Q & A With Husky Freshman Kevin Forrest

Sept. 30, 2003

GoHuskies.com: It must feel good to get another big tournament win?

Kevin Forrest: 'Yeah. It feels awesome. This is my first year and I have never lost a college game.'

GH: How does it feel to come in and get so much playing time?

Forrest: 'It is an honor really. I am just playing as hard as I can and things just keep working out.'

GH: How has it been getting to play up front?

Forrest: 'Well actually, I came in as a wide-midfield player. That is what I have played my whole life. I was injured for the first week of camp and then I came in and they put me up front.'

GH: What was it like to score your first goal?

Forrest: 'It was cool because it was five minutes into my first game. It was against SPU and I grew up around here and SPU, UW has always been a good game.'

GH: Did the fact that your dad played for Washington help your decision to come here?

Forrest: 'Maybe, because since he played here I grew up coming to alumni games and coming to watch games with my dad. I love the school and I love the team.'

GH: Has your dad ever told you any funny stories about what it was like playing soccer with coach Wurzberger on the Seattle Sounders?

Forrest: 'No not really.'

GH: What is it like having soccer as a family affair?

Forrest: 'My parents are proud of me and as long as I do the best I can they are happy for me.'

GH: How much has your dad done to make you the player that you are today?

Forrest: 'My dad is my coach. He has been working with me since I was 4 years old. We lived next to a park and we would go there every day. We had no where to play in the winter so we went to a racket ball court. I have been playing my whole life.'

GH: Did you get to watch him play much?

Forrest: 'When I was growing up I used to go watch him in his over-30, over-40 games twice a week.'

GH: What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Forrest: 'I want to score goals. I haven't set a number of goals. But, I want to get points and get assists. I don't want to be selfish, I just want to do whatever I can to help the team.'

GH: How has the transition been from high school to college?

Forrest: 'Yeah, there have been little bumps in the road. Not huge ones, throughout the week I kind of go up and down and try to feel my way out.'

GH: Have the older guys been there to help you out?

Forrest: 'The older guys have been awesome, they are really nice.'

GH: You guys have gotten off to a really good start. Where do you see the team finishing off the season?

Forrest: 'Our ultimate goal is to win the national championship and to make the NCAA playoffs again. But, we haven't been thinking about the future. We are just taking things one game at a time.'

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