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Dec. 12, 2003

Dec. 12, 2003

THE Rob Evans RADIO SHOWBROADCAST DEC. 2, 2003 (prior to Nebraska game, transcribed by Alex Hoxeng)

Healey: Coach, I imagine you are rather anxious and probably a little bit curious to see how your young team will respond to the first road game of the year. How do you think they'll respond?

Evans: Well, I don't know how they'll respond, I think they'll respond okay. I am interested to see how, you know, how we play on the road, it being the first game for eight of these guys, so, I'm anxious to see, I was pretty pleased with the way they responded at home, different story on the road so we got to come with a little bit more energy, we got to come with a little bit more concentration, we got to defend a little bit better to be able to win on the road.

Healey: Last year Sun Devil team won twenty games and nearly half of those victories, eight to be exact came away from Wells Fargo Arena. Rob, what qualities must a team possess to be a good team on the road?

Evans: Well, you got to be a good defender and you have to take care of the basketball, you need experience and that's one of the things that we will lean heavily on probably on some of the older guys on the basketball team on the road in early season games, Justin Allen, Kenny Crandall, people like that, but you got to be able to defend, you got to rebound the basketball and got to take care of the basketball to be able to win on the road. Good teams that win on the road are teams that shoot a good percentage and take good shots.

Healey: For the first time since November of 1997, the Sun Devils have opened the season with three consecutive victories, 3 - 0 heading into the Nebraska game tomorrow night, can you give us your overall evaluation of the team playing those first three ballgames?

Evans: Tim, in looking at the tapes, I think we've done better in every basketball game, we've eliminated some mistakes we've made in the first couple ballgames and the third ballgame but we still are doing just enough mistakes to let people stay in the basketball game that we should knock out, case in point against Riverside, we got eleven point lead and give a guy a wide open three because somebody left a shooter open and they get a three then we come back down and, lose a guy again back door so if we come down and do a good job defensively on those plays and there's a good chance we're going to be up 15 , 16 points and then it's a different story rather than being you know, six or seven, because they come down and score so we're taking care of some of the mistakes we've made but again when you have an inexperienced basketball team, and other ones will crop up and will continue to crop up until we get some experience, until we get, some games behind these guys so that's again why I'm anxious to play this basketball game and see where we are.

Healey: You were critical in the team's efforts in the Fullerton game, were you more pleased in the efforts you got in that game against Riverside last weekend?

Evans: I was pleased, I was more pleased with it. I wasn't so much displeased with the effort as concentration in the Fullerton game, I thought our concentration was pretty good by in large, in the third game we played against Riverside, again we just misplayed some things that allowed Riverside to stay in the basketball game until the end but the effort was there and these guys are playing hard, it's just a matter of getting as quickly as we can , a set line-up, go over it with those guys and rely on them to make mistakes and playing through those mistakes to get some experience .

Healey: Talking about your line-up, you did make a couple of changes in your starting line-up for the Riverside game last Saturday afternoon. One of those changes was the insertion of forward Wilfried Fameni, a true freshman, into the starting line-up and he responded with a double double 16 points and 13 rebounds. Can you talk about Wilfred's play and the qualities that have enabled him to become a significant factor so early on in his career?

Evans: Wilfried's a good player. We knew that when we recruited him. He's a very intelligent young man. He tries to do everything that we ask him to do and again, he's a very good shooter from the perimeter, he rebounds the ball well, he's going to be a good defender as he learns some more, but the biggest thing with him is just getting about 10 or 12 games underneath his belt. He is going to be a tremendous basketball player because he can do a lot of different things, some of the terminology that we use on the basketball court because he is from the Cameroon, he's learning, he asks two or three times sometimes, what we mean by that and so we've been really diligent on making sure that we go over things with him but he's picking up things pretty quickly and I'm excited about his progress and the potential of this young man.

Healey: He's really a bright kid isn't he, a good student.

Evans: Oh, he's 4.0 student. He's coming in, an unbelievable student and he's done extremely well first semester here at ASU. He will continue to do well. He's a hard worker, he understands why he's here. He's here to get an education and have fun playing basketball but yes, he is a very bright young man, he speaks four different languages, as the Serge speaks six different languages I believe, but yes a very bright young man.

Healey: Ike Diogu overcame some difficulties to have a career-high 31 points against UC-Riverside last Saturday. Ike also had nine rebounds and three blocked shots in 35 minutes. Rob, how do you think he is dealing mentally with the double, triple, and quadruple teaming that come at him when he touches inside?

Evans: By now, all last year he had the same thing. Very few people are going to single cover him. It is a difficult assignment for anybody. He is learning some things to do to deal with the defense, last year he wasn't as used to it. He will continue to get better and find the open player.

Healey: Ike has scored in double figures in every game as a Sun Devil and has started every game. That is remarkable consistency, 35 games with 10 or more points.

Evans: It is, especially for him. He is a tough young man. He wants to be there for his teammates. One thing I like about him is his lack of turnovers. He has only six turnovers which is two per game. He is taking care of the basketball and finding open people.

Healey: Outside of Ike, your most consistent contributions have come from JUCO transfer Steve Moore. Steve had 16 points Saturday and is averaging nearly 19 a game and leads the Sun Devils with eight 3-pointers. Rob, I love his demeanor on the court. He doesn't act like he is a new comer to big time college basketball.

Evans: Steve is still learning. He asked questions all the time. He watches lots of tape. He has won national championships in high school and played against top players. I am really pleased with Steve's progress.

Healey: As a kid as a good who can do a lot of things, what do you see as Steve's primary role on your team:

Evans: He can do a lot of things. I expect him to do a lot of things. The biggest thing I expect him to do is be a leader on this team. I expect his shooting to take some pressure off the rest of the team.

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