Brutus Hamilton Alters The Top 10

BERKELEY, Calif. - The Brutus Hamilton Memorial Invitational featured several personal records by Golden Bears and movement on the all-time Top 10 list in a meet that featured the likes of Washington State, Illinois, Idaho, BYU, and Stanford, among others.

'We were pleased as hosts. But even more than that, we were pleased with the great meet we had as a team,' Cal head coach Chris Huffins said.

Cal sophomore Antonette Carter anchored the women's 4x100 meter relay team which set Cal's second-best time in history at 45.31 (sophomore Osarhiemen Omwanghe, sophomore transfer Tiffany Johnson, junior Shannan Hawes and Carter). Last year's 4x100 meter relay team (then-freshman Jacqueline Earls, Omwanghe, Hawes, Carter) holds the school record at 45.01. Carter set a personal record to win the 200 meter at 24.06. The women's 4x400 meter relay made an impressive showing as well with a season-best 3:43.06 (senior Stephanie Cowling, Omwanghe, Hawes, senior Deanna Slaton). Slaton won the 400 meter hurdles in 58.6.

'I am ecstatic with my kids' performances. We took a huge step forward with our performances in the relays and most of the individual events,' Huffins added.

Bears sophomore Teak Wilburn set a personal record in the high jump 7-05.00 (2.26m). Wilburn set a freshman record last year at 7-03.75 that landed him fifth on the all-time Top 10. He moved up to third with today's mark. His mark is also the second-best collegiate jump in the country so far this year.

Cal sophomore All-American Bridget Duffy set two personal records today, first in the 1500 meter at 4:22.55 and second in the Louise Romo 800 meter at 2:10.56, passing the No. 2 finisher in the last 20 meters of the race for a crowd-pleaser. The event was named for Cal's first female track & field national champion.

'We are climbing the Pac-10 ladder to the upper echelon,' Huffins said. 'There are things we have to do to accomplish that goal and we will do them. It's only April.'

Bears freshman Darren Woods set a personal record in the 400 meter at 46.99. He led off on Cal's 4x400 meter relay team that finished in (3:13.02 - D. Woods, senior Bruce Giron, freshman Craig Woods, senior Ahmad Wright) to finish second. He also ran the second leg of the 4x100 meter team that finished in 40.40 (Mazur, Atawo, D. Woods, Dula), a season-best that qualifies them for NCAA Regionals. Dula also won his heat in the 100 meter at 10.72. Wright finished second in the 400 meter hurdles at 51.19, qualifying for Pac-10 and NCAA Regionals.

Cal sophomore Scott Sobieralski matched a personal record in the pole vault with a 15-09.00 (14.80m) mark. Senior Sheni Russell threw a season-best in the discus at 172-08 (52.64m) and sophomore Kurt Seefeld threw a season-best in the men's event at 172-05 (52.55m). Senior Bruce Giron won the triple jump with a 49-02.50 (15.00m) mark.

2004 Brutus Hamilton ResultsBy EZ Track and Field on April 10, 2004 at 5:43 PM

Men's 100 Meter Dash

1 (h-1) James McSwain, Washington St. 10.72 +0.0 M/S2 (h-1) Aaron Thigpen, Unattached 10.83 +0.0 M/S3 (h-1) Nick Mazur, California 10.85 +0.0 M/S4 (h-1) Jason Heard, CC San Francisco 10.88 +0.0 M/S5 (h-1) Chuck Berkeley, Unattached 10.97 +0.0 M/S (h-1) Ricci Dula, California DNF +0.0 M/S (h-1) Milton Little, Unattached DNS +0.0 M/S (h-1) Kenta Fukui, Unattached DNS +0.0 M/S

Heat 1

1 James McSwain, Washington St. 10.78 Q2 Milton Little, Unattached 10.87 q3 Antwaun Sherman, CC San Francisco 11.054 Brian Babcock, Chico St. 11.305 Dan Brink, Washington St. 11.346 Matt Illarina, UC Davis 11.757 Jon Stingley, McDaniel TC 12.42

Heat 21 Ricci Dula, California 10.72 Q +0.3 M/S2 Jason Heard, CC San Francisco 10.76 q +0.3 M/S3 Chuck Berkeley, Unattached 10.93 q +0.3 M/S4 Cedric Thompson, Idaho 11.08 +0.3 M/S5 Harwell Lang, Chico St. 11.21 +0.3 M/S6 Michael Butler, UC Davis 11.70 +0.3 M/S7 Cody Herbst, Unattached 12.01 +0.3 M/S8 Del Bates, Unattached 13.52 +0.3 M/S

Heat 31 Kenta Fukui, Unattached 10.95 Q -0.4 M/S2 Jaycee Robertson, Washington St. 11.00 -0.4 M/S3 J.R. Ruffin, Idaho 11.03 -0.4 M/S3 Toby Atawo, California 11.03 -0.4 M/S5 Jarrell Nelson, Washington St. 11.04 -0.4 M/S6 Kenny McDaniel, Unattached 11.24 -0.4 M/S

Heat 41 Aaron Thigpen, Unattached 10.78 Q +0.0 M/S2 Nick Mazur, California 10.88 q +0.0 M/S3 Ben Karl, California 11.20 +0.0 M/S4 Zach Toran, San Francisco St. 11.33 +0.0 M/S5 Chris True, Unattached 11.48 +0.0 M/S6 Hugh Henry, Idaho 11.53 +0.0 M/S

Men's 200 Meter Dash

1 (h-1) Joel Brown, Ohio St. 20.99 -1.3 M/S2 (h-1) Nick Sebes, Stanford 21.44 -1.3 M/S3 (h-1) Chuck Berkeley, Unattached 21.70 -1.3 M/S4 (h-2) James McSwain, Washington St. 21.78 +0.0 M/S5 (h-2) Jason Heard, CC San Francisco 21.81 +0.0 M/S6 (h-2) Antwaun Sherman, CC San Francisco 21.94 +0.0 M/S7 (h-2) Kajari Burns, Unattached 21.94 +0.0 M/S8 (h-1) Patrick Ray, Idaho 22.02 -1.3 M/S9 (h-3) Jarrell Nelson, Washington St. 22.08 -1.2 M/S10 (h-3) Nestor Solis, San Francisco St. 22.21 -1.2 M/S11 (h-3) Curtis Goehring, Stanford 22.29 -1.2 M/S12 (h-3) Ben Karl, California 22.43 -1.2 M/S13 (h-2) Lenouris Jones, Unattached 22.47 +0.0 M/S14 (h-2) Gerald Griffin, Ohio St. 22.50 +0.0 M/S15 (h-4) Chris Tucker, Unattached 22.57 +0.4 M/S16 (h-4) Cedric Thompson, Idaho 22.63 +0.4 M/S17 (h-3) Greg Norman, Ohio St. 22.67 -1.2 M/S18 (h-3) Jaycee Robertson, Washington St. 22.71 -1.2 M/S19 (h-5) Tim Bogdanof, Golden Bear AC 22.76 -1.5 M/S20 (h-4) Marcelo Worsley, Stanford 23.17 +0.4 M/S21 (h-5) Zach Toran, San Francisco St. 23.32 -1.5 M/S22 (h-5) Kenny McDaniel, Unattached 23.38 -1.5 M/S23 (h-4) Scott Norby-Cedillo, California 24.10 +0.4 M/S24 (h-4) Mikhail Osipov, San Francisco St. 24.47 +0.4 M/S25 (h-4) Anthony Fogelstron, Unattached 25.16 +0.4 M/S (h-5) Jon Stingley, Unattached DQ -1.5 M/S

