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Dec. 1, 2003

Rob Evans has a radio show every Tuesday evening, broadcast on ESPN 860 AM. Here is what the Coach had to say on Nov. 25, as transcribed by Alex Hoxeng.

Tim Healey: 'Coach, what are your reflections of last night's game against Cal State Fullerton?'

Evans: 'I still feel the same way about, we are a young basketball team, there is a lot of growth on this ball club. They did some things that are uncharasteric of a basketball team I coach. I like their effort. I feel like like these kids are going to be OK, they just need to work harder. Again, we've got a lot of new kids.'

Healey: 'With eight newcomers you have to figure realistically speaking that some where down the line you are going to have a kid here or there or a game here or there where your kids just don't realize they need a little more effort.'

Evans: 'Well, we are going to have some games like that, that's just the nature of our growth. The only way that they are going to learn is to go through it. We need to play more consistently.'

Healey: 'It seems to me though bottom line is under the circumstance you are able to teach your kids a lesson in the context of a victory. If you looked at what happened elsewhere with some of your Pac-10 brethren over the weekend like USC and Cal losing games early in the season, that makes a big difference.'

Evans: 'Yes, it does. They understand they did not play up to their standards.'

Healey: 'I think one of the good developments last night a key development was substituting fifth-year senior Justin Allen into the lineup and Justin goes in and plays 19 minutes and gave a solid effort.'

Evans: 'He has got a lot of experience and along with Kenny Crandall we've got a lot of experience and we'll need everybody before the season is over.'

Healey: 'With all of Justin's injuries over the years, I think it has to make him feel awfully good to be with the program.'

Evans: 'Without a doubt, he feels very good about it.

Healey: 'One of the interesting developments is that your basketball has gotten to the foul line 90 times and made 70% but strugged in the second half.

Evans: 'I think they were nervous, but they'll be ready to play.

Healey: 'There have been 113 fouls called so far this season, is that too many?'

Evans: 'I think that it is early in the years officials also. They are trying to do the best they can do. They are not in mid-season form, either.'

Fan Question: 'During the NCAA tournament, you mixed in some zone along with the tough man-to-man. Do you expect to do that again during the regular season. We'll play a couple of different zones.'

Evans: 'That's a good question. Yes, we plan to use some zone defense in the right circumstances along with the man-to-man.'

Fan Question: 'Do you think the team's outside shooting will open up the middle for Ike?'

Evans: 'We can certainly stretch defenses with our shooting. I think we'll see a lot of 1-3-1 on defense. The outside shooting will take the pressure off Ike.'

Fan Question: 'Is there a number you have in mind for the number of shots you want Ike to get?'

Evans: 'I'd like Ike to get 15-20 shots a game. It is a little difficult at times to get the ball inside. We'll have to pass harder and move the ball quicker.'

Question: 'How does this year's squad compare with last year's squad in overall talent?'

Evans: 'We've got some very good newcomers that are taking the place of those experience seniors. I like this year's team.'

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