UW-USC Postgame Quotes

Oct. 25, 2003

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson

General Comments: 'It was a tough day out there, against a really good football team. They are very, very talented. That is no surprise to anyone. They have recruited top classes out here in the west year after year and they really have lots of great athletes. I tip my hat off to them. They are very hard to play against with all they are capable of doing. They are a multidimensional team. I am disappointed that we didn't win and make more of a game against them when we had the chance to. However, I am certainly not discouraged. I thought my kids played hard and came here excited about playing today. We were ready and we battled. I thought we played as hard as we could during the course of that football game. I feel bad about not winning the game, but I cannot wait to get everyone back here on Monday and start coaching them again.We are going to look at the film and see what we could have done better. I tip my hat off to Pete Carroll's team - they are very, very good.'

On the offense: 'I thought offensively we would spread them out a little bit, because without Rich Alexis, we didn't want to get into a bang-bang game with two smaller tailbacks.'

On the UW tackling: ' I don't think we tackled particularly well, but those people can flat-out make you miss. They are difficult to defend and if you are just not tackling as crisp as you can tackle, then they will make plays. If there is one area of the game that is really disappointing, it would be the tackling. I don't think we tackled well. They are a very athletic and talented team, but our tackling was poor. Clearly, you can see why Reggie Bush was the highest recruited guy in the west last year. He is really something.'

On Charles Frederick's injury: 'His injury changed a lot of factors in the game. One, Charles brings a lot of dimensions to our offense, like you saw last week. Two, he gives Cody Pickett another place where he has confidence. You have to go out there and play three freshmen and Reggie Williams, where out of one receiving group, Reggie is the only veteran guy. We are not a very experienced group in the skilled positions. When you lose a guy that is as valuable as Charles, then it really takes a lot out of our offense. I thought our guys kept competing and playing. I'm not happy about not winning the game, but I am that we kept playing and moving the ball. From what I was told, it is doubtful that he will be playing next week. They think his injury is an AC or a maybe a rib problem, so we will see.'

On USC's Offense: ' This is a team that has great offense week after week and really, year after year. If you aren't tackling, then you are going to have a bad day against them. Every kid that that either they throw it to or hand it to can break it and go a long way. They have fabulous skill so if you just aren't getting people on the ground, then they are going to make it hard on you. They have a lot of dimensions to what they do. They have great players.'

On Reggie Williams: 'Part of the reason it was so difficult to get the ball to Reggie in the second half, was because we just didn't have the football. They had long drives and really controlled the clock. I felt like we never really got a chance him on track again. Another thing was that once we lost Charles, a lot of that attention was focused on him. We just don't have balance in the passing game we would like to have right now.'

On Joe Toledo: 'Joe had a sprained ankle and with a high ankle sprain. They take a long time to heal, so we probably won't get him back, especially with the way his back is.'

On UW's possession after USC's turnover: 'It was a shame we didn't get the chance to take it to two points in the third quarter when we got the turnover. Then we ended up with a sack on a play that I thought was an incomplete forward pass. That really hurt us. We missed the ball to the tight end, which would have been a touchdown, and we never really got it again after that. That was certainly a critical moment in the game. We had the chance to take the game to two points or one point and that would have put us right back in the game. The crowd was also a big factor, too. It was a vintage opportunity to make something happen. We had a guy wide open in the end zone and missed him. That whole series of plays ended up being very crucial to the game. We never contended anything that happened either. Their offense really controlled the game after that; we never really contended.'

Washington Players

On the interception:
'I was about to get sacked, so I was just trying to throw the ball out of bounds. I had no idea that guy was out there. I got tackled, looked up and he was running the other way.'

On USC's defense: 'USC is a good football team. They played well. We had some opportunities that we didn't convert. We definitely could play a lot better, but they're a good football team.'

On missing Rich Alexis and Charles Frederick: 'We definitely want those guys to be out there. Other young guys stepped up and played pretty well. They've played a couple of games this year, so they're not that young. Obviously you want your veterans out there, but if they're not there, then you have to go to your other guys.'

WIDE RECEIVER Reggie Williams
On getting over the loss:
'This game is over. Now, we're on to next week. We need to watch film and see where we made our mistakes and correct them.'

On Frederick's injury: 'It was really tough. You never want to see one of your guys go down, especially him. E.T.'s a veteran. He just knows the position. When we have younger guys in there, they don't really have to key on those guys as much and they can play me more. So, it makes things a little tougher.'

On starting:
'It was a good experience;l I felt good about it. We had opportunities to score, but we failed to do that. We have to come next week and work harder and get prepared for Oregon.'

On touchdown: 'I just put my head down and put it in there. There wasn't anything about the play that was special, it was just a little blast. I guess I wanted it more than anybody else.'

On change in game plan without Rich Alexis: 'It didn't change very much. As you can see, we miss Rich. Hopefully he'll be back for Oregon and help us get a victory.'