Men's 400 Meter Dash

1 (h-1) Darren Woods, California 46.992 (h-1) Nick Sebes, Stanford 47.033 (h-2) Daryl Terrell, CC San Francisco 47.454 (h-1) Curtis Goehring, Stanford 47.555 (h-2) Nestor Solis, San Francisco St. 47.936 (h-2) Ryan Fitzpatrick, Chico St. 48.527 (h-2) Jason Giuffre, Idaho 48.598 (h-3) Lamarr Kirk, Washington St. 48.819 (h-1) Maurice Williams, Idaho 48.8410 (h-3) Kajari Burns, Unattached 48.9011 (h-2) Everret Savoy, CC San Francisco 48.9712 (h-1) John Morris, Ohio St. 49.0813 (h-1) Matthew Erickson, Idaho 49.0814 (h-3) Tom Fitzpatrick, Chico St. 49.3115 (h-1) Josh Guggenheimer, Idaho 49.4116 (h-3) Chris Tucker, Unattached 49.7717 (h-3) Lenouris Jones, Unattached 49.8518 (h-2) James Baisden, Ohio St. 49.9219 (h-4) Robert Keetch, Chico St. 50.0420 (h-3) Michael Garcia, Unattached 50.4021 (h-3) Josh Flexman, Unattached 50.7122 (h-4) Marcelo Worsley, Stanford 51.9923 (h-4) Dominique Higgins, Stanford 52.1324 (h-4) Scott Huedephol, Ohio St. 52.1625 (h-2) Cody Herbst, Unattached 52.8726 (h-4) Mikhail Osipov, San Francisco St. 53.0227 (h-3) Anthony Fogelstron, Unattached 53.2228 (h-4) Spartacus Guillory, San Francisco St. 53.4829 (h-4) Scott Norby-Cedillo, California 53.51 (h-1) Patrick Ray, Idaho DNS (h-2) Sterling Brown, San Francisco St. DNS (h-4) Alfred Gibbs, UC Davis DNS

Men's Don Bowden 800 Meter Run

1 (h-1) Elliott Blount, Nike Farm Team 1:48.912 (h-1) Ryan Locklin, Unattached 1:49.623 (h-1) Peter Paplanus, Chico St. 1:50.084 (h-1) Bryan Woodward, Nike Farm Team 1:50.155 (h-1) Aaron King, Illinois 1:50.596 (h-2) Tim Hobbs, Illinois 1:50.717 (h-1) Joaquin Chapa, Stanford 1:51.138 (h-2) Jeremy Huffman, Nike Farm Team 1:51.139 (h-2) Russell Brown, Unattached 1:52.0910 (h-2) Justin Romaniuk, Stanford 1:53.0711 (h-2) Beau Bettinger, Chico St. 1:53.2612 (h-2) Jeremy Kruidenier, Illinois 1:54.0113 (h-4) Jeffrey Taylor, CC San Francisco 1:54.5514 (h-4) Andres Perezchica, California 1:54.7215 (h-3) Isaac Jimenez, Idaho 1:54.8916 (h-3) Evan Fox, Stanford 1:54.9717 (h-3) Joe Gourley, Ohio St. 1:55.3618 (h-4) Sean Drake, Stanford 1:55.4719 (h-4) Che Banjoko, Stanford 1:55.9520 (h-5) John Cuaron, Stanford 1:56.2721 (h-4) Jacob McCauley, Ohio St. 1:56.4822 (h-4) Ozzie Pina, California 1:56.8723 (h-5) Lucas Botello, Stanford 1:56.9724 (h-5) Bryce Adams, CC San Francisco 1:57.5625 (h-5) Dan Blomgren, California 1:57.6626 (h-3) Michael Garcia, Unattached 1:58.4327 (h-4) Kevin Potter, Idaho 1:58.6628 (h-5) Michael Bordoni, Stanford 1:59.6429 (h-4) Justin Cary, UC Davis 2:01.82 (h-1) Tramell Smith, Illinois DNS (h-1) Jeff DeLong, Nike Farm Team DNS (h-2) Phillip West, Stanford DNS (h-2) Zach Glavash, Illinois DNS (h-3) Andy Powell, Stanford DNS (h-3) Randy Fair, California DNS (h-3) Terrel Davis, Nike Farm Team DNS (h-3) Ryan Huber, Nike Farm Team DNS

Men's Brian Maxwell Mile Run

1 (h-1) Bolota Asmerom, NIKE 4:01.632 (h-1) Rob Myers, Ohio St. 4:03.813 (h-1) Robert Mitchell, Nike Farm Team 4:04.564 (h-1) Sean O'brien, Nike Farm Team 4:06.235 (h-1) David Torrence, California 4:07.556 (h-1) Nick McFalls, Unattached 4:08.617 (h-2) Josh Muxen, Nike Farm Team 4:09.308 (h-1) Ryan Hall, Stanford 4:09.379 (h-2) Sean Graham, Nike Farm Team 4:09.6710 (h-2) Jacob McCauley, Ohio St. 4:09.8511 (h-2) Rolf Steier, Stanford 4:10.1812 (h-2) Jonathan Pierce, Stanford 4:10.5613 (h-2) Pete Stasiulis, Illinois 4:12.3214 (h-2) Justin Hurd, UC Davis 4:12.7915 (h-2) Dan Gibson, Nike Farm Team 4:13.3216 (h-2) Fred Carter, Nike Farm Team 4:13.3217 (h-1) Robert Vermillion, Nike Farm Team 4:13.5518 (h-1) Dereck Treadwell, Nike Farm Team 4:14.7319 (h-1) Steve Barrus, Washington St. 4:15.4120 (h-1) Tom Allen, California 4:15.6521 (h-2) Kevin Davis, California 4:15.9222 (h-3) Russ Martin, Stanford 4:16.3323 (h-3) Steven Dewitt, Stanford 4:17.0724 (h-2) Sean Knapp, Stanford 4:20.2025 (h-3) Matt Cooley, UC Davis 4:33.7126 (h-3) Chikara Omine, San Francisco St. 4:44.5727 (h-3) Spartacus Guillory, San Francisco St. 4:47.1628 (h-3) Paul Broyer, San Francisco St. 4:49.1629 (h-2) David Cifuentes, Unattached 4:53.4430 (h-3) Matt Povey, San Francisco St. 4:53.7131 (h-3) Christian Cruz, San Francisco St. 5:11.55

