Q&A with Brock Mackenzie

May 19, 2004

Question:What is your favorite food?
Mackenzie: Steak, or a pound of Ram Burger

Question:What is your favorite movie?
Mackenzie: Gladiator

Question:What are your hobbies outside of golf?
Mackenzie: I don't do much outside of golf. I'd have to say TV, movies, hanging out with friends.

Question:What type of music do you listen to?
Mackenzie: I listen to everything, but if I have to choose one type, I'd say 80's Rock (BonJovi, Whitesnake)

Question:What is your favorite course that you have played?
Mackenzie: Cypress Point

Question:If you could win one major which one would you choose?
Mackenzie: The Masters, I look good in green.

Question:Who is your favorite golfer?
Mackenzie: Arnold Palmer for what he has done for golf. He's a great person too. I heard that he spends $250K in postage returning mail to fans. He has a presence. Modern players, I'd say Fred Couples. I like the way he carries himself on the course and I hear he a great guy as well.

Question:If you could have dinner with one historical person who would you invite?
Mackenzie: I am so interested in people that it would be hard to pick only a couple. I'd love to be able to sit down with the founding fathers, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Bill O'Reilly, Conan O'Brian.

Question:What were your feelings as an incoming freshman?
Mackenzie: Coming from high school I didn't know what to expect at college. It was a big adjustment to get the hang of everything. Playing with so many good players taught me how to play the game. Practicing with my teammates who were great players was a huge help in my progression. I never had a chance to play with players of the caliber in high school so I was excited.

Question:As your college career wraps up, how has your game developed during your time here?
Mackenzie: All aspects of my game have improved, but the mental side has improved the most. As a freshman I'd get so upset over missed shots, but I learned pretty quickly that I couldn't control something that was already done. I learned that I could get shots back just as quickly as I gave it up. I could make three or four birdies in a row. I learned how to play the game, its something I learn more each time out. College was a ladder to other things, and I set goals at each stage and have been able to accomplish most of them. It has been a great time.

Question:You shot 60 during the Duck Invitational, how hard was it to play the next day?
Mackenzie: I definitely snapped back to reality by three-putting the first hole. Everything went perfectly during that round of 60, and the next day it was so hard to find that zone again. It was hard to step up again. I hit the ball pretty well, in fact, I holed out an 8 iron for eagle. But once you are out of the zone, it is hard to get back in. I was so happy to have shot 60 that it was tough to focus and mentally be there for the next round.

Question:What is your favorite shot to hit?
Mackenzie: I love driving the ball, hitting high fades. I also love approach shots with front pins to greens lower than me with any iron. I love working the ball to the pin. I love hitting all shots as long as I execute them.

Question:What is your greatest strength as a player?
Mackenzie: My ability to keep the ball in play at all times. The mental game-having confidence to the point that when I am playing well, I am comfortable hitting any shot out there. If I am putting well, I feel like I am tough to beat. My belief in my game has grown over the years.

Question:What areas will you have to improve at the next level?
Mackenzie: Wedge play is the most important thing. The guys on tour get up and down almost every time from 100 yards in. Once I become a great putter, I'll be able to compete at the next level. I can hit most of the shots, but scoring is the critical ability. That comes from the short game.

Question:What advice do you have for the younger players on the team?
Mackenzie: I have lots of advice for those guys. Mainly, just to enjoy your college career. It goes by fast. Don't take the tournaments for granted. You are traveling to great places and each tournament is an experience to remember. Get up for each tournament. Set goals and work to develop your game.

Question:What are your plans after the season ends?
Mackenzie: I am going to try to qualify for the US Open as an amateur because I am exempt from the 1st stage. If I don't qualify for that, I'll turn professional after the NCAA Championships, sign with an agent and try to get into tournaments. Next, I'll go to Q-school.

Question:What will you miss most about Husky Golf?
Mackenzie: The relationships that I have formed. I won't see everyone as much at the next level. The people are what make college golf special. Traveling with my coach and teammates, was basically traveling with my friends. The team environment is special.

Another reason that I have enjoyed UW so much, is the community support given to our team. We now have WNGC, better facilities, including a new putting green, and nicer uniforms. All of that is due to the people who support our program. The direction is paving the way for UW to be a perennial contender.

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