Ishida Ready For First IRA National Championships

May 28, 2004

Justin Ishida recieved the Russ Nagler Award (most promising freshman) at this year's Cal Crew banquet, and has helped the Bears' freshman eight boat to an undefeated season heading into next week's IRAs.

Nickname: Ish, Emperor, David JusticePosition: Port, 4 seat in Frosh 8Favorite...	Movie: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels	TV show: Seinfeld         Athlete: Lance Armstrong	Sport to play (other than crew): Baseball, Football	Sport to watch (on TV or in person): Baseball games          in person w/ kraut dogs	Food: Breakfast, Barbeque, Self-Prepared Meals,          Japanese, homemade pie	Band/Artist: Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Boston
Q: How did you get involved in crew?A: I'm rowing mostly all by chance.  I'm a total novicethat played baseball and football in high school.The summer before junior year I began to consider wereI might want to go to college, Cal was an option. Iwanted to visit sometime during the summer. By chancemy mom found a crew camp I could do at Berkeley, giving mea chance to try something new and check the campus out atthe same time.  I went to the camp, which was headed by Coach Bond,and it was an eye opener.  It was so different, and I liked that.Coach Bond thought I had potential, and said to keepin touch.I did, and now I'm rowing for Cal.

Q: Why did you choose to come to Cal?A: It was academically the best school I could get into, it was inCalifornia, and I could athletically compete on a national championtype level. Pretty attractive.

Q: At the beginning of the season, what is the one thing youmost look forward to? What is the thing you dread the most?A: I wanted to surprise people and make the top boat. The thing Idreaded the most was just being average. Spring racing season wasjust too far away to even look forward to, I was more worried aboutmaking it to the next week.

Q: What is your pre-race routine/superstition?A: A good Pre-Game Growler (Use your imagination). Three Hard Rock GU'sare a must. I guess not too much superstitious stuff though. Whenever Iplayed baseball, everything was superstitious: my hat and glove had to bein such a way in the dugout when I batted, one button on my jersey had tobe undone, I hit with only one side of my bat. For football I couldn'tplay if I didn't eat spaghetti before the game. But for those sports,luck and chance can play a big part in a game. Crew is different in thatthere is no luck or chance; you drive hard and get the job done, or youdon't. Its simple.

Q: What are the last 3 CD's you bought?A: The Stokes (Room on Fire), Dave Brubeck (Time Out),Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream)

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island, who would youbring with you, and what 3 things would you want to take?A: Two of my best friends to keep things fun, a guitar to learn how toplay in spare time, a shovel to keep productive, and a nice barbeque tokeep from going without a good meal.

Q: What is your greatest achievement in crew?A: Pac-10 Champs, and if everything is done correctly, IRA NationalChampions in a couple weeks. Earning the Russ Nagler Most PromisingFreshman award was also a nice little reward.

Q: What do you do in your spare time?A: My whole life I've been a baseball player, I still kind of do, so I'malways up to throw the ball around. Cooking is always fun, especially whenits for other people; but I also just like to eat. Its more of an obsession,but admiring a good BMW as it passes is something I like to do. And whateverthere is to do, doing it outdoors in the sun is the better way to do it. Thiswould probably involve biking, hiking, some kick back fishing and definitely somequality beach time.

Q: If you could trade places with anyone (celebrity or not)who would it be? Why?A: Myself a year ago, then I would know the opportunities in frontof me (ex. Academics). I hate looking back on a bad decision or knowingsomething could have been done better.

Q: Who/what inspires you?A: An opportunity for something extraordinary, something above the norm.A chance for something no one else could grasp.

Q: What is the one song/type of music that you think should bebanned from the erg room?A: No more 'Get Low!' or 'Holiday Inn' songs. I don't want to 'shake it'on the erg; some good hard rock is always good. I'd even be okay with thattechno stuff.

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