UW-Nevada Postgame Quotes

Oct. 11, 2003

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson

General Comments: 'We got beat today in every phase of the game - offense, defense and special teams. Nevada outplayed us and they won the game. We played poorly in every department. We didn't execute in any phase of the game and every time we created an opportunity to turn it around, we had a penalty or something else stop it. An interception killed the first drive and an interception gave them their second touchdown. We destroyed every opportunity we had to turn the game around. We took the wind right out of our own sails. No excuses. It was ridiculous how we continued to shoot ourselves in the foot. We only contributed to the loss; they beat us fair and square. We have a lot of fixing to do. We have been mopping around since the second half of last week. We never got going and we went out and played like it. Their offensive line beat our offensive line. We've got to be able to hold up against other teams with what we have and today we couldn't do that. Their defensive line really pressured us. I cannot sugar-coat my feelings to protect their morale. I have to look them right in the face and tell them we got beat and there is no excuse for it. This is not a case of, 'Oh my god, what happened?' We got beat from the first quarter to the fourth quarter. We turned the ball over, we didn't tackle, we got out-played by special teams and we had three blocked field goals. We had a horrible day out there. This is a low day for our team.'

On preparing for Oregon State: 'We are going back to work tomorrow and we are going to have to work that much harder now. We need to come back and look at the film and their role in the game and be accountable for what happened and do all that we can possibly do to make the team get better. We have a long list of things we need to fix before our next game. First thing that needs to be fixed is the attitude about losing. When is enough, enough? When is losing in the second half and then coming back with a performance like today's acceptable, and when is it going to be enough to spark the desire to win? We have to look at everything. We are all in this together, coaches and players. It is everyone's fault. We have to go back and look at every single thing that we are doing in order to fix things. Everybody has a share in this responsibility. This is not me standing up here and pontificating about how the team had a bad day; this falls on me first and everybody else. Today's loss was a total group effort. We just couldn't get it going today. The last six quarters of football have been really tough on us. And now we are going to go play Oregon State, who is as hot a team as any in our league right now. Plus, it is a night game at Oregon State, so we are going to have our work cut out for us. We are facing a challenging task, there is no question about it. But there is no doubt today was very frustrating and very disappointing.'

On blocked field goals: 'Nevada did a great job at penetration. They just ran right through us and our tackles did a bad job of holding their ground.'

On Nevada's Jorge Cordova: 'He is a very good player. He does everything. He rushes, he spins and he jumps. He is a very fine player; he is very athletic and very fast.'

Washington Players

General comments: 'We got beat today. We need to get better in all aspects of the game. We just didn't play like we're capable of. They covered our guys pretty well. A couple of those sacks were coverage sacks - I need to figure out a way to get the ball out of my hand. They played well today.'

On the blocked kicks: 'I don't even pay attention to that. My job is to catch the ball, put it down, and try to find the laces. I don't watch, or pay attention to where the ball goes, so I don't know what was happening.'

On touchdown pass to Williams: 'We had a little dig route to Reggie, who was double covered. I got out of the pocket a little bit and he kept coming across the field. I hit him and he made a great run to finish it.'

TAILBACK Rich Alexis
On performance:
'I'm just trying to get better every week. The o-line is doing a great job with their run blocking. I'm just working hard every day in practice.'

On touchdown run: 'It was kind of a lead-g play. During the week coaches told me that there may be one guy there left, so I knew I'd to have to beat him. I got my shoulders square and I just ran him over and got in the end zone with my second effort. It was great blocking up front, and I just did the rest.'

On Nevada defense: 'They were making big plays at the right time. With the screen pass that was intercepted, intended for me, I had no clue that that guy was out there. I don't think Cody saw him either. They disguised their schemes better than we thought when we watched their tape. They just made the big plays. They were a good defense, but they just made good plays at the right time.'

On making changes during the game:
'I can't be changing stuff during the game. Kicks get blocked. After three kicks, then you have to start looking to see what's going on. With the first one, they got a push up the middle and it got blocked, that happens. We just do the same thing, and hopefully it was just that the guy made a really good play. We didn't do so well today.'

General comments:
'We got beat. We were outplayed in every aspect of the game. We have to be more balanced as a team. We can't have spurts of good defense, spurts of good offense, and spurts of good special teams. It's frustrating to see that we are so unbalanced and inconsistent right now. When you are that way, you are going to get beat, often.'

On how to bounce back next week: 'It's a matter of stepping back and understanding our problems. Then we need to find a spark. We have to have those guys that can spark us.'

On the Nevada offensive line: 'They had some good athletes. They were small but good fighters. I appreciate their effort, because I like playing against good players. You had to beat them, because they weren't going to beat themselves. But we should have done better.'

General Comments:
'We stunk out there today. You can't say much else. I think it's obvious.'

On Nevada: 'Their offense did some good things. Some of those good things were things that we should have prevented. I was impressed with their defense. Their defense played real hard the whole way, and that's something we definitely have to do next week. I made one key mistake and many other minor mistakes. In order for us to win, I have to eliminate such mistakes in the future.'

How to bounce back: 'It's a Pac-10 game and we are going into a hostile area. If we don't get excited about it, then we shouldn't be playing this game.'