Men's 3000 Meter Steeplechase

1 (h-1) Jon Houseworth, Illinois 9:15.822 (h-1) Brandon Reiff, Idaho 9:16.913 (h-1) Chris Ferrin-Cirino, UC Davis 9:27.724 (h-1) Alex Grant, Washington St. 9:33.665 (h-1) Tim Helms, UC Davis 9:39.456 (h-1) Chris Concha, Washington St. 9:51.39

Men's 5000 Meter Run

1 (h-1) Chris Bennett, Nike Farm Team 14:34.112 (h-1) Avery Blackwell, Nike Farm Team 14:44.803 (h-1) Ian Johnson, Washington St. 14:55.864 (h-1) Andrew Jones, Washington St. 14:59.295 (h-1) Greg Bielecki, Unattached 15:00.356 (h-1) Jeff Wilson, UC Davis 15:05.157 (h-1) Jim Sweeney, Adidas Transports 15:49.76

Men's 110 Meter Hurdles

1 (h-1) Joel Brown, Ohio St. 13.62 +2.5 M/S2 (h-1) Tim Bogdanof, Golden Bear AC 13.80 +2.5 M/S3 (h-1) Andre English, Illinois 14.07 +2.5 M/S4 (h-1) Abe Jones, Illinois 14.47 +2.5 M/S5 (h-1) Bryan Pratt, Illinois 14.59 +2.5 M/S6 (h-1) Phil McMullen, NIKE 14.69 +2.5 M/S7 (h-1) Scott Sobieralski, California 14.87 +2.5 M/S8 (h-1) Jeff Luckstead, Idaho 14.94 +2.5 M/S

Heat 1

1 Tim Bogdanof, Golden Bear AC 14.08 Q -0.7 M/S2 Abe Jones, Illinois 14.45 q -0.7 M/S3 Bryan Pratt, Illinois 15.02 q -0.7 M/S4 Robert Price, Unattached 15.34 -0.7 M/S5 Josh Leyk, Washington St. 15.57 -0.7 M/S

Heat 21 Joel Brown, Ohio St. 13.86 Q -0.7 M/S2 Andre English, Illinois 14.22 q -0.7 M/S3 Scott Sobieralski, California 14.88 q -0.7 M/S4 Daniel Knickerbocker, Stanford 15.30 -0.7 M/S5 Ian Kenworthy, UC Davis 15.70 -0.7 M/S6 Scott Huedephol, Ohio St. 15.86 -0.7 M/S7 Frank Cedeno, Unattached 17.05 -0.7 M/S

Heat 31 Phil McMullen, NIKE 14.69 Q +0.4 M/S2 Jeff Luckstead, Idaho 15.27 q +0.4 M/S3 Greg Ross, California 15.84 +0.4 M/S

Men's 400 Meter Hurdles

1 (h-1) Adrian Walker, Illinois 50.442 (h-1) Ahmad Wright, California 51.193 (h-1) Bruce Giron, California 52.104 (h-1) Robert Price, Unattached 52.615 (h-2) Stephan Brooks, CC San Francisco 52.696 (h-2) Josh Leyk, Washington St. 52.777 (h-2) Patrick Domek, Chico St. 53.368 (h-1) Eric Nygard, Washington St. 54.159 (h-2) Bjorgvin Vikingsson, California 54.7910 (h-2) Craig Woods, California 55.8211 (h-3) Daniel Knickerbocker, Stanford 56.8012 (h-1) Abe Jones, Illinois 57.1113 (h-3) Frank Cedeno, Unattached 57.2214 (h-3) Brett Josephson, Idaho 59.04

Men's 4x100 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , California 40.402 (h-1) , Washington St. 40.933 (h-1) , Idaho 41.424 (h-1) , Ohio St. 41.525 (h-1) , Chico St. 41.896 (h-1) , Unattached 43.81

Men's 4x400 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , CC San Francisco 3:11.432 (h-1) , California 3:13.023 (h-1) , Idaho 3:14.344 (h-2) , Chico St. 3:17.025 (h-1) , Ohio St. 3:17.316 (h-2) , Washington St. 3:18.397 (h-2) , Stanford 3:21.288 (h-2) , Chico St. 3:23.789 (h-2) , Stanford 3:24.4910 (h-2) , California 3:27.2311 (h-2) , San Francisco St. 3:27.2412 (h-2) , Unattached 3:27.61

Men's High Jump

1 (h-1) Teak Wilburn, California 7'05.00' (2.26m)2 (h-1) Gerg Walker, Oakley Golden Bear AC 7'00.50' (2.15m)3 (h-1) David Glasgow, California 6'10.75' (2.10m)4 (h-1) Justin May, Chico St. 6'10.75' (2.10m)5 (h-1) Billy Mills, Ohio St. 6'10.75' (2.10m)6 (h-1) Matt Alverson, Washington St. 6'06.75' (2.00m) (h-1) Cody Herbst, Unattached NH (h-1) Sean Ancelet, San Francisco St. NH (h-1) William Barton, San Francisco St. NH (h-1) Jeff Forth, Idaho NH

Men's Pole Vault

1 (h-1) Adam Pierson, Illinois 16'08.75' (5.10m)2 (h-1) Paul Nicoletti, Washington St. 16'00.75' (4.90m)3 (h-1) Phil McMullen, NIKE 16'00.75' (4.90m)4 (h-1) Mike Comorato, UC Davis 15'09.00' (4.80m)5 (h-1) Scott Sobieralski, California 15'09.00' (4.80m)6 (h-1) Seth MacCarter, Ohio St. 15'09.00' (4.80m)7 (h-1) Michael Harbeck, Stanford 15'09.00' (4.80m)8 (h-1) Paul Lim, San Francisco St. 15'01.00' (4.60m)9 (h-1) Forrest Wells, Unattached 15'01.00' (4.60m)10 (h-1) David Lindenberg, San Francisco St. 14'05.25' (4.40m)11 (h-1) Eric Disilvestro, Illinois 14'05.25' (4.40m)12 (h-1) Quinn Miller-Beddell, Stanford 14'05.25' (4.40m) (h-1) Joe Bandy, San Francisco St. NH (h-1) Trevor Papp, Unattached NH (h-1) Aaron Weiss, Chico St. NH

