Bloomquist Has An 'Ugly Hack' And A Special Spirit

By Larry Henry
Everett Herald

Pat Murphy always liked Willie Bloomquist's spirit.

Said it was special.

That's what he called it: a special spirit.

His swing? That was another matter.

Murphy described it as an 'ugly hack.'

But don't think Murphy didn't appreciate it when Bloomquist played for him.

'He was in the lineup every day,' the Arizona State baseball coach said, 'fighting and battling his ass off with that ugly hack.'

The spirit. That special spirit.

If only you could bottle it and inject into all of your players. Then you'd have something. You'd have a team of Willie Bloomquists.

Maybe not the most talented team on earth. Maybe not the flashiest. But doggone if it wouldn't battle.

'I've never met a guy who competed so well every single pitch,' Murphy said by phone Wednesday from Arizona. 'It isn't baseball pretty. But I want that 'ugly' he brings everyday. Nobody fights any harder than him.'

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