Keith Gilbertson Press Conference Quotes

Oct. 6, 2003

Keith Gilbertson Quotes
Monday Press Conference
Don James Center
October 6, 2003

On the connections with Washington and Nevada coaching staffs: 'Denny Schuler and I are lifelong friends and I consider him one of my closets friends and we've known each other for a long time. He's a terrific guy and a terrific coach. I have close relationships with a lot of people on that staff. I've had to play against great friends of mine before and what you do is go out there for one hour and go like hell and each other and when it's over, we remain close friends and cheer for each other.'

On playing Nevada: 'Nevada has always had a prolific offense. They have a system where they score points and I spent time looking at their defense and I'm very impressed with their defensive speed. Overall on defense I think they have a great defensive package. They're a good defensive football team with a lot of speed and quickness.'

Second half play against UCLA: 'Well we started the half terribly. We had a kickoff return that should have never come out and then a fumble. I have to take responsibility for that. I thought to myself that I didn't really want to do this, but than I did it anyway and I've coached long enough that when I have a bad feeling about a play I should call it off and I didn't. That one was one me, not on my coaches or my kids, that one's one me. They also got 25 points on four turnovers and we had none. If you take those twenty five points off the score and then you have yourself a ball game, which we expect with UCLA.'

On momentum swing for Washington: 'In the fourth quarter we could not do anything. We could not make a run at them.'

On regrouping and getting ready for Nevada: 'You have to look at the last two weeks offensively. We had 285 offensive total yards against Stanford in the first half and only had 14 points. And we had 271 yards of offense and 17 first downs in the first half against UCLA who has the No. 1 defense in our league and only had 16 points to show for it. When you have around 300 of offense in a half that is a lot of football and don't have points or touchdowns to show for it. We didn't think that the game was easy and over but the darndest thing happened Sunday and Monday and that's the sun came up both days. I didn't think it would because we didn't beat UCLA, but it did and so we have to move on and play another game this week. We are sick over how that thing flipped on us, but we have another game this weekend and we have to prepare for it. I was hurt, but I am as excited to see my players today as I was last Monday and we have to go on.'

On defensive end Ty Eriks making his first start: 'I think Ty played awfully hard. He is a real battler and a scrapper. He's only been there three weeks, but he's a scrapper, he plays hard and throws his body around and gives it all he's got. Their left tackle was 6-foot-nine, 365pounds. Ty might be 235 wet, but I'll take a battler and a scrapper anytime. He'll get better and we are not very mature so we still have to go.'

On wide receiver Reggie Williams: 'We can't throw to him every time, we have to have some balance. If you don't have any balance with your run and pass offense. If we're not balanced in terms of our rush and pass ratio then we're in trouble. Certainly Reggie is the lead dog and we want to get him the ball. I think the place where we not getting enough catches in the slot and the fullback.'

On Washington players yelling at each other on the sidelines: 'We didn't have any problems amongst our guys, we just had real upset guys with what was going on. The game had just flipped on them and we were really excited to play that game and from an emotional stand point we really felt good about that game and then the game flipped on us in about five minutes and they're young guys. There will not be any more hysterics any more on our sidelines.'

On Cody Pickett's game against UCLA: 'In the first half he got the ball where it had to go and moved the ball around against the zone defense and took what they gave him and didn't try to force anything. Second half a lot of things went wrong, it wasn't just our pass offense. In that last drive it would have given us a chance to make it twenty two, twenty three and after that we didn't do anything.'

On playing another non-conference game: 'After last Saturday we are not over looking anybody. I think that we need to prepare for a game, practice, coach and we need to work and get out on the field again and go. It's good that we have another game and have something to look forward to.'

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