Men's Long Jump

1 (h-2) Milton Little, Unattached 25'06.00' (7.77m) .82 (h-2) Josh Fournier, Illinois 24'00.25' (7.32m) -.63 (h-1) Vincent Ibia, Unattached 22'10.75' (6.98m) 1.84 (h-1) Jamil Smith, Washington St. 22'05.75' (6.85m) .75 (h-2) Nosa Ehimwenman, Ohio St. 22'04.50' (6.82m) 2.36 (h-2) Solomon Welch, Stanford 22'00.25' (6.71m) .27 (h-2) Michael Butler, UC Davis 21'09.00' (6.63m) .48 (h-2) Scott Huedephol, Ohio St. 21'04.00' (6.50m) 1.139 (h-2) Feranmi Okanlami, Stanford 21'00.50' (6.41m) 1.310 (h-1) Justin May, Chico St. 20'10.50' (6.36m) .411 (h-1) Travis Garside, Chico St. 20'03.50' (6.18m) 1.612 (h-1) Robert Johnson, Unattached 20'02.25' (6.15m) -.213 (h-2) Patrick Ray, Idaho 20'01.75' (6.14m) .514 (h-1) Mike Davies, Chico St. 20'00.25' (6.10m) -1.215 (h-1) Sean Ancelet, San Francisco St. 19'08.25' (6.00m) .416 (h-1) Cody Herbst, Unattached 19'08.00' (5.99m) .717 (h-1) Sterling Brown, San Francisco St. 18'08.00' (5.69m) .818 (h-1) Onyekachi Emeh, San Francisco St. 18'07.00' (5.66m) .319 (h-1) Eric Martinez, San Francisco St. 18'05.00' (5.61m) .5

Men's Triple Jump

1 (h-2) Bruce Giron, California 49'02.50' (15.00m) .42 (h-1) Vincent Ibia, Unattached 48'04.75' (14.75m) .73 (h-2) Feranmi Okanlami, Stanford 47'01.50' (14.36m) .84 (h-2) Nosa Ehimwenman, Ohio St. 46'10.00' (14.27m) .75 (h-2) Jamil Smith, Washington St. 46'01.50' (14.06m) 1.26 (h-2) Peter Francis, Chico St. 45'05.75' (13.86m) 07 (h-1) Mike Davies, Chico St. 45'05.00' (13.84m) 1.98 (h-1) Kareem Rumah, Stanford 45'05.00' (13.84m) .29 (h-1) Matt Lesenyie, UC Davis 44'04.00' (13.51m) .410 (h-1) Onyekachi Emeh, San Francisco St. 40'06.75' (12.36m) 1.811 (h-1) Eric Martinez, San Francisco St. 39'01.75' (11.93m) 1.8 (h-1) Travis Garside, Chico St. FOUL

Men's Shot Put

1 (h-2) Tim Gehring, Washington St. 63'06.00' (19.35m)2 (h-2) Rhuben Williams, California 62'03.00' (18.97m)3 (h-2) Amin Nikfar, California 59'08.50' (18.20m)4 (h-2) Russ Winger, Idaho 57'03.75' (17.47m)5 (h-1) Craig Kent, Unattached 54'11.50' (16.75m) (h-2) Howard Atkinson, Unattached NM (h-1) Brian Thunborg, Chico St. FOUL (h-1) John Ludden, Unattached FOUL (h-2) Brendan Page, Chico St. FOUL

Men's Discus

1 (h-3) Andrew Bloom, Unattached 198'04' (60.46m)2 (h-3) Luke Sullivan, Unattached 189'06' (57.75m)3 (h-3) Anton Alves, Unattached 175'08' (53.54m)4 (h-3) Ryan Frank, UC Davis 174'08' (53.23m)5 (h-3) Kurt Seefeld, California 172'05' (52.55m)6 (h-3) Drew Ulrick, Washington St. 169'03' (51.58m)7 (h-3) Tony Miranda, Unattached 167'03' (50.99m)8 (h-2) Craig Kent, Unattached 167'03' (50.98m)9 (h-2) Russ Winger, Idaho 163'01' (49.70m)10 (h-2) Phil McMullen, NIKE 162'11' (49.67m)11 (h-2) Brendan Page, Chico St. 162'00' (49.38m)12 (h-1) Mike Thompson, UC Davis 158'11' (48.43m)13 (h-2) Rhuben Williams, California 158'05' (48.28m) (h-1) Joey Perkins, Unattached NM (h-1) Bryan Duby, Ohio St. NM (h-2) John Ludden, Unattached NM (h-1) Brian Thunborg, Chico St. FOUL (h-1) Marcus Mattox, Idaho FOUL (h-1) Jordan Zamora, Idaho FOUL (h-2) Howard Atkinson, Unattached FOUL (h-2) Russ Jensen, Unattached FOUL (h-3) John Cunnie, UC Davis FOUL

Men's Hammer

1 (h-2) Kevin McMahon, New York AC 243'08' (74.28m)2 (h-2) Luke Woydziak, Pacific Bay TC 214'11' (65.50m)3 (h-2) Rhuben Williams, California 204'07' (62.37m)4 (h-2) Tim Gehring, Washington St. 197'06' (60.21m)5 (h-2) Bryan Duby, Ohio St. 181'00' (55.16m)6 (h-2) Zak Thomas, California 179'01' (54.59m)7 (h-1) Marcus Mattox, Idaho 175'04' (53.44m)8 (h-1) Brendan Page, Chico St. 164'00' (50.00m)9 (h-1) John Ludden, Unattached 163'08' (49.89m)10 (h-1) Joey Perkins, Unattached 142'01' (43.31m)11 (h-1) Francisco Castaneda, San Francisco St. 104'07' (31.89m) (h-1) Jordan Zamora, Idaho NM

Men's Javelin

1 (h-2) Adam Burgh, California 200'04' (61.06m)2 (h-2) Brandon Folk, Idaho 191'09' (58.46m)3 (h-2) George Hoover, Ohio St. 184'03' (56.17m)4 (h-2) Jacob Sanderson, Chico St. 171'07' (52.29m) (h-1) Eric Martinez, San Francisco St. NM (h-1) Sterling Brown, San Francisco St. NM (h-1) Greg Ross, California NM (h-1) Tyler Jensen, San Francisco St. FOUL (h-2) Troy Llalaguna, Chico St. FOUL

Women's 100 Meter Dash

1 (h-1) AShley Purnell, Stanford 12.14 -1.0 M/S2 (h-1) Nicole Hatcher, Washington St. 12.18 -1.0 M/S3 (h-1) Amy Menlove, BYU 12.33 -1.0 M/S4 (h-1) Tanya Pater, Idaho 12.42 -1.0 M/S5 (h-1) Jamila Carter, Nevada 12.54 -1.0 M/S (h-1) LaKiesha Givens, McDaniel TC DNS -1.0 M/S (h-1) Brianna Glenn, Unattached DNS -1.0 M/S (h-1) Grace Upshaw, NIKE DNS -1.0 M/S

Heat 1

1 LaKiesha Givens, McDaniel TC 12.14 Q -0.1 M/S2 Nicole Hatcher, Washington St. 12.20 q -0.1 M/S3 Amy Menlove, BYU 12.20 q -0.1 M/S4 Tamara Gulley, Washington St. 12.46 -0.1 M/S5 Rashaida Coleman, San Francisco St. 12.55 -0.1 M/S6 Laura Evans, BYU 12.69 -0.1 M/S7 Trinety White, California 12.83 -0.1 M/S8 Jamie Patten, Idaho 13.06 -0.1 M/S

