Cougars Find Water Rough At California

Oct. 18, 2003

BERKELEY, Calif. -- The California swimming team won all 14 events on its way to a 170.5-86.5 dual meeting win over Washington State, Saturday.

The Golden Bears posted sweeps of the top three positions in eight of the 14 races. California's Erin Reilly recorded victories in the 800 free, 200 fly and 400 free.

Washington State freshman Monika Povilonyte notched a pair of second place finishes on the heels of her two victories at San Jose State, Friday.

Povilonyte, a native of Klaipeda, Lithuania, swam the 100 breast in 1:13:00 and the 200 breast in 2:35:98.

'We stepped up and raced better than we did Friday and this was a much tougher opponent,' said WSU Head Coach Erica Quam. 'We kept racing all the way through the meet. We made the last relay close and had the lead at the 150 mark.'

RESULTSCalifornia 170.5, Washington State, 86.5Spieker Aquatics Complex

400 Medley Relay1. California (Silver, Griffith, Babicz, Burden)				4:35.152. California (Morelli, Palsson, Miller, Medina)				4:39.293. California (Staubitz, Rais, Calder, Bingaman)				4:45.304. Washington State (Backhouse, Ouellette, Chinn, Taylor)			4:48.615. Washington State (McCleave, Povilonyte, Changstrom, Giovanni)	         4:54.666. Washington State (Kelson, Eldred, Littlefield, Mills)			5:11.52800 Free1. Erin Reilly, Cal		8:44.102. Kate Tiedeman, Cal		8:46.343. Ashley Chandler, Cal		9:07.024. Laurie Gregg, WSU		9:18.975. Jane Copland, WSU	         9:26.23200 Free1. Lauren Medina, Cal		2:02.482. Danielle Becks, Cal		2:04.443. Erin McCleave, WSU		2:04.814. Micha Burden, Cal		2:05.055. Helen Silver, Cal		2:10.586. Sasha Taylor, WSU		2:15.247. Lisa Irwin, WSU		         2:19.61100 Back1. Nadia Staubitz, Cal		1:05.742. Amy Ng, Cal			1:05.963. Lindsay Backhouse, WSU		1:07.314. Brianne Kelson, WSU		1:09.375. Cheryl Anne Bingaman, Cal	1:09.705. Nicole Chinn, WSU		1:09.707. Jenna Rais, Cal		         1:10.288. Theresa Dunn, WSU		1:11.04100 Breast1. Annie Babicz, Cal		1:11.092. Monika Povilonyte, WSU	         1:13.003. Marcelle Miller, Cal		1:13.124. Erin Calder, Cal		1:15.115. Lesley Ouellette, WSU		1:15.416. Catherine O'Neal, Cal	         1:16.437. Karen Eldred, WSU		1:23.708. Candace Rodda, WSU		1:24.30200 Fly1. Erin Reilly, Cal		2:15.812. Natalie Griffith, Cal	         2:18.383. Lisa Morelli, Cal		2:20.284. Kayli Changstrom, WSU		2:26.395. Sheena Mills, WSU		2:35.8950 Free1. Danielle Becks, Cal		26.492. Keiko Amano, Cal		26.943. Cheryl Anne Bingaman, Cal	27.114. Emma Palsson, Cal		27.455. Andria Giovanni, WSU		27.916. Kayla Littlefield, WSU		28.957. Beth Newhouse, WSU		29.368. Candace Rodda, WSU		30.34100 Free1. Danielle Becks, Cal		57.532. Keiko Amano, Cal		58.263. Erin McCleave, WSU		58.344. Natalie Griffith, Cal	         58.805. Micha Burden, Cal		59.516. Lesley Ouellette, WSU		1:01.447. Theresa Dunn, WSU		1:04.908. Emily Chandler, WSU		1:08.98200 Back1. Helen Silver, Cal		2:17.732. Lisa Morelli, Cal		2:20.123. Nadia Staubitz, Cal		2:23.364. Lindsay Backhouse, WSU		2:23.885. Laurie Gregg, WSU		2:25.126. Brianne Kelson, WSU		2:27.75200 Breast1. Marcelle Miller, Cal		2:34.952. Monika Povilonyte, WSU	         2:35.983. Erin Calder, Cal		2:39.554. Jane Copland, WSU		2:39.615. Amy Ng, Cal			2:42.686. Kayli Changstrom, WSU		2:42.887. Catherine O'Neal, Cal	         2:46.028. Karen Eldred, WSU		2:58.78400 Free1. Erin Reilly, Cal		4:16.592. Ashley Chandler, Cal		4:18.473. Kate Tiedeman, Cal		4:18.724. Lauren Medina, Cal		4:26.685. Sasha Taylor, WSU		4:40.256. Andria Giovanni, WSU		4:50.717. Emily Chandler, WSU		5:05.458. Andrea Lubeck, WSU		5:13.01100 Fly1. Natalie Griffith, Cal	         1:03.032. Annie Babicz, Cal		1:03.373. Emma Palsson, Cal		1:05.664. Nicole Chinn, WSU		1:07.785. Kayla Littlefield, WSU		1:08.876. Sheena Mills, WSU		1:10.287. Lisa Irwin, WSU	 	         1:16.45400 IM1. Kate Tiedeman, Cal		4:51.672. Amy Ng, Cal			4:55.793. Lisa Morelli, Cal		5:00.434. Kayli Changstrom, WSU		5:05.595. Laurie Gregg, WSU		5:12.706. Jane Copland, WSU		5:15.347. Brianne Kelson, WSU200 Free Relay1. California (Reilly, Chandler, Babicz, Medina)		1:49.132. Washington State (McCleave, Ouellette, Chinn, Giovanni)	1:49.723. California (Staubitz, Palsson, Silver, Amano)		1:50.054. California (O'Neal, Bingaman, Becks, Burden)		1:51.115. Washington State (Povilonyte, Backhouse, Taylor, Littlefield)1:53.826. Washington State (Irwin, Rodda, Chandler, Lubeck)		1:59.247. Washington State (Mills, Dunn, Newhouse, Eldred)		2:02.46
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