2002-03 Women's Golf Year in Review

July 15, 2003

CALIFORNIA won its first Pac-10 Championship, behind the medalist performance of Vikki Laing, whose even-par 216 (71-72-73) put her just out of reach of second-place Mikaela Parmlid of USC, who shot a one-over 217 (70-73-74). Golden Bear Sarah Huarte also finished in the top-five with a 5-over par 221.

USC won its first NCAA golf title, besting second-place Pepperdine by 15 strokes. UCLA and Arizona both turned in top-10 performances, finishing fifth and seventh, respectively.

As for the rest of the Conference, California finished tied for 14th, STANFORD ended up at 16th, ARIZONA STATE took 18th, and WASHINGTON STATE placed 23rd.

Individually, Parmlid earned the NCAA individual title , defeating Andrea Vander Lende of Florida in a one-hole playoff.

Pac-10 Player and Newcomer of the Year Erica Blasberg of Arizona finished tied for third, along with USC's Irene Cho, rounding out the Pac-10 presence in the top-five.

California head coach Nancy McDaniel was named Pac-10 Coach of the Year.

April 24-26, 2003 -- Trysting Tree Country Club, Corvallis, Ore.

TEAM RESULTS (Par 288-288-288-864)
1. California 292-299-301-892
2. Arizona 299-297-301-897
3. UCLA 298-300-304-902
4. USC 297-302-304-903
5. Arizona State 301-304-310-915
6. Stanford 307-311-302-920
7. Washington State 312-309-303-924
8. Washington 300-314-315-929
9. Oregon State 317-307-314-938
10. Oregon 316-312-315-943

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (72-72-72--216)
1. Vikki Laing, California 71-72-73-216
2. Mikaela Parmlid, USC 70-73-74-217
3. Erica Blasberg, Arizona 72-74-73-219
4. Blair O'Neal, Arizona State 73-69-78-220
T5. Hana Kim, UCLA 74-74-73-221
Sarah Huarte, California 70-74-77-221
7. Kim Rowton, Stanford 72-78-72-222
8. Sung Ea Lee, Washington 71-76-76-223
9. Kim Welch, Washington State 77-77-70-224
T10. Becky Lucidi, USC 72-76-77-225
Laura Myerscough, Arizona 75-76-74-225
T12. Johnna Nealy, Oregon 75-74-77-226
Ria Quiazon, California 74-77-75-226
T14. Anne Lee, Arizona 75-71-81-227
Gaelle Truet, Arizona State 75-78-74-227
T16. Charlotte Mayorkas, UCLA 74-74-80-228
Maria Kostina, Washington State 77-76-75-228
Melissa Martin, UCLA 76-76-76-228
T19. Angela Rho, Stanford 76-78-76-230
Krystal Shearer, UCLA 77-75-78-230
T21. Ashlei Pendleton, Oregon State 79-76-76-231
Cassandra Kirkland, Arizona 77-79-75-231
Susie Mathews, UCLA 74-82-75-231
T24. Lindsay Morgan, Washington 76-76-80-232
Louise Friberg, Washington 74-79-79-232
T26. Claire Dury, California 77-80-76-233
Gina Umeck, UCLA 77-76-80-233
Miriam Kraschinski, Arizona 78-76-79-233
Sophia Sheridan, California 78-76-79-233
T30. Kim Kouwabunpat, Stanford 81-77-76-234
Leah Whiting, Oregon St. 79-78-77-234
Stephanie Parsley, Washington State 78-78-78-234
T33. Anna Rawson, USC 78-78-79-235
Stacie Ferguson, Oregon State 81-73-81-235
Whitney Welch, Arizona 77-76-82-235
T36. Alissa Kuczka, Arizona State 76-80-80-236
T36. Tanya Dergal, USC 77-81-78-236
T36. Therese Wenslow, Oregon 78-80-78-236
39. Kelly Husted, Stanford 78-78-81-237
T40. Anna Temple, California 76-80-82-238
Erin Andrews, Oregon 78-78-82-238
Jay Lee Longbottom, Washington State 80-78-80-238
Kelly Ferris, Oregon State 78-80-80-238
44. Laura Skinner, Oregon State 79-77-83-239
T45. Erin Tone, Arizona State 85-77-79-241
Meredith Jones, Arizona State 82-81-78-241
Rachel Bell, USC 77-84-80-241
Stephanie Lue, Stanford 81-81-79-241
49. Wendra Liang, Stanford 84-80-78-242
50. Melanie Hunt, Arizona State 77-87-79-243
51. Michelle Grafos, Washington 79-85-80-244
T52. Alexandra Lucio, Oregon State 81-80-84-245
Annie Davis, Oregon 81-81-83-245
54. Michelle Timpani, Oregon 90-80-78-248
55. Jess Carlyon, Oregon 85-82-87-254
56. Ashleigh Gilhuly, Washington State 89-82-85-256
57. Donna Bell, Washington State 82-84-92-258
58. Katie Kofmehl, Washington 95-83-91-269
DNF Irene Cho, USC


First Team
Name School Yr. Hometown
Erica Blasberg Arizona Fr. Corona, Calif.
Louise Friberg Washington Sr. Helsingborg, Sweden
Sarah Huarte California Jr. Shingle Springs, Calif.
Vikki Laing California Sr. Musselburgh, Scotland
Charlotte Mayorkas UCLA So. Chula Vista, Calif.
Mikaela Parmlid USC Sr. Gothenburg, Sweden
Second Team
Name School Yr. Hometown
Becky Lucidi USC Sr. San Diego, Calif.
Lindsay Morgan Washington Jr. Walla Walla, Wash.
Susie Mathews UCLA Fr. Adelaide, Australia
Ria Quiazon California Sr. Union City, Calif.
Kim Rowton Stanford Sr. San Antonio, Texas
Kim Welch Washington State So. Sacramento, Calif.