Heat 21 Tanya Pater, Idaho 12.27 Q +0.0 M/S2 Jenna Harris, Ohio St. 12.36 +0.0 M/S3 Jerita Wilson, Nevada 12.46 +0.0 M/S4 Veronique Richardson, California 12.77 +0.0 M/S5 Danielle Stokes, Unattached 12.86 +0.0 M/S6 Laura Rombach, UC Davis 13.07 +0.0 M/S

Heat 31 Brianna Glenn, Unattached 12.17 Q -0.7 M/S2 Grace Upshaw, NIKE 12.24 q -0.7 M/S3 Aziza Bledsoe, San Francisco St. 12.81 -0.7 M/S4 Sheryl Garner, BYU 13.01 -0.7 M/S5 Kristin Singleton, Nevada 13.22 -0.7 M/S6 Jade Myles, Unattached 13.41 -0.7 M/S

Heat 41 Jamila Carter, Nevada 12.06 Q2 AShley Purnell, Stanford 12.25 q3 Shannon Hawes, California 12.344 Chelsea Huffman, Idaho 13.24

Women's 200 Meter Dash

1 (h-1) Antonette Carter, California 24.06 -1.4 M/S2 (h-1) Janice Davis, Stanford 24.47 -1.4 M/S3 (h-1) Jenna Harris, Ohio St. 24.68 -1.4 M/S4 (h-2) Christine Moschella, Stanford 24.85 -0.7 M/S5 (h-2) AShley Purnell, Stanford 24.99 -0.7 M/S6 (h-2) Vernee Samuel, Idaho 25.09 -0.7 M/S7 (h-3) Ryan Peters, Unattached 25.46 -0.3 M/S8 (h-2) Shannon Hawes, California 25.54 -0.7 M/S9 (h-2) Nicole Hatcher, Washington St. 25.57 -0.7 M/S10 (h-4) Sabreena Jones, Nevada 25.58 -1.8 M/S11 (h-3) Shehara Chitty, San Francisco St. 25.59 -0.3 M/S12 (h-1) Molly Logan, Ohio St. 25.64 -1.4 M/S13 (h-1) Tiffany Johnson, California 26.00 -1.4 M/S14 (h-4) Ciara McMillan, Nevada 26.07 -1.8 M/S15 (h-4) Laura Evans, BYU 26.19 -1.8 M/S16 (h-4) Janette Flowers, Nevada 26.22 -1.8 M/S17 (h-5) Jamie Patten, Idaho 26.39 -0.5 M/S18 (h-5) Hillary Enloe, BYU 26.65 -0.5 M/S19 (h-4) Rashaida Coleman, San Francisco St. 26.74 -1.8 M/S20 (h-5) Ahimsa Hodari, Stanford 27.88 -0.5 M/S

Women's 400 Meter Dash

1 (h-1) Nashonme Johnson, Stanford 53.592 (h-1) Ashley Freeman, Stanford 54.363 (h-1) Chinny Offor, Stanford 54.434 (h-1) Keisha Gaines, Stanford 54.795 (h-1) Christine Moschella, Stanford 55.626 (h-2) Heather Hoeck, Idaho 55.987 (h-2) Janette Flowers, Nevada 56.198 (h-2) Tyrona Heath, Nike Farm Team 56.219 (h-1) Sabreena Jones, Nevada 56.6310 (h-2) Mnary Bennion, BYU 56.6611 (h-2) Brandi Probasco, Washington St. 56.8812 (h-3) Shehara Chitty, San Francisco St. 56.9013 (h-3) Kameko Wilson, Washington St. 57.1014 (h-1) Ryan Peters, Unattached 57.1315 (h-1) Janice Davis, Stanford 57.1816 (h-2) MaryJo Alexander, UC Davis 58.2117 (h-4) Maka Agbo, UC Davis 1:00.0618 (h-3) Jennifer Bauer, Nevada 1:00.2519 (h-4) Danielle Povio, Unattached 1:00.5220 (h-4) Christiane Kragel, Chico St. 1:01.0921 (h-2) Shante Winters, Nevada 1:02.9422 (h-4) Jenny Drady, UC Davis 1:03.15 (h-2) Rochelle Carter, Unattached DNS (h-3) Willa Porter, Unattached DNS (h-3) Marisha Dixon, UC Davis DNS (h-4) Laura Evans, BYU DNS

Women's Louise Romo Inv. 800 Meter Run

1 (h-1) Tamika Williams, Nike Farm Team 2:05.962 (h-1) Andrea Morgan, Nike Farm Team 2:07.043 (h-1) Arianna Lambie, Stanford 2:08.064 (h-1) Tamecia Brown, Ohio St. 2:09.125 (h-1) Chloe Jarvis, Unattached 2:10.406 (h-2) Bridget Duffy, California 2:10.667 (h-2) Angelita Green, Washington St. 2:10.848 (h-1) Elissa Riedy, Unattached 2:11.489 (h-1) Danielle Thornal, Nike Farm Team 2:12.3710 (h-3) Tiffany Simms-McCray, Ohio St. 2:14.2211 (h-3) April FitzGerald, Nevada 2:14.9612 (h-2) Alisha Murdoch, Idaho 2:15.0513 (h-2) Cherise Thompson, Stanford 2:15.6114 (h-2) Lisa Lopez, Unattached 2:15.9814 (h-2) Pippa MacDonald, California 2:15.9816 (h-3) Vanessa Hansen, Chico St. 2:16.1217 (h-3) Marlene Avitia, UC Davis 2:16.1318 (h-3) Dee Olson, Idaho 2:16.2019 (h-3) Dallase Scott, Chico St. 2:17.4320 (h-4) Erna Forgo, UC Davis 2:17.4721 (h-4) Katherine Bagwell, Chico St. 2:17.9022 (h-2) Julie Hinton, Nevada 2:17.9223 (h-4) Sarah Ingebretsen, BYU 2:18.0024 (h-3) Pannsy Henry, Ohio St. 2:19.2725 (h-2) Maja Ruznic, California 2:19.8526 (h-4) Carolyn Menard, UC Davis 2:20.8427 (h-4) Ashley Holt, Nevada 2:21.9928 (h-4) Maria Rodriguez, UC Davis 2:22.7729 (h-4) Melissa Sinclair, Chico St. 2:24.0730 (h-4) Sarah Ingebretsen, BYU 2:28.38 (h-1) Mary Kamau, Idaho DNF (h-3) Tania Vander Meulen, Idaho DNS (h-4) Whitney Russell, California DNS

