Buddy Teevens Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 30, 2003

Buddy Teevens Press Conference Quotes

Opening Statement
'The Washington game was a tough loss, but we were well prepared and our players played hard. There were five or six critical plays and that was the difference in the ballgame. But, in terms of the physical nature of play, I was very pleased with our offense, defense and special teams. It was a hard-fought contest as we anticipated. We had an opportunity going into the fourth quarter but unfortunately didn't finish. However, I was very pleased with the continued development of our younger players and the performance of a number of our older players. We'll move on to our next contest with USC in two weeks after the open date.'

On Getting To The Red Zone
'We haven't had a lot of big plays and that makes a lot of our drives have to be of the 10, 12, 15, 16-play variety. It's a tall order to do that with great regularity. Certainly, getting good field position helps us because we've been very successful forcing defensive turnovers. We've had some longer drives, but we just need to do that with more regularity. A big play here and there certainly helps get you down to the red zone a little more often.'

On Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Trent Edwards
'Trent continues to progress after having seen a very strong Washington team and a different defensive presentation. I thought he made good decisions, protected the football for the better part of the game, had a couple of timely throwaways and made a couple of nice passes. As a young player, he continues to progress. He improves in different areas each game.'

On Stanford's Run Defense
'With a physical football team like Washington, I thought our run defense was very strong. The one big run hurt us in terms of their yardage productivity and obviously the score, but outside of that they really didn't maintain consistent drives rushing the ball. I thought our defense played hard, tackled well and responded well against a physical Washington team.'

On Stanford's Physical Ability
'It's an ongoing developmental process, but I do feel our guys are going toe-to-toe with some outstanding football players nationwide. Washington and USC are both certainly deserving of their national rankings. I'm excited that a lot of the guys we are lining up against our opponents are younger players. Mistakes certainly are made and there are things that we can improve upon, but I point to our off-season preparation and physical conditioning in helping our players feel comfortable and confident playing against these types of people.'

On Stanford's 2-1 Record In Its First Three Games
'I look at how our team is playing, their attitude and cohesiveness. Over time, players are going to develop even more, but we're playing the 2003 schedule with the expectation of having success. The Pac-10's a tough conference, but we're in it. We have a tremendous amount of respect (for the other teams), but we feel that we're capable of lining up against them. We need to play complete team football on both sides of the ball.'

On The Progression Of Stanford's Offense
'Our offense was opened up a little bit more against Washington. The first two schemes that Trent (Edwards) has seen versus BYU and Washington by design limited us a little in terms of what we were going to do. Now, we will face some talented but more conventional defenses so we should be able to expand a little bit in different areas.'

On Cal's Victory Over USC Last Saturday
'It tells us that there is tremendous balance in the Pac-10 right across the board. On any given Saturday in this conference, teams are going to have opportunities to have success.'

'USC is a very talented team and deserving of their national ranking. Their defense is as good of a group as we'll see all year long. We have two weeks to prepare, and we have a lot to prepare for.'

On Stanford's Positive Turnover Margin
'Ball security at all positions has been a focus for us. We have seven turnovers so far and you hate to see those occur, but we study each one and ask questions about them. We are generally making good decisions with the football and Trent (Edwards) has thrown the ball away and avoided a number of sack opportunities. That's a sign of maturity. Sometimes, just putting an incomplete on the sheet is a plus. We're controlling and maintaining possession of the ball, which is absolutely critical to us. The ramifications are field position and emotional swing. We've got to make sure that we don't provide opportunities for the opponent. It's a high priority for us. We realize how important it is to maintain and secure the football.'

On Kevin Schimmelmann
'Kevin has done a phenomenal job for us. He makes plays and is very intelligent. The transition from the safety position to linebacker has helped with the understanding of pass coverage and drops, but he's also shown a real physical nature in terms of rushes and rushing the quarterback. He's not averse to contact. He's one of our leading tacklers, and we've been very pleased with his performance. He's a tough player, and we value that in people. He's really been a nice addition to our linebacker core.'

On David Marrero
'He obviously has explosive potential and the more we can work to get the ball in his hands, the greater the opportunity he will have to demonstrate his skills.'

On The Running Back Rotation
'Kenneth Tolon is a really a nifty runner in that people rarely get a good shot on him. Obviously, carrying the ball as many times as he has, he's taken some hits. But, interspersing David Marrero and J.R. Lemon has benefited the offense. We need to continue to do that.'

On The Pros And Cons Of Having Two Weeks To Prepare For USC
'We've got a plan in place. We will give our players a little bit of time to concentrate on their academics with the quarter just starting. It's kind of a timely opportunity for this to occur. Our players can get their class selections squared away, and then we will get into the practice format that we will use to prepare for USC. Overall, it's a plus for us. It gives us a chance to heal some players that may be bumped and bruised. Also, USC is a very talented football team, and it gives us a little bit of time to study them.'

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