Nevada Head Coach Chris Tormey

General Comments: 'We really felt like we could play with Washington if we could just get it together in all three phases and stay focused for four quarters. At halftime it was 14-7 and the mood was real somber in the locker room. There was no celebration. There was nobody that was pleased with being ahead in the game at halftime. I thought we did a tremendous job on both sides of the ball, particularly in the second half. We struggled a little bit offensively in the first half and we came out in the second half and did what we needed to do. Andy Heiser played a tremendous game. B.J. Mitchell had a tremendous game. We protected the ball when we needed to at the end of the game. We protected our quarterback throughout the game. On the defensive side of the ball, just a tremendous effort against a lot of great athletes that Washington puts on the field. We had very good pass pressure all day on the field. I think we had seven sacks and three blocked kicks. The three blocked kicks were huge. Our takeaways at really key times really kept us in the game. We could have bowed out early if we had not had a few takeaways in the game.'

On why he felt Nevada could play with UW: 'You look at a UNLV team that goes back and beats Wisconsin back there and we've got a lot of experienced players. Physically, we match up okay. It's not like we are that much smaller or that much weaker or that much slower in any position. We've got good receivers and we've got good defensive backs. I think we can play with a lot of teams. It's certainly not a knock on Washington. I think we can play with a lot of teams.'

On the defense: 'We've got good players. We had 15 sacks coming in. Jorge Cordova and Derek Kennard are two really good football players. Our secondary does a nice job. A lot of times he (Pickett) had time to throw the football but there was nobody open and the pass rush finally got there. Eleven guys played pass defense and several of those sacks were coverage sacks as well. We didn't blitz a lot. We played mostly coverage and zone. We didn't want to get ourselves in position with one on one coverage a lot so you've got to have a good pass rush to do that. You've got to give those front four a lot of credit.'

On the significance of the win: 'This is definitely a shot in the arm. I think it gives us a lot of confidence going into conference play. We have six conference games left. I think we can play with anybody left on our schedule and we have some good teams in our conference. We have Boise State, Hawaii, Fresno State and we've got a good team next week - Tulsa - who beat Hawaii two weeks ago at home. We've got to keep getting better. This is the same team - as I pointed out to the guys - that almost lost to Southern Utah in our first game. We beat them by one point. Then we come up here and beat Washington. You're never as good as you think you are and you're never as bad as you think you are and we are somewhere in between. In order for us to achieve our goals, we must continue to get better and I think we got better as a football team this week.'

On what the win means personally: 'I don't think that's really sunk in yet. You prepare for a football team - you try to do the best job that you can to get your players ready to play. There were a lot of mixed emotions for me coming back to Husky Stadium but I was focused on my team and what was going on in between the lines so I guess the magnitude of this victory really hasn't sunk in yet. I think it's fair to say that it is the biggest win of my career as a head coach and we had a couple of big ones. We beat Washington State when I was at Idaho and then Utah in a bowl game but this is by far our biggest win at Nevada and one of the highlights of my career.'

On Nevada's leadership: 'It goes back to these players and the way they prepared for this game. They did not back down. They never backed down one time. The Huskies made a move in the third quarter and we didn't back down. We made the plays we needed to make in the fourth quarter. That just goes back to tremendous leadership on your football team. We have 17 seniors this year and those guys all played very well. These two guys here in particular played great - Andy Heiser and Jorge Cordova.'

Nevada Players

On playing against Washington: 'I think that we go into every game thinking that we can contend. We were playing with unity ... playing as one and having plays go our way. I think that we can contend with any team in the nation. Our preparation this week was great and we did what we needed to do.'

On pressuring Cody Pickett: 'Our defensive line hangs our hats on stopping the run and playing gap to gap defense. We have a good four man pass rush and so we don't have to keep on blitzing; we can keep an extra man in there. Our confidence is always up when it comes to our pass rush. I felt that we played a little bit more physical tonight. I felt that Cody had no place to go tonight and our defense had a great game.'

On containing Reggie Williams:
'I have to give credit to my coaching staff on that one. We defended him real well and at times we would send double coverage to him. Once things started going bad for him I could see the frustration. Ohio State did the same thing and they got him frustrated, too.'

On playing Washington:
'I just tried to find my place in the offense. They moved me inside and outside but I finally found my fit. They have good corners and they tried to single coverage me most of the time. Roc Alexander, he's fast and he seems like he is a pretty good guy out there. Andy was throwing the ball real well with good placement out there; you have to take advantage of it.'

On team's confidence:
'I think this gives us a lot of confidence. I've always felt that we can compete with the big teams. This win just proves that we can compete with Pac-10 schools and compete with anyone on our schedule.'

On Washington's Defense: 'We had a good practice this week and that helps a lot. We knew where we wanted to attack and where we wanted to throw the ball. I just stuck with the game plan and our coaches made some great calls. We did what we needed to do. We knew that their corners were fast, but not very physical and we wanted to take advantage of that. Our linemen blocked great and we were able to play catch out there.'

On victory over Washington: 'I think it was one of our biggest games in the last thirty years, but we knew we could do it the whole time. We felt confident that we could compete with this team.'

On Nevada's passing game: 'I have a great receiving corps and they come to me in the huddle and they ask me to give me the ball. I have all the confidence in the world in our receiving corps and I knew that they could catch what I threw to them. Maurice Mann is our fastest receiver and I knew that if I just threw it up to him that he could just get up there and make the play.'

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