Women's Jennifer Maxwell Inv. 1500 Meter Run

1 (h-1) Mary Kamau, Idaho 4:21.752 (h-1) Bridget Duffy, California 4:22.553 (h-1) Kali Baker, Nevada 4:26.554 (h-1) Danielle Thornal, Nike Farm Team 4:27.225 (h-1) Lindsay Maclise, California 4:29.156 (h-1) April FitzGerald, Nevada 4:30.487 (h-1) Mollie DeFracesco, Nike Farm Team 4:31.058 (h-1) Dee Olson, Idaho 4:31.329 (h-1) Christy Borak, California 4:32.9010 (h-1) Abby Parker, California 4:34.4211 (h-1) Tania Vander Meulen, Idaho 4:37.5312 (h-1) Margaret Pridgen, Chico St. 4:38.4213 (h-2) Julia Allen, Stanford 4:39.8514 (h-2) Diljeet Mendoza, Nike Farm Team 4:39.9915 (h-2) Molly Bull, Washington St. 4:40.6016 (h-1) Katie Lee, Chico St. 4:40.9917 (h-2) Celia Smalls, Stanford 4:41.6218 (h-3) Melanie Price, Ohio St. 4:43.0219 (h-2) Missy Lendl, Chico St. 4:44.2620 (h-2) Renee Stribling, San Francisco 4:44.2921 (h-2) Melinda Ouwerkerk, Idaho 4:44.7422 (h-2) Sara Frank, Nevada 4:46.4423 (h-2) Whitney Schmucker, California 4:48.5924 (h-2) Katie Troy, Washington St. 4:49.0225 (h-3) Carolyn Penner, Stanford 4:52.7826 (h-3) Melis Garner, Nevada 4:53.2027 (h-3) Melissa Barrett, UC Davis 4:54.6728 (h-3) Monica Buccambuso, Nevada 4:55.7129 (h-3) Abbie Galloway, UC Davis 5:00.2230 (h-3) Jia Hou, Stanford 5:14.31

Women's 5000 Meter Run

1 (h-1) Ana Cabrera, Washington St. 17:32.452 (h-1) Michelle Solone, UC Davis 17:35.843 (h-1) Mandy Macalister, Idaho 17:36.874 (h-1) Jessica Neu, UC Davis 18:14.505 (h-1) Jenny Wilson, UC Davis 18:41.816 (h-1) Brooke Wells, California 19:13.857 (h-1) Tara Hillier, Unattached 19:50.018 (h-1) Diane Reed, Unattached 21:09.73 (h-1) Nicole Gliem, DNS

Women's 3000 Meter Steeplechase

1 (h-1) Bevin Kennelly, Idaho 10:51.522 (h-1) Kayle Peterson, Washington St. 11:03.413 (h-1) Sarah Montez, Chico St. 11:17.694 (h-1) Lauren Barbieri, California 12:13.595 (h-1) Lisa Sandoval, California 12:25.16

Women's 100 Meter Hurdles

1 (h-1) Molly Logan, Ohio St. 13.27 +0.0 M/S2 (h-1) Lindsey Johnson, Stanford 13.69 +0.0 M/S3 (h-1) Osarhiemen Omwanghe, California 13.87 +0.0 M/S4 (h-1) Danielle Stokes, Unattached 14.10 +0.0 M/S5 (h-1) Amy Menlove, BYU 14.13 +0.0 M/S6 (h-1) Hillary Enloe, BYU 14.51 +0.0 M/S7 (h-1) Mary Meyman, Unattached 14.51 +0.0 M/S

Heat 1

1 Osarhiemen Omwanghe, California 13.82 Q +0.5 M/S2 Emily Azevedo, UC Davis 14.70 +0.5 M/S3 Gretchen Haussler, UC Davis 14.94 +0.5 M/S4 Caroline Sheldon, Unattached 15.59 +0.5 M/S5 Jenna Glidden, Nevada 16.84 +0.5 M/S6 Casey Kelley, Unattached 16.99 +0.5 M/S7 Ashley Rawlins, Chico St. 17.05 +0.5 M/S

Heat 21 Brandi Hogan, Ohio St. 14.32 Q +0.0 M/S1 Danielle Stokes, Unattached 14.32 Q +0.0 M/S3 Maranda Brownson, Nevada 14.59 +0.0 M/S4 Tamara Gulley, Washington St. 14.65 +0.0 M/S5 Lindsey Sommer, BYU 14.84 +0.0 M/S6 Liis Berendsen, BYU 15.26 +0.0 M/S7 Becky Rankin, Chico St. 17.53 +0.0 M/S Katie McCanless, UC Davis DNS +0.0 M/S

Heat 31 Lindsey Johnson, Stanford 13.90 Q +1.7 M/S2 Amy Menlove, BYU 14.18 q +1.7 M/S3 Hillary Enloe, BYU 14.40 q +1.7 M/S4 Melissa Ferguson, UC Davis 14.84 +1.7 M/S5 Alicia Burton, UC Davis 15.90 +1.7 M/S6 Ahimsa Hodari, Stanford 15.94 +1.7 M/S Ryana Smith, Chico St. FS +1.7 M/S

Heat 41 Molly Logan, Ohio St. 13.55 Q +0.0 M/S2 Mary Meyman, Unattached 14.40 q +0.0 M/S3 Julie Pickler, Washington St. 14.42 +0.0 M/S4 Taylor Teerlink, BYU 14.86 +0.0 M/S5 Sarah Prout, Nevada 15.28 +0.0 M/S6 Amy Purtle, UC Davis 15.72 +0.0 M/S

Women's 400 Meter Hurdles

1 (h-1) Deanna Slaton, California 0:58.62 (h-1) Monique Jessie, Washington St. 1:00.93 (h-2) Taylor Teerlink, BYU 1:02.004 (h-2) Jennifer Ogbuehi, Ohio St. 1:02.115 (h-1) Stephanie Cowling, California 1:02.26 (h-2) Melissa Ferguson, UC Davis 1:03.027 (h-2) Sophia Uwaldiale, Unattached 1:03.048 (h-2) Louise Akesson, Washington St. 1:03.779 (h-3) Amy Purtle, UC Davis 1:04.5310 (h-3) Tiffany Krainik, BYU 1:04.5511 (h-2) Janeshia Adams-Ginyatrd, California 1:04.8012 (h-3) Alena Cook, Sonoma St. 1:05.5213 (h-3) Venetia Horn, Nevada 1:05.9414 (h-4) Najma Nuriddin, San Francisco St. 1:07.3615 (h-3) Bevin Kennelly, Idaho 1:08.5716 (h-4) Dana Barbieri, UC Davis 1:09.2117 (h-4) Alicia Burton, UC Davis 1:09.9718 (h-3) Rosana Medina, Nevada 1:12.98

Women's 4x100 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , California 45.312 (h-1) , Washington St. 46.833 (h-2) , Idaho 47.334 (h-1) , Nevada 47.635 (h-2) , UC Davis 47.686 (h-2) , UC Davis 48.807 (h-2) , BYU 48.948 (h-2) , San Francisco St. 49.079 (h-1) , Ohio St. 50.02 (h-1) , BYU DNF

