In The Trenches With Adam Seery

Sept. 3, 2003

With wideouts and tight ends flying all over the field in the potent UW offense, few would have predicted that the Huskies first reception of the 2003 season would be made by a fullback. Fewer still would have predicted that that fullback would be senior Adam Seery, who in five years at Washington has lined up at quarterback and safety before cracking the starting lineup in his current slot. correspondent Jordan Roy-Byrne talked to Seery on Monday about finally getting his chance on the field. How do you guys not let this loss to Ohio State affect you, knowing you have 11 games left and are 0-0 in the Pac-10?
Adam Seery: 'I think you said it right there. It's not a Pac-10 game and it won't hurt us in the division. Another way to look at it is that they are a great team. They were national champions last year and they have quality players all around the board. It was a great experience for our young players. They got on the field in a big-time situation.'

GH: Besides the Dawgs of course, what is your favorite sports team?
Seery: 'I like the Oakland Raiders a lot. My parents grew up in the Oakland area and my dad was a hardcore Raiders fan. So I grew up loving the Raiders.'

GH: Was it your Dad's passion for the Raiders that influenced you?
Seery: 'No, not really. I was just a big Raider fan growing up - and I still am. I thought it was pretty cool that Marques (Tuiasasopo) was drafted by them.'

GH: Marques was certainly a great player here at Washington. Is there a past Husky player that you look up to?
Seery: 'One of the guys I really admire is Mark Brunell. I played quarterback in high school and I really liked the way Brunell played. He made things happen with his feet. Also, Joe Jarzynka was a wild man. He wouldn't fair catch a ball to save his life. It was cool watching him.'

GH: What about someone you played with?
Seery: 'Todd Elstrom. He worked his butt off to establish where he was at. His work ethic was motivational.'

GH: Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
Seery: 'It's kind of stupid, but I chew three different pieces of gum before each game. They have gum laid out for us.'

GH: That's not stupid, but it is unique. How did this habit develop?
Seery: 'I don't know. It kind of came out of the blue one day. I get nervous so I chew gum and I tend to chew it very fast. I find myself continuously putting new pieces of gum into my mouth.'

GH: What kind of music do you listen to get you pumped up?
Seery: 'I listen to some old-school Metallica stuff. The black album is my favorite CD.'

GH: Do you have any nicknames that you would like to share?
Seery: 'I've got a couple. People call me 'Seery-ius.' People also call me 'Juice Man,' after the old man with the white hair in the Juice Maker commercials.

GH: Juice Man? Really?
Seery: 'Because of my white eyebrows. The Juice Man has white eyebrows. He's the old man on those commercials.'

GH: Are you guys excited to get back out there against Indiana?
Seery: 'Yeah, we are excited. We need to get a big-time win and I think our team will be ready to go.'

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