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    Hello everyone. It is now week 10 and we're still moving on in the conference. Obviously from Saturday's game, we're disappointed in the way we played. We were in a pretty good position to solidify ourselves and we still are in a pretty good position, but it is going to be a lot more difficult with the games remaining. I think our guys understand that we have to obviously push forward and start doing the necessary things to continue the success we had the majority of the season. Sure there were some issues that happened in the game that we wish we could take back. It seems like the magnitude of every game we play from this point forward is going to be really intensified. So we are hopefully going to work hard this week and try to develop a tremendous game plan that keeps us playing solid in all three phases and give us opportunities to be successful in this remaining stretch. Washington State is a very good football team and I'm sure they are disappointed with what happened to them over the weekend as well, and they are going to be ready to go when we go up there this coming weekend. So with that being said I'd like to begin the question section please.

    Injury updates with Mat Ball, Matt Ware, and Rodney Leisle?
    Mat Ball played I think just a series or two in the game. He had a lower back strain, but we can't quite figure out what the issue is. He is getting x-rays today and again we are going to try to do whatever we can to find whatever that issue is and hopefully get some remedy for him. Matt Ware is recovering much better, he is going to try to practice tomorrow. He has done some good things over the weekend with his treatment and we'll see what he can do tomorrow. Rodney Leisle is again improving well, but I think that he's probably another week away. It's not likely he'll play this week.

    Are you then hopefully that Matt Ware can maybe play this weekend?
    Hopefully yes because that would give us more depth in the secondary. Washington State spreads it out pretty good and to have as many secondary players available for us as possible, will enhance opportunities to hopefully control their offense.

    When you say that Matt is going to practice tomorrow, is the plan now for him to go out and do everything?
    Well, I think we will see what he can do tomorrow, you know. We'll start with him going through stretch and going through the routine. He's been doing some jogging over the weekend. I think its still going to come down to all of his position required movements - back pedaling and driving off of that ankle. Those are going to be the tell tale issues of whether he is going to be able to help us or not.

    You were a little vague about the quarterback this weekend and the decision.
    The decision is still the same. Matt Moore is our starter. He played well given the circumstances he was under. A lot of those elements that were issues in the game weren't necessarily under his control. He did get a little bit dinged towards the end, but I fully anticipate him being ready to go this week.

    Karl, what was the biggest problem with not being able to handle the blitz?
    It was a couple of things. I think it was a non-communication of really identifying the defense at that time, which allowed some different targeting in terms of protection. I give credit to Stanford for being able to do that and causing enough confusion. Sometimes we had two guys blocking one guy and one guy came free and that in a nutshell is what the issue was. It was really a communication issue and something that us coaches got to do a better job of preparing our players about.

    The fact that Washington State is going to blitz, does that make it easier to prepare for them because you know what they are going to do?
    Every week I know that everyone is going to blitz. It has been that way for the last four or five weeks. Those are some issues that, when you have a young offensive line you know they all have to be on the same page. That's the biggest key for the offensive line. The reason they're called a unit is because they all have to understand where they are going and who their responsibilities are. That was part of our issues that occurred on Saturday.

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