Archuleta Stands Out From The Crowd

Aug. 22, 2003

By Dave Richard

We've all seen this famous bumper sticker/button/slogan: 'Why be normal?' Sure, usually it's slapped on an old, rusty, green hooptie with black clouds fuming from the exhaust, and thus, it's good for a chuckle.

But in Adam Archuleta's world, the question is far more serious. Why be normal? Why do what the guy next to you is doing?

'I like doing stuff different,' the St. Louis Rams strong safety said this offseason. 'Like when everybody's doing one thing, for some reason I have to be different. I don't know why, but I don't like being a cookie cutter.'

This is for sure: When they made Archuleta, they broke the mold. He's a chiseled 223 pounds -- the heaviest among NFC West safeties. He led his team in tackles last year -- remember, he's a safety. He's a workout maven with his own weightlifting video -- and once had to quell a wild rumor that he snuck out at 4 a.m. to chop down trees at football camp. Clearly, what the Rams have isn't a typical safety.

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