Women's 4x400 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , California 3:43.062 (h-1) , Nike Farm Team A 3:43.733 (h-1) , Washington St. 3:45.134 (h-1) , Ohio St. 3:48.595 (h-1) , Idaho 3:50.596 (h-1) , BYU 3:56.057 (h-2) , Chico St. 3:59.408 (h-2) , San Francisco St. 4:13.90

Women's High Jump

1 (h-1) Lindsey Metcalf, BYU 5'08.75' (1.75m)2 (h-1) Tassie Souhrada, Idaho 5'07.00' (1.70m)3 (h-1) Alexandria Brady, San Francisco St. 5'05.00' (1.65m)4 (h-1) Cynthia Mallory, California 5'05.00' (1.65m)4 (h-1) Stephanie Marks, UC Davis 5'05.00' (1.65m)6 (h-1) Robin Mikesh, Washington St. 5'05.00' (1.65m)7 (h-1) Julie Pickler, Washington St. 5'05.00' (1.65m)8 (h-1) Kris Ciechanowski, Nevada 5'03.00' (1.60m)9 (h-1) Tara Maves, Nevada 5'03.00' (1.60m) (h-1) Sophia Ruiz, Chico St. NH (h-1) Becky Rankin, Chico St. NH (h-1) Sarah Prout, Nevada NH (h-1) Ashley Rawlins, Chico St. NH (h-1) Samantha Rogers, UC Davis NH (h-1) Chelsey Mauck, UC Davis NH (h-1) Maranda Brownson, Nevada NH (h-1) Lindsey Gannaway, Stanford NH

Women's Pole Vault

1 (h-1) Leila Ben-Youssef, Stanford 12'08.75' (3.88m)2 (h-1) Tamara Diles, Washington St. 12'08.75' (3.88m)3 (h-1) Dana Huesby, Nevada 12'02.75' (3.73m)3 (h-1) Samantha Shepard, Stanford 12'02.75' (3.73m)5 (h-1) Karla McGee, Washington St. 12'02.75' (3.73m)6 (h-1) Megan Ries, Nevada 12'02.75' (3.73m)7 (h-1) Sarah Weiss, Chico St. 11'03.00' (3.43m)7 (h-1) Danielle Navarre, California 11'03.00' (3.43m)9 (h-1) Bree-Ann Piva, Nevada 11'03.00' (3.43m)9 (h-1) Becky Heintz, Ohio St. 11'03.00' (3.43m) (h-1) Jocelyn Likens, Chico St. NH (h-1) Melissa Moore, Chico St. NH (h-1) Chelsea McGinnis, Chico St. NH (h-1) Claire Parker, Nevada NH (h-1) Rachelle Sabo, Chico St. NH (h-1) Stephanie Starritt, California NH (h-1) Jana Moyer, Nevada NH

Women's Long Jump

1 (h-3) Grace Upshaw, NIKE 20'11.75' (6.39m) -12 (h-3) Jackie Edwards, Unattached 20'07.75' (6.29m) -.13 (h-3) Rosalind Goodwin, Ohio St. 20'00.50' (6.11m) -1.34 (h-3) Jernae Wright, NIKE 19'06.25' (5.95m) -.25 (h-3) Amy Menlove, BYU 19'04.75' (5.91m) .86 (h-3) Antonette Carter, California 18'06.50' (5.65m) -1.87 (h-3) Chelsea Huffman, Idaho 18'06.00' (5.64m) 28 (h-1) Liis Berendsen, BYU 18'04.25' (5.59m) 2.59 (h-2) Veronique Richardson, California 18'01.00' (5.51m) .710 (h-1) Blessing Ufodiama, Washington St. 18'00.25' (5.49m) .511 (h-2) Jade Myles, Unattached 17'11.75' (5.48m) .412 (h-2) Lindsey Sommer, BYU 17'11.50' (5.47m) -.113 (h-2) Kamila Rywelska, BYU 17'10.75' (5.45m) .814 (h-3) Tiffany Johnson, California 17'08.25' (5.39m) 1.615 (h-1) Kristin Singleton, Nevada 17'03.25' (5.26m) .616 (h-2) Ciara McMillan, Nevada 17'02.75' (5.25m) 017 (h-1) Cassie Rohrbacher, Idaho 17'02.00' (5.23m) .717 (h-2) Mary Meyman, Unattached 17'02.00' (5.23m) 019 (h-1) Leah Tapscott, Stanford 17'01.50' (5.22m) .220 (h-1) Kaylee Gardner, Washington St. 17'00.75' (5.20m) -.221 (h-1) Aziza Bledsoe, San Francisco St. 16'08.75' (5.10m) -1.722 (h-1) Tammy Stowe, Idaho 16'07.25' (5.06m) .823 (h-1) Laura Rombach, UC Davis 16'07.00' (5.05m) .524 (h-2) Emily Kling, Idaho 15'10.50' (4.84m) -.125 (h-2) Antonia Diamond, San Francisco St. 15'08.25' (4.78m) .7 (h-3) Brianna Glenn, Unattached NM (h-2) Shayla Moore, Ohio St. FOUL

Women's Triple Jump

1 (h-2) Kamila Rywelska, BYU 43'01.50' (13.14m) 1.22 (h-2) Rosalind Goodwin, Ohio St. 42'01.50' (12.84m) .83 (h-2) Shayla Moore, Ohio St. 40'09.00' (12.42m) .94 (h-2) Tammy Stowe, Idaho 39'03.00' (11.96m) -.55 (h-2) Lindsey Sommer, BYU 39'00.25' (11.89m) 1.16 (h-2) Trinety White, California 38'07.75' (11.78m) .57 (h-2) Kaylee Gardner, Washington St. 38'07.50' (11.77m) .88 (h-2) Ashley Mathis, Nevada 38'07.50' (11.77m) -.49 (h-1) Liis Berendsen, BYU 38'02.75' (11.65m) .310 (h-2) Bree Skinner, Washington St. 37'06.50' (11.44m) .211 (h-1) Emily Kling, Idaho 36'11.50' (11.26m) -.112 (h-1) Jennifer Lint, Stanford 36'05.50' (11.11m) .413 (h-2) Sherena Smith, Nevada 36'03.50' (11.06m) 014 (h-1) Lauren Titterud, UC Davis 35'04.75' (10.79m) .815 (h-1) Sophia Ruiz, Chico St. 34'09.00' (10.59m) .516 (h-1) Shanice Kelley, San Francisco St. 34'08.50' (10.58m) .317 (h-1) Cassie Rohrbacher, Idaho 34'06.25' (10.52m) .618 (h-1) Casey Kelley, Unattached 34'04.75' (10.48m) .219 (h-1) Antonia Diamond, San Francisco St. 33'01.00' (10.08m) .6

