND OFF THE WATER?A: 'Yeah, it's tough to find, but I think it's just keeping an open mind, knowing that every guy is going to need something different and being accepting in that aspect. Still, at the same time, it's taking care of business, for sure.'

Q: AS A COXSWAIN, DO YOU EVER GET ON AN ERGOMETER AND ROW?A: 'This winter, we were on the erg a lot, so we try to keep in decent shape, though I don't know if it shows now. I do the erg workouts, but I've never really had a chance to row, because Kjell has to have me coxswain.'

Q: IS THE ERGING MORE TO GET AN UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THESE GUYS ARE DOING?A: 'I do it for that reason, and also, I feel like if they're sitting there at six in the morning and rowing, instead of sitting there and watching, the least I could do is half the piece. It's just a respect thing. And sometimes it feels good, but usually it doesn't.'


Q: YOU ALSO MENTIONED YOU PLAY GUITAR.A: 'I started out about three years ago and had my little garage band - it was just power chords and alternative-type stuff. My roommate (Jeff Sturgeon) plays acoustic. Jeff's the novice coxswain - we just jam out and listen to stuff like Dave Matthews and Bob Marley.'

Q: GOLF IS ALSO SOMETHING YOU LISTED AS AN INTEREST. DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVORITE GOLF COURSES?A: 'You know, I'm not the most experienced golfer, but I'm working at an all-girls camp in Maine this summer, and I'm coaching golf class. So, hopefully that course will be my favorite. Right now, I'd have to go with the course in my hometown, Enterprise (Oregon) - Scenic Meadows.'

Q: IF THERE WAS ONE THING YOU COULD SAY ABOUT ROWING THAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW, WHAT WOULD THAT BE?A: 'I think there is a perception about rowing that it's a bunch of guys who are stupid enough to come kill themselves and get up at six in the morning for a sport that doesn't really matter. I think the biggest thing is that there is a lot of intelligence that goes into it. There's a commitment. Every collegiate sport has that commitment, but rowing has the same level of competitiveness. I think it just needs a little more respect in that aspect. The guys are here because they love the sport and they love to do it.'

Q: THERE'S NOT A LOT OF GLORY.A: 'Definitely, but that's kind of nice to not always be in the mainstream and just do your thing. You just earn the recognition and respect, and I think last year, they did that. Hopefully, this year will build on that again.'

Q: ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO ADD?A: 'For the season, I hope it keeps going like it has. We're getting the building blocks down - we haven't had the best two races, but practice is good and the spirit in the boat is starting to pick up, so it's looking positive. This weekend will be a big determinant. It's looking better, and I think it will continue to go well. Hopefully, Oregon State can keep living up to being the underdog who shows up and goes. I think we will, the speed will come.'

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