Honorable Mention: Irene Cho, Fr., USC; Tanya Dergal, Fr., USC; Claire Dury, Jr., California; Sung Ea Lee, Fr., Washington; Hana Kim, Jr., UCLA; Maria Kostina, So., Washington State; Miriam Kraschinski, So., Arizona; Laura Myerscough, Sr., Arizona; Blair O'Neal, Sr., Arizona State; Sophia Sheridan, Fr., California; Mika Takayama, Fr., California; Gina Umeck, Jr., UCLA.



First Team Yr. GPA Major
Donna Bell, WSU Sr. 3.52 Decision Sciences/Management
Annie Davis, ORE Sr. 3.60 Architecture
Michelle Grafos, WASH Sr. 3.59 Political Science
Jay-Lee Longbottom, WSU So. 3.94 Undeclared
Gaelle Truet, ASU Sr. 3.74 Communication
Gina Umeck, UCLA Jr. 3.50 Spanish
Second Team Yr. GPA Major
Claire Dury, CAL Jr. 3.48 Psychology
Bridget Dwyer, UCLA Jr. 3.49 Economics
Sarah Huarte, CAL Jr. 3.03 American Studies
Blair O'Neal, ASU Sr. 3.29 Communication
Paige Mackenzie, WASH So. 3.66 Pre-Business
Erin Tone, ASU So. 3.66 Finance

Honorable Mention: Louise Friberg, Sr., WASH; Josefin Gustafsson, So., ASU; Miriam Kraschinski, So., ARIZ; Vikki Laing, Sr., CAL;Wendra Liang, So., STAN; Alex Lucio, So., OSU; Melissa Martin, Jr., UCLA; Lindsay Morgan, Jr., WASH; Ria Quiazon, Sr., CAL; Anna Rawson, Jr., USC; Jaime Seefried, So., ORE; Kim Welch, So., WSU.

May 20-23, 2003 -- Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex, West Lafayette, Ind.

TEAM RESULTS (Par 288-288-288-288 - 1152)
(Top 10 teams and other Pac-10 teams)
1. USC 305-303-293-296-1197
2. Pepperdine 315-298-295-304-1212
3. Texas 317-310-290-296-1213
4. Ohio State 309-307-305-293-1214
T5. UCLA 314-314-296-292-1216
Oklahoma State 309-302-301-304-1216
7. ARIZONA 318-314-295-290-1217
8. Florida 313-307-298-303-1221
9. Auburn 317-303-300-304-1224
10. Duke 318-314-294-299-1225
T14. CALIFORNIA 321-311-304-306-1242
16. STANFORD 316-321-307-301-1245
18. ARIZONA STATE 320-311-309-310-1250
23. WASHINGTON ST. 343-321-310-314-1288

INDIVIDUAL RESULTS (Par 72-72-72-72--288)
1. Mikaela Parmlid, USC* 77-73-70-77-297
2. Andrea Vander Lende, Florida 77-74-69-77-297
T3. Erica Blasberg, Arizona 78-81-70-69-298
Irene Cho, USC 74-79-73-72-298
5. Kim Welch, Washington State 76-72-77-74-299
T6. Danielle Downey, Auburn 76-73-77-74-300
Janice Olivencia, Texas 80-77-70-73-300
Linda Wessberg, Oklahoma State 80-76-71-73-300
Kristen White, Ohio State 76-77-74-73-300
Lindsey Wright, Pepperdine 78-73-73-76-300
T11. Hana Kim, UCLA 78-75-75-73-301
Anna Rawson, USC 76-75-77-73-301
T17. Charlotte Mayorkas, UCLA 75-83-72-72-302
T28. Becky Lucidi, USC 78-79-74-74-305
Susie Matthews, UCLA 76-78-74-77-305
Ria Quiazon, California 80-78-75-72-305
Kim Rowton, Stanford 74-77-79-75-305
T36. Vikki Laing, California 80-76-72-78-306
Blair O'Neal, Arizona State 76-75-76-79-306
T40. Anne Lee, Arizona 78-79-75-75-307
T47. Laura Myerscough, Arizona 83-72-76-77-308
T55. Tanya Dergal, USC 80-76-76-78-310
Cassandra Kirkland, Arizona 79-82-74-75-310
Gaelle Truet, Arizona State 80-76-79-75-310
T66. Lindsay Morgan, Washington 80-86-73-73-312
Angela Rho, Stanford 79-82-76-75-312
Sophia Sheridan, California 79-77-79-77-312
T71. Gina Umeck, UCLA 85-82-75-71-313
T73. Kim Kouwabunpat, Stanford 82-83-73-76-314
Miriam Kraschinski, Arizona 84-83-76-71-314
T81. Melissa Martin, UCLA 85-79-77-76-317
T88. Claire Dury, California 82-80-80-79-321
Kelly Husted, Stanford 81-83-82-75-321
T97. Sarah Huarte, California 82-83-78-79-322
Erin Tone, Arizona State 79-86-75-82-322
T102. Wendra Liang, Stanford 84-79-79-82-324
T106. Maria Kostina, Washington State 89-81-77-79-326
Alissa Kuczka, Arizona State 93-78-79-76-326
T115. Melanie Hunt, Arizona State 85-82-83-80-330
119. Stephanie Parsley, Washington State 89-84-78-81-332
123. Jay Lee Longbottom, Washington State 94-84-78-80-336
125. Ashleigh Gilhuly, Washington State 89-85-90-88-352

*Won in first playoff hole

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