On preparing for Oregon: 'As a team, I think we played well today. As long as we correct a few mistakes that we had we should be allright come Saturday.'

General Comments:
'USC is a great team - that's the bottom line. They were very fast and we had a rough day out there today. We have to come back to practice on Monday and get after it. We have to come out ready to play. We can't get down, we just have to keep going.'

On Reggie Bush: 'He is real good. He is very fast and has great moves. He is good now and is going to be good in the future.'

On his performance: 'I did alright today. I was beat for one touchdown. Also on the fullback's touchdown, I was blocked by one of their receivers. I'm gonna come out on Monday and work, so I can play better the next game.'

General Comments:
'USC was good. Their personnel was exceptional; the running backs and wide receivers especially. They do a good job of what they do.'

On Reggie Bush: 'He is a good player and a fine athlete. I didn't know he was that good. He's a very talented player and has a good chance to play on Sundays. They did a good job of using him. He's a tough matchup for anybody.'

On his performance: 'I'm a work in progress at defensive end. I still can make plays, though. They don't run to my side too often. Most importantly, I have to try and get in on more plays however I can.'

USC Head Coach Pete Carroll

General Comments: 'This is a win we really cherish because it has been a while since SC has played well here. It was something that we wanted to accomplish. As we go through our schedule, we come across different kinds of milestones we want to get done - this was important to us. I'm really pleased. I think you can't help but say our offense continues to do great things and move the football like they want to.'

On the USC offense: 'There is always room for things we want to improve on but for us to run close to 200 yards again and pass for over 350 again and not have an interception? That's great stuff. That's great football for us and we are really proud. Obviously, it takes a lot to get that done and the guy that gets all of the credit is Matt Leinart who just put back-to-back fantastic football games together. A lot of guys contributed to that and we were sure clear about that in our locker room. Reggie Bush was just so much fun to watch today - it was great. He's just a spectacular football player and I love that we have found a number of different ways to get him the football -deep stuff, short stuff, run the ball in - all the things that we did. That's a great plus for us. He played well last week for us but this is an even better game so that was terrific.'

On Washington: 'I thought that Washington did a real nice job - kept us moving on defense. Cody Pickett is a heck of a football player and Reggie Williams is a terrific football player.'

On Will Poole: 'I want to make note that I thought Will Poole did a fantastic job. He did a spectacular job of covering the best guy they had (Williams) and time and again he made great plays. On a number of plays he wasn't in position because of the call but when he was there, he had a fantastic game. It's a guy we have watched emerge in a short time because he just joined us this year but we have just been in love with his play and the kid that he is and the competitiveness that he brings. He couldn't wait for this match up and he did just a spectacular job.'

On the kicking game: 'We did have problems. We didn't kick the ball as well as we had in the past. There are some issues there that we've got to get cleaned up. We've been very good for a while but then we had that slip. We need to get kicking better on this turf then we have. I'm not making an excuse but this is uncharacteristic of how we've been doing it. We've got to do something about that. Other than that, it was a really great for us. We are really excited and it leads us into a fantastic matchup next week.'

On a long home stand coming up: 'It's so nice to have these four of five games that we had on the road behind us. It's been a grind for us and our guys have done a marvelous job of handling the road situation. It really, really feels good to know that we are coming home for a number of weeks now with one road game down the stretch. We're really excited about where we are right now - we've got to keep going and keep pushing.'

USC Players

On running success against Washington:
'I wouldn't say that it was a coming-out party. We expect to have good games every day and I think that it's easy, because we know that we're capable. We have a great quarterback and we all clicked today and it was evident. Our confidence level was high because I had a pretty decent game last week. I am just trying to keep working at getting better. I don't feel like this is the best game, I feel like the sky's the limit. We are a great team with a great offensive line and we just all clicked. It's hard for a lot of teams to stop us.'

On sharing time with the other backs: 'Our running back corps is like a family and we all know that we have a lot to learn. We all cheer for each other, no matter who's in the game. We are not selfish with the ball, but we know that we all are competing for the same position and we all have different talents that help us succeed. We're always cheering for whoever's playing.'

On Washington's offensive line:
'I'm not taking anything away from those guys, but I just felt that we did a good job. By our offense producing so many points in the second half, it allowed us to get a pass rush on their quarterback, because they were passing so much. They are a good offensive line. We usually get to the quarterback and at least get a couple hits on him. Their quick game was killing our defensive line and so at halftime we went in and made some adjustments and we were able to get to the quarterback more in the second half.'

On his performance against Washington: 'I'm still mad that they declined the facemask call. It was kind of cheap to me. It felt great to get a sack because a sack is the greatest play for any defensive lineman.'

On watching Reggie Bush run against opposing defenses: 'It's kind of fun, because he does it in practice too. I remember one of the first days of spring practice, he must of ran a circle around our whole defense and then sprinted for a touchdown. When you see it during the games, it's just funny because our goal in practice is to go out and be the best against the best. We are just trying to strive to that every time that we go out there.'

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