UW-Oregon Postgame Quotes

Nov. 1, 2003

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson

General Comments: 'Oregon is a big rivalry, so it means a lot to beat them. I have a lot of respect for Oregon. They have a lot of things going for them. They have great facilities and they have won a lot of games in the last ten years or so. They take a lot of pride in the games that they have won, so to beat them two years in a row, to really beat them, is special, real special. And it's great for our guys, it has been a real tough time for us and we have lost a lot of guys. And for our guys to go out there and play like they played with the back-ups everywhere with freshman running backs and freshman receivers, it was just a marvelous, marvelous night for us; for me and especially for those kids. What a great courageous effort by these guys tonight. I thought the seniors really responded this week. They practiced well and had a great sense of leadership. I felt very good about going into this football game. I felt good about where we were at as a team. I think we played USC pretty well; I think we gave them a couple of things, but overall I think we played them pretty well. Coming off of that, I think we felt like we were a pretty good football team. It is just fun to see as many young guys that were playing contribute so well. For our seniors, what a great way to close out their careers at Washington with back to back wins over Oregon.'

On the running game: 'The key to our running game tonight was blocking, good blocking. The guys up front blocked very well. And that opened up some really good running lanes. Kenny James' long run was a beautiful running lane and Shelton Sampson was a nice running lane as well. Those kids did nice job of running the football. We did a nice job of flipping the football on the edge. There were a lot of good things tonight.'

On Cody Pickett: 'I'm really not sure when Cody got hurt. I think it was on the play where we threw a bootleg coming up on the goal line; it was the one where they had pass interfered with Reggie Williams and he didn't throw the ball and we ended up with a first down. That's the play where he took a really hard hit; he had been fine up until then. When we came in at half time the trainers said that Cody couldn't remember anything about the first half of the game that he had played. So, we said 'That's it, we have to make a change.' But I think it was that goal line route to Reggie Williams in the second quarter. He has a headache and is a little nauseous and he really has a loss of memory of the first half he played in.'

On Quarterbacks: 'Casey Paus is our main back-up for quarterback, just because Isaiah Stanback has been playing receiver for us so much lately and Casey has gotten more quarterback reps the Isaiah. Now, depending on how Cody is doing and how he recovers, that is something we are going to have to go back and reevaluate. But I thought Casey played an inspired game tonight; I thought he was sensational.'

Washington Players

General comments:
'It feels good to get in there again. I was having a lot of fun out there. This was a big win for us.'

On finding he was going in: 'At the present moment, I wasn't thinking about the situation. Thinking about the situation, I think I would have gotten really nervous and not have known what to do, but I felt real calm. The guys picked me up on every play and rallied around me. From that aspect, I felt pretty good - just another day on the field.'

On fast start in second half helping confidence: 'Once I got that first throw in me and watched Kenny break that run, everything went away and I just focused on the game.'

WIDE RECEIVER Reggie Williams
On second half dominance:
'We were just executing better. In the first half we didn't have the ball that much, but we couldn't really get it rolling. In the second half we took advantage of every opportunity we got.'

On Casey Paus: 'I was confident in Casey. He has gotten reps with the ones all the time, so I was confident in him.'

On running game:
'Basically, it was just the line. They opened up some big holes. They were big enough for me and Shelton to run through. We knew we had to get it started, so we went out there and got it done.'

On long run: 'It was nothing special, I just saw the hole and I ran through. Unfortunately I couldn't get to the end zone, but things like that happen, so I'm bound to get there again.'

On consistent pressure:
'Every chance we got, we tried to put a hit on them or get after them. They started unraveling slowly and we just tried to keep it going that way.'

On how victory feels: 'I would definitely rather beat the Ducks and die than lose and have to live tomorrow because that's a rough, rough next day.'

On improved defense after quick Oregon start: 'We figured out their kind of protection. It's pretty basic, but it's hard to get to them when they're making an upside-down 'U' to protect the quarterback. Our coaches came in at halftime and gave us a few tips to go underneath their turnback protection.'

On Paus replacing Pickett: 'I thought Cody was still going to play because Cody's a tough, tough guy, he can probably play through most anything. It was real surprising to see him go out, but it was very encouraging to see Casey Paus to go in there with so much poise. He was leading those guys in the right direction.'

TAILBACK Shelton Sampson
On his last touchdown run:
'I was just trying to get open. The defender was coming at me and I wanted and got to the outside. I just try to play with confidence and leave it all out there on the field. Hopefully that shows.'

On Casey Paus' play: 'Casey did a real good job. He stepped up a whole lot. He played to his potential.'

