Buddy Teevens Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 16, 2003


'This weekend is our first away game and it is against a strong opponent. BYU's head coach Gary Crowton is a tremendous football coach. He has his guys playing hard in all facets of the game. We are looking forward to our second ball game against a good outfit. BYU will run the ball more than San Jose State did. They have quality running backs and a good-sized offensive line. Across the board they have a good-sized team. Gary has had great success throwing the football so I think he will continue along those lines.'

'BYU is a great college venue. It is a loud place and with a sold-out crowd there is lots of noise. We have tried to simulate as best we can the gameday atmosphere on the road. Our guys are excited to get away. We have been at home for a long preseason and are ready to travel. It is a neat enthusiasm that our guys have already demonstrated.'

On BYU's Quarterback:

'John Beck has seen limited playing time so we don't know much about him. We haven't been able to see him perform much, but we know that he is a good quarterback who can execute their offense.'

On the bye week:

'There are some pluses and some minuses when having a week off. On the plus side, we have had the extra time to work on areas of improvement from the San Jose State game. The time has helped with our younger players in giving them the extra opportunity to watch game tapes and for all of our guys to get healed up. The way I see it, we come into the BYU game fresh and with fewer injuries. Overall it should be a positive thing and we are just ready to put the ball down and play.'

On the Quarterbacks:

'Trent Edwards will be the starter against BYU with Chris Lewis and Kyle Matter at the No. 2 and No. 3 spots. There continues to be a lot of competition at this position, but in the end, the most productive QB will continue to play in the starting spot.'

On the Offense:

'We will continue to rotate in on the offensive line with Jon Cochran, David Beall, Brian Head and Drew Caylor. There are four different people at the tight end position so we will keep that rotation going. There are a number of players at wide receiver. Mark Bradford did a nice job against San Jose State. Even Moore has seen limited playing time, but is performing well at practice. We have a good number of people to rotate in on the offense and will roll guys through to keep them fresh and hungry. There is still a good competitive spirit that is good for everyone.'

On Kirk Chambers:

'Kirk Chambers is a phenomenal athlete. He is one of the few out there with much experience and has done a great job with mentoring the younger players. He settles them down and will sit with them and explain situations that they haven't seen. He brings a good attitude to the line.'

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