UW Crews Win 10 of 11 Races vs. Oregon State

May 10, 2003

SEATTLE - Washington crews won 10 of 11 events Saturday, including both men's and women's varsity eight races during a dual regatta with Oregon State on the Montlake Cut that marked the end of the regular-season schedule.

The top-ranked Washington women's varsity eight easily dispatched No. 16 Oregon State by two boat lengths. UW covered the 2,000-meter course in 6-minutes, 32.5-seconds and the Beavers finished in 6:38.0.

Washington also posted a two-length decision in the women's junior varsity event. The Huskies clocked a time of 6:50.3 and OSU had a 6:56.6.

'I'm very happy with our results today. We had some good, tough performances,' said UW women's coach Jan Harville. 'I think we're stepping it up as the season is coming along and I'm pleased with that.'

The top men's race featured a clash between UW and Oregon State varsity eight crews that finished third and fourth, respectively, at the 2002 national championship regatta. The Husky men, currently ranked No. 4, registered an eight-seat victory over No. 11 OSU. Washington's time was 6:01.0 and the Beavers finished in 6:03.6.

The Washington men's junior varsity matched the winning varsity time of 6:01.0 to defeat Oregon State (6:09.5) by over eight seconds.

'We trained really, really hard this week. Oregon State has some good guys, they were fourth at the nationals last year. I figured that we were taking some chances training as hard as we did this week in that the guys just don't have a lot of snap right now,' Husky men's coach Bob Ernst explained. 'At this stage of the game you've got to be planning for the end of the year not each individual weekend. I'm not taking a thing away from Oregon State. They have a good team and a good coach and a good program. We're just happy to come away with a win today.'

The Beavers' lone win came in the men's freshman eight race. Oregon State held off a late UW challenge to record a six-seat decision. OSU's time was 6:09.8 and UW finished in 6:12.0.

The women's varsity four race had added significance for the two Washington boats that both defeated OSU. The Huskies' varsity four was timed in 7:35.6, over three boat lengths ahead of the freshman four's time of 7:46.6. The Beavers finished in 7:56.3.

The race was designed to determine which UW four would represent the team at the NCAA Championships. The more experienced crew that included two seniors, defeated their novice teammates.

Only three events are contested at the women's championships, the varsity eight, junior varsity eight and varsity four. All three races factor into the determination of the NCAA team champion.

For three straight seasons, from 1999-2001, Washington's four at the NCAA regatta was comprised of first-year rowers drawn from the novice eight. Last year, a veteran group of Huskies earned the trip. Two rowers, Lisa Krikava and Nicole Mazikowski, return from the crew that finished 10th in the varsity four event at the 2002 championships.

Washington crews also defeated Oregon State in the men's varsity four and women's third varsity eight events Saturday along with the women's novice and second novice races.

The Huskies return to action next weekend as eight crews will take part in the Pacific-10 Conference Championships. The conference regatta is Sunday, May 18 on Lake Natoma in Rancho Cordova, Calif. There are men's and women's Pac-10 championships awarded in the varsity eight, junior varsity, freshman eight and varsity four events.

Washington-Oregon State Dual Regatta
Saturday, May 10, 2003
Montlake Cut; Seattle, Wash.
(all races were 2,000 meters)


Varsity Eight
1, UW 6:01.0, OSU 6:03.6.
UW lineup -- cox: Ryan Marks, Ante Kusurin, John Lorton, Giuseppe Lanzone, Kyle Larson, Marko Petrovic, Brett Newlin, Sam Burns, Andy Derrick.
OSU lineup -- cox: Dylan Moro, Nick Scholz, Ryan Dillon, Chris Callaghan, Adam Wing, Brian Sinkbeil, Norman Wentworth, Andrew Milner, Erik Dresser.

Junior Varsity Eight
1, UW 'A' 6:01.0. 2, OSU 6:09.5. 3, UW 'B' 6:20.2.
UW 'A' lineup -- cox: Chris O'Brien, Ian Sawyer, Dusan Nikolic, Charles Minett, Gints Salaks, Scott Gault, John Taylor, Jeff Jorgensen, Mathew Kopicky.
UW 'B' lineup -- cox: Shaina Grose, Matt Semritc, Trevor Connell, Eric Robinson, Dan McKeegan, Richard Tarbill, Ryan Semritc, Michael Quann, Will Osborn.