On the offensive line: 'They did a real good job. Big thanks to them. If they didn't block the way they did today, we wouldn't have been able to break those runs on the outside.'

WIDE RECEIVER Charles Frederick
On his touchdown catch:
'I was coming across the field and nobody was there and I was waiting for Casey to throw me the ball. I felt if he got me the ball I could score. He got me the ball, and I had to beat one guy, and I made a move and beat him. After that all I could think about was diving into the endzone without hurting myself.'

On playing through pain: 'I felt ok after the first hit, but as the game went on and I got hit more, I felt sore. I knew at some point I'd have to come out. I did what I could. When I was done I told the younger receivers that it was there time to shine and make the big plays. They went in there and kept it together for us. It was great for them.'

On the offense: 'Everybody played as a whole today. Once we eliminated the mental mistakes we were playing as one unit. That's the key for us. We have to do the same next week. We have to come out and practice hard and eliminate any mistakes before next week.'

On his fumble return:
'We were running a strike off the edge. He wanted to throw it and it slipped out of his hand and I was right there. The play slid the other way, so no one was on my side to block me.

On the defense's play today: 'I think we played great. I think we had 11 tackles for loss and six sacks - those numbers are huge for us.'

On Oregon's offense: 'They came out and did some good things. It was like last year how they had their flurry at the start. After that we stopped it.'

Oregon Head Coach Mike Bellotti

General Comments: 'We played very poorly. We turned the ball over, we gave them the big plays, we broke ourselves down. It was very horrible.'

Controlling the line of scrimmage: 'They (Washington) did a good job. We did not respond to the adversity. I don't want to say we gave into it, we just let the bad plays snowball on us.'

On second half field position: 'I think you have to create your own field position. I don't think we did that. I think the offense did not support the defense in the third quarter. They were on the field way too much. I was very disappointed in the offense- again- little penalties that took away from big plays and broke us down.'

On whether preparing for UW's passing game hurt Oregon against the run: 'No. In fact, we just did not execute.'

On Washington's defense: 'We expected field zone pressure and we got that. Sometimes we made the play- sometimes we did not. We broke down initially inside the line of scrimmage more so then I like to see.'

On what he said to the team in the locker room: 'I said I was very disappointed that we broke down and contributed to their win tonight. If they beat us, they beat us but we helped them way too much in the second half.'

On Oregon injuries: 'Unfortunately, Marcus Miller may have torn his ACL tonight.'

On Cody Pickett not playing in the second half: 'I was (surprised). It must have been an injury- I do not know. Obviously, they didn't fall off very much. They may have changed some of their attack and it seems like it benefited them.'

On whether Oregon lightened up knowing the second string QB was in: 'No- I don't think we lightened up at all. I just think we gave up big plays. I think we played very poorly in the second half.'

On Oregon's QB performances: 'I was disappointed that we didn't throw more catchable passes. I don't know if that was the elements or just the pressure of Washington. A couple of times we had people open and didn't get them the ball. It was unfortunate. We did what we wanted to do with Jason and Kellen in the first half. We were going to come out with Jason in the third quarter and do some things and had some good plays but unfortunately broke ourselves down with penalties, which are very frustrating, and took us out of some field position opportunities.'

Oregon Players

On Washington's offense:
'I feel that up to the third quarter we shut them down. We were disguising and we had both quarterbacks confused. They caught us in a couple of blitzes and took advantage of our defense. Those exposure plays killed us. Up until the second half we were controlling the game, we were controlling the ball, and we were up. Then it took a turn for the worse.'

On Oregon turnovers:'I think that it has been going on for the past couple of games and we just need to handle the ball better. We need to play better. We seem to be a good first-half team, but we just need to play better in the second half. We have to play smarter with our offense and our defense and hold onto the ball.'

On Washington's defense:'They did a great job. Their defense was doing a great job all night. They came out in the second half and adjusted to what we were doing.. We couldn't pick it up, but we have to give a lot of credit to the Husky defense.'

On switching in the quarterback position:
'We both have similar skills and we are able to go in when needed, but I did want to play more, because I feel so helpless on the sidelines watching. I want to be out there with my guys, with their glory or sorrow.'

On Washington's defense:'They were fired up. They didn't throw anything new at us; they were the same pressure schemes that we'd been preparing for all week. They were effective in executing it and we didn't pick it up like we needed to.'

On the Husky secondary:'There were opportunities that we missed in the first half, but we were creating drives and gaining momentum. The second half, we just didn't have it. In the second half they stepped up, and we played like crap.'

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