Volleyball Profile - K.C. Frederic

Nov. 20, 2003

K.C. Frederic stands out on the volleyball court. Sure, as the team's libero, she wears a different colored jersey than her teammates, so it's kind of hard to miss her. But uniforms aside, it's hard to miss her because of the strong defensive plays she's made for the Beavers this year. K.C. has a career-high 304 digs this season, and her 3.20 digs per game average ranks eighth in the Pac-10. She's been even better in conference action, ranking seventh in the league with 3.50 digs per game against Pac-10 teams. K.C. has had 10 or more digs in 20 matches this year, more than any other Beaver player. She's had double figures in 12 of the last 13 matches and has had 20 or more four times her senior year.

But there's more to K.C. than strong defense. She's an excellent student, evident in the awards she's won the last two weeks. Last week she was a second team selection on the CoSIDA Academic All-District VIII squad, and on Wednesday she was a first team pick on the Pac-10's All-Academic Team. A business major with options in international business and marketing, she's also working toward a minor in Spanish and has entered OSU's international studies program as well.

Earlier this week, K.C. sat down for a question and answer session to talk about the last few weeks of her college career, a possible postseason berth and her plans to study abroad next year. Here's what she had to say:

Q- Looking back, can you believe it's almost over?

A- It's gone by incredibly fast. I can't believe there are only four more matches left and that I won't play in Gill Coliseum again. But, it's been an awesome journey and it's been a learning experience both on the volleyball court and in life.

Q- At the beginning of the year, you said your first Pac-10 match as a freshman - against Stanford - was your most memorable moment of your career. You've come full circle now, and your final Pac-10 match is this week - against Stanford. Is that first match still your most memorable moment or has something from this year changed that?

A- I think this year has been a different year than all the others for me personally, as far as the growth as a player. I feel like I kind of overcame a lot of mental things that I was working on and struggling with the first three years. I worked really hard in that aspect of my game last winter and spring and into this season, and I just am really happy with the way the season has gone. I'm really proud of myself and my accomplishments, and that made it one of the better seasons for myself. As a whole, this season has a different memory. I wouldn't say there's one particular memory that I have that's better than the rest, but there's just a different feel I guess.

Q - You have four more matches left and need to win at least two to be eligible for a possible postseason berth. How motivating is that to try to keep your career going for as long as possible?

A- It's definitely motivating. It's been motivating these last couple of weeks as well. This last half of the season, just counting down the practices... Nancy said at one practice, 'We have 11 more practices.' That was just like two weeks ago, and I realized we were getting closer and closer to the end. There's always that motivation to do it better and be more focused . It's been like that for awhile. Last week was our last home match, the last time we were going to play Arizona... whatever it is, there's always the last go-around for everything. It's definitely been a lot of motivation and excitement.

Q - How much would it mean to you to finish your career with a postseason berth?

A- It would be awesome. It would be great for our team and great for our program. It would be an awesome ending for Laura and me. It would be a lot of fun to give it another try. We tried once, and we'd like to do it better the second time.

Q- After volleyball, you're going to spend some time abroad. You'll be studying in Ecuador and the Czech Republic during the next year. Most people who study abroad only go to one place. Why did you decide to go to different places, and why those two?

A- I chose Ecuador because I had to study in a Spanish-speaking country for my international degree. I chose Ecuador over Spain because for some reason I felt it was going to be a more comfortable learning environment in South America as opposed to Spain, although I don't know why. I just want to learn Spanish and really get an understanding in Ecuador, and then I'll have the opportunity to go to Spain and learn the different dialects and have a better background from being in Ecuador. I chose the Czech Republic for my international business option. After looking into some information from a couple years ago, I realized I could get my international business option completed overseas. So, basically I could be at Oregon State doing it or I could be somewhere else. Since I'm not going to be playing volleyball anymore, I had the time so why not take that opportunity? I would love to be in Spain and be able to use my Spanish, but that wasn't one of the countries that was offered (in that particular program). But, I'm actually planning to go over to Europe about a month early to spend some time in Spain and then make my way to the Czech Republic. So, I'll be in Ecuador from January until the end of May and then I'll go home to St. Louis for summer break and be with my family and get a little adjusted. Then I'll head over to Europe. The plan is to leave the very beginning of August, and school starts the last week in August.

Q- How did you get interested in a possible international career? Had you been abroad before?

A- After I graduated from high school, I went on a two-week trip to Costa Rica, and that's when I decided I wanted to learn Spanish. I took Spanish all through high school, but I just kind of got by. I got good grades, but I really regret not taking it more seriously and really learning what I was doing. It just went in one ear and out the other, so when I went to Costa Rica I just felt uneducated compared to people who could communicate in two languages. So I said, 'I'm learning Spanish. I want to do this'. My only goal coming into college was that I wanted to learn Spanish. And that's kind of where the business fit in. It all fit in nicely, and I really like my business classes. It worked out perfectly. As far as the international studies, I've always wanted to travel and see the world. I don't know where that came from. I've always been independent and interested in that, and it sounds like fun.

Q- After graduation, what would you like to be doing?

A- I've talked to my dad a lot about this. He's like 'Mr. Comes Up With Great Ideas' about what I can do and he just thinks I can do anything, so it's kind of fun to sit and brainstorm about 'I could this, I could do that,' if circumstances allowed. I've talked about just being in another country with a big corporation for a couple years while I'm young. Or even just being a travel agent, and travelling all around, just getting to see stuff and not making a lot of money, but getting to see a lot of things and maybe deciding where I'd like to go back and spend more time. I don't really have a job position in sight, but just being somewhere else for awhile... while I'm young.

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