Softball Senior Profile -- Steph Adams

May 1, 2003

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Senior right fielder Steph Adams has been one of the most recognizable Softball players at Oregon State over her four-year career. Her bat has helped the Beavers come out ahead of the competition on numerous occasions, including last year when she belted the game-winning walk-off home run against rival University of Oregon. Throughout her career, Adams has been one of the most versatile athletes on the OSU roster playing positions in both the infield and the outfield.

A native of Medford, OR, Adams has seen action in 240 games, making 226 appearances in the OSU starting line-up. She currently ranks in the Oregon State Top 10 in eight different career batting categories. Before the end of the season, Adams is on pace to become just the third player in school history to record 100 RBI. When she finishes her playing career at the end May, Adams will turn her competitiveness and desire towards her chosen profession as a strength and conditioning coach.

Adams is one of five seniors on the Beavers' softball roster - a group of individuals that have helped re-write the OSU record book throughout their careers. A weekly player profile will highlight each of the Beaver seniors through the end of the season and give you an inside look at five outstanding individuals.

The following is a question and answer session with Steph Adams after a recent practice:

Q. When did you start playing softball?

A. Softball was actually the last sport that I tried to play. I think I was nine years old when I started to play Little League, which I did for a couple of years, and then I got into ASA summer ball.

Q. What is it about the sport of softball that you enjoy?

A. It's a one-on-one game intermixed with a team game. You have the support of your teammates and you play defense with your teammates, yet you still have that one-on-one battle with the pitcher. There are also so many individual things you can do to help your teammates. I think it's just a very well-rounded sport.

Q. What other schools were you thinking about attending and why did you choose Oregon State?

A. A lot of east coast schools at first, but I didn't want to go to the east coast so I disregarded them right away. A big recruiter for me was any Pac-10 school that I heard from. Basically every Pac-10 school other than Oregon State and Oregon told me that I could walk-on. I wanted to go somewhere, be competitive and get in the line-up right away. Oregon State and Oregon were the schools that gave me the opportunity to do that. I came here (Oregon State), met the team, saw the campus and talked to the coaches - after all of those things it just seemed like everything fell into place for me to come here. Oregon really wasn't a fit and to go Pac-10, it was going to be here - I was going to be a Beaver.

Q. You've been one of the most versatile players throughout your career, playing in both the infield and the outfield. Is there one position in particular that you like playing best?

A. I love the infield in general and I played first and third base. I really like first base because you get a lot of plays, and I really like third base because it's the hot-box and it's exciting - but I've found a home in right field. I've played most of my games in right field and seeing #44 out there right now, isn't too bad! I think playing all those positions, especially at the college level, has been a lot of fun. I've found a home in right field. I miss the infield but I'm okay with it.

Q. Tell me about your eye-black. How long have you been wearing it, and is there any significance to it other than preventing glare?

A. I started it sporadically my freshman year and every year since then it has increased to more games. Basically I just look at it like war-paint - you're getting ready for battle. It's just something I do. I get in front of the mirror when I put it on and it gets me psyched up and it gets me fired up. In the past, there have been other girls that have done it with me and it was kind of a team thing, but now I just do it myself because it gets me fired up. I'll even wear it at night, so it really has nothing to do with the sun for me - it's just all war-paint.

Q. You have the most recognizable vehicle on campus (bright orange truck), what is the story behind your truck?

A. Actually the truck has been in the family for a long time. It was originally white and was my grandpa's. I sold my Bronco and gave my dad the money and my grandpa gave me the truck, so I said, 'hey dad, have fun with both of them', and he and my uncle put their heads together and that's what happened - it's the 'Orange Bomber', Beaver pride at its best. It's what I drive around and I love it. It's a great Beaver vehicle!

Q. What has been your most memorable moment over your career at Oregon State?

A. I'm going to have to say our opening game at our stadium (April 20, 2001) when we beat UCLA who was ranked No. 1 in the country at the time. Everybody piled on Shawna (Feldt) at home plate, there was a great picture in the paper, and that's probably all-around the most exciting time I've ever had here at Oregon State.

Q. You've accomplished numerous things while playing here, hitting a game-winning walk-off home run against Oregon, and hitting the game-winning double and then a home run in the same inning against Stanford. Is there anything you haven't accomplished that you'd like to before the end of the season?

A. Gosh, there is a lot of stuff. I don't know if I have enough games left to do everything I've had in store for myself for all four years! But, I want to go to the World Series. That would be amazing. To go and be there and see it and be a part of it all would be great - that would be the icing on the cake for me to finish out my career.

Q. What do you see yourself doing after you graduate from Oregon State?

A. I want to be a strength and conditioning coach and hopefully help athletes become better at what they do. I'd also like to get into softball. I'd love to coach softball especially at the collegiate level, or a high level - after playing at that level it would be hard to go to something else. As long as I'm involved in the game, I'll be happy.

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