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    Well we're into week six now. We had a bigger step towards what we think will help us be the team we can become. We were able to do some things in the second half of the Washington game that we knew as a staff we had the potential of doing. It was nice to finally get where everything started to click in all phases and that is what I was really pleased about. I thought our players showed a lot of resolve, coming in at halftime and obviously regrouping and coming out in the second half with an urgency of getting things done. It was nice to see that type of production done in all of our phases. We feel that was a huge step for our team and we want to make sure that we capitalize off of that leading into this week. Hopefully we will do a lot better job of executing and doing things like we've been doing the last four or five weeks. Just continuing that trend and getting better from a week-to-week basis. We have Arizona this week and obviously they have had their own issues. But I believe in this conference that any team can surprise you and do some good things, particularly with their own situation there. We're going to their best shot and hopefully they are going to get our best shot and my job is to challenge our team to prepare for this game like we have done the last five games. Just taking one step at a time and then putting your best effort out there on Saturday. With that being said, I'd like to open it up please.

    Given the success you had against Washington and all of the things Arizona has gone through, is it important to make sure they don't overlook Arizona?
    I think what has helped our team is that I've said from the very beginning that our only concern is ourselves and for us to do what is best for ourselves to get ready and play every Saturday. We have to treat this week just like every other four or five weeks we just had. We can't worry about the issues that are going on in that particular program. The only thing we can control is what we can do in our own program. And that is getting better week after week and showing improvement that we have done. It seems like we are starting to get a little bit more continuity with our team right now. We are going to keep trying to build on those issues and hopefully play with the same type of passion and intensity that we have been very consistent of doing so far this season. Our concern is ourselves more than anything.

    Do you see this victory as a building block towards where you want to be?
    I definitely see a building block. I think the foundation has been set for quite some time. Maybe that's harder for you all to see compared to what I've seen for the past four or five weeks. Every Saturday we've played hard and done some good things even though there was a couple of games we came up short and there were some mistakes that we've made. In terms of what we've done and the foundation of our team, that has been very consistent in terms of what our effort has been, our level of playing the game and our passion on Saturdays. So now we are finally getting the execution to go along with all of those things that we've built. We ended up putting together a pretty good half in last week's game and I think basically the light is starting to come on now why we work on those little things over and over and over again. Because finally it's going to click into place and you are going to have the type of performance you are capable of having. Those are the things we are going to draw from this game - what our capabilities could be. We proved it for a half when we had to, now we have to make sure we begin that way and be able to sustain it for four quarters.

    What will your approach be this week with the quarterback situation?
    Same as last week, but really nothing has changed. We are going to continue to evaluate Matt (Moore) and see where he's at. Drew (Olson) has done a tremendous job for us and he has obviously been our starter for the last four games. So it is something that we will continue to evaluate as the week goes on. I don't think anything has changed from standpoint from what I've said before.

    The defense did a good job of shutting down Reggie Williams in the second half.
    We were very fortunate to do that. That was one of the things we were hoping to do with our game plan was try to restrict the big play. We knew he was going to get his number of touches, but we just didn't want them to be 40, 50, 60, 80-yard touches. We wanted them to be more in a restricted area and let him catch it and get what he needs to get. Our defense did a good job of doing that. We had a good plan for what we needed to accomplish.

    Is there a possibility that Matt will get a little bit more playing time this week?
    Well we'll see. We'll see how he does in practice. We want to make sure that obviously he's fully healthy and has all the capabilities that we think are necessary for him to perform. Again, that was a four to six week injury and we want to make sure that we feel in our minds that if and when he's ready to play that we're doing the best thing, not only for him, but for our football team.

    Coach (Steve) Axman had said last week that Matt's timing wasn't there yet. How far does Matt still have to come in terms of the timing aspect of it?
    There is no strict gauge telling you when his timing will be back. That is an issue that changes from player to player. We're hoping that that comes back really quickly. As to what time frame we need to put on it, I really couldn't tell you. That is something that obviously is one of our concerns. We want to make sure that he has all of his capabilities in order, then we'll evaluate his situation as to when he'll be back. We don't want to rush it. Drew has done a pretty good job so we're going to do what is best for our team and for that kid as well. We're always going to error on the health side. To throw someone in there when he's not quite ready to do it and he re-injurs that particular injury, that's not smart on our part. We're going to always error on the side of making sure a kid has all of his capabilities in doing the things he needs to do.

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