Keith Gilbertson Press Conference Quotes

On the message from the coaches after the game: 'We have to pick it up and get going. We feel bad about it. It's been a tough 48 hours. We have to look at it and fix what needs to be fixed and get going.'

On the review of the film: 'Overall we really weren't flying around out there. We didn't have that attacking style that you look for. We were on our heels. The things that are just haunting us show up are our red zone offense and defense. When we get in there we don't score touchdowns. When the other team gets in there they score. Our red zone offense and defense is a huge factor. Secondly there are the turnovers. We have13 in our last three games and 10 in the last two games. If you count the field goals, then that's 16 turnovers. No one is going to survive that; I don't care how talented you are. It's killing us. We worked on our return game real hard last week and we get a 75-yard return called back, and we get a 50-yard return and then fumble the ball. We are beating ourselves. I'm not taking anything away from Chris' team though. But those things have cost us two football games. If we fix these things we'll be doing fine.'

On the blocked field goals: 'We didn't have an answer for it obviously. We tried to change personnel but it didn't work. Any time it happens three times a row it is not on the players. It's our fault. They sent guys up the field and we couldn't stop them three times.'

On blocking pass rushers from the end: 'Sometime you got to block these guys. Somebody has to block them. That's the way you move the ball steady, you block guys. When you get sacked and pressured constantly it's not the quarterback's fault. The guy has been under duress and the pocket is collapsing quickly. It's hard for him to go through his progressions. We have not protected the passer well the last two weeks. That makes it very difficult to get the ball to Reggie.'

On the passing game: 'I saw a lot of white jerseys in the backfield. He does not have a lot of time to go through many progressions. Some of that is him and some of that are the guys up front. On the play to Reggie for a touchdown Cody was scrambling outside of the pocket.'

On Evan Knudson's kicks: 'He does not kick a high ball, but he has a good leg. The trajectory is low though. I think he has done a marvelous job from where he's come. Normally when the kicks aren't blocked, they go through. He does kick a low ball though.'

On the lack of balls to Reggie Williams: 'First he got hurt. Secondly the pressure takes him out of some plays. They roll up, they double him or they bracket him. Last week was different. In this game we really wanted to feature the running game early and pound on them. I still think it was a good idea because our running game was pretty effective. Reggie took a shot in the back though and he was hurting for a while. You have to figure that if they get pressure 14 times, then 10 of those plays are going in Reggie's direction.'

On the red zone offense: 'Part of it is that last year we had an experienced receiver group that got open. Paul Arnold, Kevin Ware, Pat Reddick and Reggie Williams scored touchdowns for us. Charles Frederick has been injured. We've had a rash of injuries. We are playing our third tight end now. It's been a different rotation week after week and it's hard to get a lot of continuity going. You have to have a different plan of attack in the red zone. We don't have the same guys practicing two weeks in a row.'

On the mental aspect of the game: 'A lot of it is mental. Look at West Virginia. They had a terrible game against Maryland and they came back and took Miami to the wire. I think some of it is also physical. You have to do what you are supposed to do. When you are one and one with a guy, you have to beat that guy. It's a combination of both. We've had an unbelievable series of breakdowns that are a combination of both. Our numbers reflect that we are moving the ball statistically and that we have better balance than in the past few years.'

On the injuries: 'We will hold Reggie Williams and Roc Alexander today. Tim Galloway will be held early in the week. He has a stinger. He will still snap though. Ben Bandel will be held. Justin Robbins is having a MRI today. His knee is quite swollen. Derrick Johnson will be fine though. We will take it real easy with Tusi Sa'au. Charles Frederick didn't feel well during the game, but he needs to get back. He's missed a lot of conditioning over the past two weeks.'

On staying the course or making changes: 'I think it's a combination of both. At the same time, you are looking for a spark though to help our confidence. Confidence can be restored if you go out there and play hard and play well. The thing I'm looking for most is the guys who are flying around on the field and having fun doing it. When you don't look like that, you don't play well.'

On the receiver situation: 'We have to get Corey Williams going again. We may move some other people around. We have to be able to be two deep at receiver. These guys run a lot and run a lot of routes at practice, so it's hard to go out there with only three guys.'

On Stephen Jackson:'He's a great football player. He's had a great career. He's a real special player. He was a huge get for them. They are having a terrific year. They are leading the league in total offense and total defense and they are hot right now. They had two good wins heading into the bye week. They have some real great players. Siegler has been outstanding since he's been there.'

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