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April 22, 2004

Corvallis, Ore. -

Hot Corner with Jason Fyda

Candace Zepp, a student in the sports information office, had the opportunity to sit down with offensive lineman Jason Fyda recently. Fyda will be a junior this fall, majoring in exercise and sport science, and is expected to compete for the starting role at left guard. Fyda is a graduate of Norco High School in Corona, Calif.

CZ: What was it like coming from California to Oregon?

JF: It's a big change, weather-wise. I'm not able to drive anywhere like I did at home, I'm used to just going to the beach or the mountains. It's pretty quiet here.

CZ: Was Coach Erickson a big reason you ended up here?

JF: Yes and no. I liked his resume, but I wanted to play in the Pac-10. I wanted to leave California, and I didn't want to go to Arizona, so it all worked out nicely.

CZ: What's one thing a lot of people don't know about you?

JF: I surf. When I go home, I'm surfing all the time. It's kind of uncanny for people to think about, I'm a pretty big guy you know. I am always into trying new things, and my sister got me my first surfboard.

CZ: Country music - yay or nay?

JF: Yay, but I like metal and hard rock a lot more.

CZ: Who would win a Battle of the Bands - Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, or the Rolling Stones?

JF: Oh man, are you serious? Wow. It'd probably be between Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, because of their metal influences. That's just me though. I'd probably pick AC/DC, because of the live shows they put on.

CZ: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

JF: I'd like to go to Costa Rica, just get away for awhile and relax. No pressures!

CZ: NES or Sega?

JF: I've never really had either. My mom wouldn't allow it, but then my grandma bought me a Super Nintendo when they first came out, I think I was 12.

CZ: Who's your hero?

JF: I look up to Kyle Turley a lot. He's from my area. I followed him in high school, when I found out he was a good player. I kept following him when he played at San Diego State and got drafted pretty high. I just like him a lot - the way he plays - he's high energy. And he's into metal like I am. I also look up to my granddad. He's done it all. He played at Oklahoma back in the day, and was really big for those times - like 6'5, 240. I like that, because I'm big. He played with Dee Andros, and Dee's brother - which was a weird coincidence, neither of us ever thought of that. He was also a war vet, and could have gone to the NFL, but he already had a family and it didn't pay enough for him to support them. Now that he's retired, he plays golf every day. He's done way more in his life than I probably ever will.

CZ: What coach would you have liked to play for, if you could play in any era?

JF: I'd probably want to play for Bear Bryant. I want to see how it really was, even though Coach Riley did, so I could ask him...but, I really want to see if it was that hard.

CZ: How smart are linemen, really?

JF: I think linemen are some of the smartest people on the field. We have to identify a lot of defensive fronts, and know what might happen or probably will...or just tendencies. Offensive linemen regularly score the highest on the Wonderlic Test, which everyone has to take if they want to play in the NFL.

CZ: Break down the differences between defensive and offensive linemen, I bet a lot of people don't even realize how their jobs are so different.

JF: It's just a different mentality. I played both before high school, and in high school I played a little bit of defensive line because I was recovering from a broken ankle and I didn't know the offense yet. When they put me on the D line my first year, I realized it really wasn't for me. Playing offensive line, you have to be more controlled. You can fly after people, but you also have to have your body in complete control. You have to do the same on the defensive line too, but on that side of the ball you're just looking to go after the ball. There's a lot more responsibility playing offensive line.

CZ: Do linemen get enough love?

JF: In terms of press, no. We get love from our running backs and quarterbacks when we do a good job. We're not the ones scoring the touchdowns, so it's hard to put that in the paper. We get our glory just from playing, when we win games and block well, and run up the yardage...you know we had a big hand in that happening.

SPRING PRACTICE NOTES: Spring practice continues Friday (April 23) at the Prothro Football Complex. The second scrimmage will be held at 10 a.m. Sat., April 24th at likely the same location.

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