Brady Schalich is in the Hot Corner

April 16, 2004

Corvallis, Ore. - Sports information student assistant Candace Zepp had a chance to put redshirt-freshman quarterback Brady Schalich, and exercise and sport science major, in the 'Hot Corner' recently. Schalich is a 6-1, 210-pound redshirt-freshman from Santa Rosa High School in Santa Rosa, Calif. He was selected the Empire Quarterback of the Year as a senior after passing for more than 1,400 yards and 18 touchdowns. Brady is the son of John and Tracy Schalich.

The Hot Corner with Brady Schalich

CZ: Okay, so why did you come to OSU?

BS: 'Well it was between Montana and OSU, and the recruiting coach from (Dennis) Erickson's staff had been courting me. When Erickson left, the coach stayed with Riley, and so I still had a way to come here.'

CZ: Do you think college football players should be paid?

BS: 'I don't necessarily think so, even though we put in a lot of hours. It's a tough call, because students not playing sports can get a job...but it's still a choice that we make.'

CZ: Does being a walk-on change your perspective at all on that issue?

BS: 'Well being a walk-on, it's even more my choice to play football - I'm not getting school paid for to do it. So from that perspective, no, we just have to go out there and enjoy what we do.'

CZ: Being from California, do you like your Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger?

BS: (laughs) 'I like his movies. I don't think he should be the governor, I think he's a good guy though.'

CZ: What movie have you watched the most?

BS: 'Probably The Program.'

CZ: XBox or PS2?

BS: 'PS2!'

CZ: What game do you play the most of?

BS: 'NCAA Football 2004.'

CZ: Is cheerleading a sport?

BS:'In college it is. I don't think it is in high school, no offense because I'm sure they work hard.'

CZ: What do you think of the BCS (Bowl Championship Series)?

BS: I think it was fine up until last year, what with the USC, Oklahoma and LSU thing. I like it, but they need to figure out something else now. I am not really sure what.'

CZ: If you could only bring three things to a desert island, what would they be and why?

BS: 'One, a football, to keep myself entertained. Two, a TV, so I could stay up to date on current events. Three, one of my family members, because my family is very important to me.'

CZ: Are you addicted to instant messenger, like every other college student?

BS:'Of course, it's free and I can talk to all of my friends at once.'

CZ: What is something you enjoy doing that not a lot of people would know about?

BS:'I love being outside - fishing, camping, all that stuff. It relaxes me.'

CZ: How'd you end up playing quarterback?

BS: 'I started playing football in fourth grade, and I was the center - third string. I hated it, and didn't play much, so I quit. Seventh grade I got back into it and started playing quarterback...but my freshman year, I didn't think I could compete well enough for some reason, so I didn't play. Big mistake, but my sophomore year I went out and I earned the starting quarterback spot for varsity, and I've been at it ever since.'

CZ: What's your perspective on the team this year?

BS: 'From a fan standpoint, it looks like we have a lot of rebuilding to do, but as a player, I don't think we have to rebuild a lot. We have a lot of JC guys coming in, and I've been watching linebacker Keith Ellison a lot. I think we'll be good. We really mesh as a team - most of the guys have been playing together. Dwight Wright will be our starting running back most likely, and he's fast.'

CZ: Would you support women's lacrosse if it came to Oregon State as a varsity sport?

BS: 'I probably would. I've never actually seen lacrosse in person, men's or women's. So yeah, I think I would.'

CZ: What do you hope to accomplish this season?

BS: 'I need to work on my mechanics and work myself up the depth chart. Right now there are six quarterbacks, and I'm listed as sixth. I've been throwing a lot in the offseason with Colt Charles and trying to make progress.'

Spring football continues Friday afternoon in the Merritt Truax Center. The team will hold its first scrimmage Sat., April 17 at the Prothro Football Complex. Saturday's practice begins at 10 a.m. with the scrimmage set for approximately 10:30 a.m.

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