Varsity Four
1, UW 'A' 6:37.5. 2, UW 'B' 6:47.5. 3, OSU 6:55.5. 4, UW 'C' 7:24.6.
UW 'A' lineup -- cox: Melissa Wengard, Seth Berling, John Kenfield, Ben Fletcher, Evan Galloway,
UW 'B' lineup -- cox: Stephen Hertzfeld, Gavin Grant, John Heylin, Nick Hudson, Casey Clingan.
UW 'C' lineup -- cox: Maura Little, Brad Lentz, Thomas Schlenker, Dominic Parker, Daniel Harm.

Freshman Eight
1, OSU 'A' 6:09.8. 2, UW 'A' 6:12.0. 3, UW 'B' 6:29.0. 4, OSU 'B' 6:34.5.
UW 'A' lineup -- cox: Adrian Andrews, Daniel Harm, Colin Phillips, Adam Van Vinkle, Cooper Rooks, Brodie Buckland, Scott Schmidt, Tyler Smith, Craig Tyler.
UW 'B' lineup -- cox: Chris Morrison, Shay Colson, Kiel Peterson, Stephen Rhyne, Dimitri Lebid, Rhyne Dangenis, Brad Lentz, Dominic Parker, Brent Peterson.


Varsity Eight
1, UW 6:32.5. 2, OSU 6:38.0.
UW lineup -- cox: Anne Hessburg, Lauren Estevenin, Carrie Stasiak, Adrienne Hunter, Heidi Hurn, Jessica Harm, Erin Curry, Mary Reeves, Yvonneke Stenken.
OSU lineup -- cox: Lynn Simmons, Kristin Tryon, Erica Greer, Andrea Pleven, Kristen Reid, Julia White-Hoppe, Kim Hughes, Kim Texeira, Leah Schauermann.

Junior Varsity Eight
1, UW 6:50.3. 2, OSU 6:56.6.
UW lineup -- cox: Megan Mach, Sanda Hangan, Courtney Matson, Alina Tabacaru, Amanda Jensen, Margaret Henry, Gemma Edward-Aron, Signe Johannes, Michael Kohan.

Varsity Four
1, UW 'A' 7:35.6. 2, UW 'B' 7:46.6. 3, OSU 7:56.3.
UW 'A' lineup -- cox: Dana Ryan, Lindsay Schwarz, Nicole Mazikowski, Katherine Ramos, Lisa Krikava.
UW 'B' lineup -- cox: Eva Anderson, Allison DePalma, Katie Ball, Kim Matz, Olivia Morrow.

Varsity Four-'B' Race
1, UW 7:56.7. 2, OSU 8:06.9.
UW lineup -- cox: Katie Peyer, Janelle Dubbins, Ilia Ash, Eva Hershaw, Alaina Garrie.

Third Varsity Eight
1, UW 'A' 7:05.7. 2, UW 'B' 7:20.5. 3, OSU 7:28.5.
UW 'A' lineup -- cox: Dana Ryan, Lindsay Schwarz, Janelle Dubbins, Lisa Krikava, Nicole Mazikowski, Katherine Ramos, Alaina Garrie, Eva Hershaw, Ilia Ash.

Novice Eight
1, UW 'A' 7:12.9. 2, UW 'B' 7:16.5. 3, OSU 7:26.9.
UW 'A' lineup -- cox: Eva Anderson, Courtney Mitchell, Marah Connole, Katie Ball, Allison DePalma, Kim Matz, Megan Kalmoe, Jessica Ahlering, Olivia Morrow.
UW 'B' lineup -- cox: Queena Cheung, Jen Dowrie, Analena Shepherd, Sarah Chisholm, Simcha Weed, Laura Baker, Kara Lowe, Caitlin Davis, Erin Lee.

Second Novice Eight
1, UW 7:28.1. 2, OSU 7:46.7.
UW lineup -- cox: Jackie Dale, Jenna Brannen, Rebecca Leung, Amber Thomason, Miranda Drost, Christina Lock, Stevie Wallis, Keegan Ryan, Sayward Glise.

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