Quotes From Andrew Walter's Monday Press Conference

Nov. 3, 2003

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Following is a transcript of ASU junior quarterback Andrew Walter's Monday press conference.

What are your reflections of what happened on Saturday?
'It was a complete whooping on all sides of the football. For me I'm just going to try and take something out of it. Guys need to be accountable for their actions and we need to move on.'

What came out of your meeting with Coach Koetter?
'I just said that guys have to be accountable. We have guys who want to read into every little thing. I'm not a big guy on speeches and motivational things, but what I do know is that guys need to be accountable. It starts in everything they do: being on time for lifting, being on time for class, studying for tests. Everything. Once we have guys who understand that, we can begin to go in the right direction.'

Is there some immaturity on the team right now?
'Yes, when you have an age group of 18-21 there's immaturity in society. People don't understand the consequences of their actions and they don't necessarily look down the road and know that everything they do is going to make them who they are as a person.'

To what degree did your ankle limit what you were able to do on Saturday?
'It was painful all day and I took a few shots and whenever I got hit it limited mobility. I think there were some plays where I could have stepped up, moved around the pocket and gotten to the perimeter and thrown it away or made a play and I wasn't able to do that. I knew that going in but that was the way it was.'

How does your ankle feel today?
'It's all right, it's going to be fine. Playing on it for three quarters, not getting it twisted again, these are things that will help in the process. Today it feels pretty good, sore, but hopefully it's not going to limit me any more.'

Does this team have the ability to come back and play strong against Stanford to make amends for last week?
'I hope so. It will be interesting to see how guys show up in practice tomorrow. That will be the testament to how we play Saturday. If guys are flying around, having fun, competing, then I think Saturday will be very good for us. But if guys are going to show up and go through the motions and not worry about the quality of their effort, then it won't be anything different. How you practice is how you play.'

Were practices poor last week?
'I didn't think they were that poor. Maybe the level of intensity wasn't where it should have been. I thought execution-wise, there were some days where we weren't where we should have been. As far as intensity and competing in drills, that could be picked up.'

Did going to shells last week in practice hurt the team?
'I think last year we were mature enough to do that. I'm not sure if guys this year are to that level where we can do that. It doesn't affect me too much either way and I could care less what we're wearing. But if guys aren't competing, regardless of what they wear, then what happened last Saturday is what happens. I can understand how coaches and players can say that and we might not be mature enough to take a step back and keep working hard.'

Do you get worn down this time of year?
'Yeah, everybody is worn down though. That doesn't mean you stop working hard. If that means being in full pads helps guys to keep working hard, then strap them on, that's my opinion, and I think that is what coach is going to do.'

Do you expect this week in practice to be like the 'old days' when you hit hard in practice?
'If the 'old days' you mean it was 20 reps, if this week in practice it's five reps, I hope guys are competing hard. For those five reps, you better go full speed and get something out of it, because it's quality not quantity. That's what has been the problem, guys have not been taking advantage of every single rep they have and making that one the best. We're all included and everyone needs to be accountable.'

Do you get any positives from reflecting on the Stanford game from last year?
'That seems like a decade ago. I would more take positives from a game like Oregon this year, and hopefully carry those over, although they've skipped a few weeks. Last year's game seems like years ago.'

Have you talked with players to let them know or ask their input on how the team can improve?
'I've talked to a lot of guys, all I do is think about it. Whenever I see a guy who can bring something to the table I'll ask their opinion. A lot of things they have said is to keep it positive, not call out individuals and keep working hard. It's really not a magic thing. The thing that I voice is just the accountability factor.'

Among the team, do you still talk about bowl games as your season goal?
'I didn't know that in a 12-game season you have to win seven to be bowl eligible. Either way, I'm focused on the next week and I've been like that all year. You have long-term goals and short-term and I think our long-term is out the window. All we have are short-term goals. The short-term is Stanford this week. I don't talk to a lot of guys about that kind of stuff. We know we're not going to the Holiday Bowl or the Fiesta or any of that, so all we have is the short-term.'

After the crowd turned on you last week, is it a positive to go on the road?
'As an athlete you put that out of your mind. They pay to go watch the game and they have a prerogative to cheer, jeer whatever they want to do. I couldn't say that I would have wanted to sit through it, so I can understand where they are coming from. Whether we are at home or on the road, we have to get it turned around and get it to where it's right. That's our goal and that's what we have to be concerned about. Being in the fan's shoes, I can understand. If you look at it objectively, you don't necessarily get caught up in it.'

What do you do to stay positive?
'You look back at the past. You look at the Oregon game, the North Carolina game when we were down and finishing the way we did. Those are the positives and those are things you have to focus on; there is light at the end of the tunnel. Worst-case scenario, it builds character and it's something that 99.9% of the population has never done and will never do. They have to go through their situations in life, we go through ours publicly, that's fine. That's the way it is and it builds character. At the very worst you can look at it that way and you try and turn things into positives. When you're not winning they're harder to come by.'

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