Women's Shot Put

1 (h-2) Dana Lawson, Unattached 50'06.25' (15.40m)2 (h-2) Adeoti Oshinowo, ADAI 48'10.75' (14.90m)3 (h-2) Jenna Johnson, California 46'06.75' (14.19m)4 (h-2) Keturah Lofton, Ohio St. 46'05.50' (14.16m)5 (h-2) Katie Tuttle, Idaho 45'01.75' (13.76m)6 (h-2) Shannon Rance, Washington St. 45'01.00' (13.74m)7 (h-1) Kelechi Anyanwu, California 44'07.00' (13.59m)8 (h-2) Sarah Woydziak, Nevada 44'00.00' (13.41m)9 (h-2) Brianne Ferris, Chico St. 43'01.75' (13.15m)10 (h-1) Shanna Lytle, Idaho 42'09.50' (13.04m) (h-1) Inger Appanaitis, Unattached FOUL (h-1) Janine Bodo, Nevada FOUL (h-1) Caroline Sheldon, Unattached FOUL (h-1) Stephanie Gustus, Chico St. FOUL (h-1) Ijeoma Emeh, San Francisco St. FOUL (h-1) Jamie Martino, Nevada FOUL (h-1) Lauren Vaterlaus, San Francisco St. FOUL (h-2) Melanie Glennen, Chico St. FOUL (h-2) Jessi Salmela, Unattached FOUL

Women's Discus

1 (h-3) Dana Lawson, Unattached 172'08' (52.64m)2 (h-3) Sheni Russell, California 172'08' (52.63m)3 (h-3) Andrea Thornton, Unattached 167'09' (51.14m)4 (h-3) Katie Tuttle, Idaho 161'05' (49.21m)5 (h-3) Melanie Glennen, Chico St. 154'06' (47.09m)6 (h-2) Marie Muai, Washington St. 153'11' (46.92m)7 (h-2) Keturah Lofton, Ohio St. 153'01' (46.66m)8 (h-3) Allison Kennedy, Unattached 143'05' (43.72m)9 (h-2) Kelly Bowman, Nevada 141'04' (43.07m)10 (h-1) Kelechi Anyanwu, California 138'05' (42.18m)11 (h-3) Stephanie Benight, Stanford 137'09' (42.00m)12 (h-2) Lindsay Brisbin, Stanford 135'01' (41.18m)13 (h-1) Stephanie Gustus, Chico St. 132'05' (40.37m)14 (h-2) Jenna Johnson, California 132'03' (40.31m)15 (h-1) Shanna Lytle, Idaho 131'09' (40.17m)16 (h-1) Jamie Martino, Nevada 130'06' (39.78m) (h-1) Brianne Ferris, Chico St. NM (h-1) Ijeoma Emeh, San Francisco St. NM (h-1) Janine Bodo, Nevada NM (h-1) Lisa Mausia, San Francisco St. NM (h-2) Inger Appanaitis, Unattached NM (h-2) Carrie Johnson, California FOUL (h-3) Kim Gleeson, UC Davis FOUL

Women's Hammer

1 (h-3) Jennifer Joyce, Oakley Golden Bear AC 217'07' (66.33m)2 (h-3) Keturah Lofton, Ohio St. 188'06' (57.45m)3 (h-3) Caira Hane, Nevada 183'07' (55.95m)4 (h-2) Tiffany Davis, Ohio St. 181'05' (55.31m)5 (h-2) Guilia Urlando, California 181'02' (55.23m)6 (h-3) Sarah Woydziak, Nevada 176'08' (53.85m)7 (h-2) Alexandra Hunnings, California 175'02' (53.40m)8 (h-2) Marie Muai, Washington St. 174'06' (53.20m)9 (h-2) Sammy Jo Missel, Washington St. 170'00' (51.83m)10 (h-3) Janine Bodo, Nevada 167'09' (51.14m)11 (h-1) Kelly Bowman, Nevada 161'03' (49.14m)12 (h-2) Katy Houser, Ohio St. 159'11' (48.74m)13 (h-3) Carrie Johnson, California 159'00' (48.47m)14 (h-1) Keely Borck, Sonoma St. 149'04' (45.53m)15 (h-1) Melanie Glennen, Chico St. 139'07' (42.56m)16 (h-1) Jamie Martino, Nevada 137'10' (42.01m)17 (h-1) Lauren Dorsey, California 130'02' (39.69m)18 (h-1) Stephanie Gustus, Chico St. 124'11' (38.07m)19 (h-1) Ijeoma Emeh, San Francisco St. 121'06' (37.03m)20 (h-2) Cammie Carroll, San Francisco St. 112'02' (34.19m)21 (h-3) Andrea Thornton, Unattached 077'09.50' (23.71m) (h-1) Jessi Salmela, Unattached NM (h-2) Heidi Lambley, Idaho NM (h-3) Jessica Pluth, Stanford NM

Women's Javelin

1 (h-2) Jenna Dean, Washington St. 148'02' (45.16m)2 (h-2) Rachel Bertholf, Washington St. 143'04' (43.69m)3 (h-2) Sarah Willette, Idaho 141'00' (42.99m)4 (h-2) Caira Hane, Nevada 140'10' (42.93m)5 (h-1) Kate Buehler, Idaho 132'03' (40.30m)6 (h-2) Sara Coleman, Nevada 129'07' (39.50m)7 (h-1) Jamie Martino, Nevada 129'05' (39.45m)8 (h-2) Trinety White, California 128'02' (39.06m)9 (h-1) Megan Lytle, Unattached 114'11' (35.03m) (h-1) Nichole Morales, San Francisco St. NM (h-1) Jessica Craig, San Francisco St. NM (h-1) Laura Caldwell, San Francisco St. NM (h-1) Inger Appanaitis, Unattached NM (h-1) Marci Gomes, San Francisco St. NM (h-1) Laura Eisenberg, San Francisco St. NM

Midget Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , B# Track Club 52.592 (h-1) , East Bay Heat 54.703 (h-1) , Jaguars 56.624 (h-1) , Oakland PAL 56.795 (h-1) , Solano Runners 59.90

Midget Boys 4x100 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , M.P. Striders 56.75 (h-1) , Oakland PAL DQ

Youth Girls 4x100 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , Acorn A 49.472 (h-1) , East Bay Heat 51.843 (h-1) , Oakland PAL 56.06 (h-1) , Acorn B DQ

Midget Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , Alex Van Dyke 4:23.562 (h-1) , East Bay Heat 4:31.393 (h-1) , Oakland PAL 4:49.434 (h-1) , MP Striders 5:00.23

Midget Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , M.P. Striders 4:37.582 (h-1) , Oakland PAL 4:38.48

Youth Girls 4x400 Meter Relay

1 (h-1) , Acorn A 4:06.272 (h-1) , Acorn B 4:18.233 (h-1) , Oakland PAL 4:55.69

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