UW Men's Three Varsity Boats All Win Semifinal Races

June 4, 2004

CAMDEN COUNTY, N.J. - Washington's trio of varsity boats advanced successfully into the grand finals, including the undefeated junior varsity crew that dealt Harvard its first defeat of the season Friday during the second day of the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) men's national championships on the Cooper River.

The Huskies' varsity eight, junior varsity eight and varsity four crews all won Pac-10 championships in their respective events on May 16. They vie for national titles Saturday in the grand final races.

'This is what Washington rowing is all about -- rowing for the championship,' exclaimed Husky head coach Bob Ernst. 'It's going to be a great day of racing. We've done a lot of work this year to get ourselves where we are right now. These guys will be ready tomorrow.'

Washington's varsity four seeks to defend its national title while the varsity eight and junior varsity eight crews seek their first IRA championships since 1997. Both eights collected silver medals last season.

In the battle of the junior varsity unbeatens, UW was victorious. The Huskies pulled ahead of Harvard with 600 meters remaining and sustained a seven-seat advantage through the finish line. UW finished in 6-minutes, 10.14-seconds followed by the Crimson in 6:12.23 and Minnesota in 6:14.37.

The Husky camp was split on the importance of an undefeated record.

'We take a lot of pride in that,' senior coxswain Chris O'Brien remarked. 'We knew Harvard hadn't lost either. It feels good because it's going to sting them a little bit. They shut down as soon as we started walking through them.'

Senior Ben Fletcher, who rows in the No. 7 seat of UW's second varsity, was indifferent toward his crew's undefeated status.

'Being undefeated hasn't really crossed my mind. I haven't thought about it.'

Coach Ernst sided with Fletcher.

'I don't care about wins and losses. It's all about tomorrow. Tomorrow, it's full tilt boogie all the way to the finish line.'

Navy won the other junior varsity heat in 6:07.93 and will be joined in the grand final by defending champion California (6:09.68) and Cornell (6:10.8).

The Huskies' top boat clocked the fastest time in the varsity eight semifinals en route to a two-seat victory over Navy. UW completed the 2,000-meter course in 5:54.81 and the Middies finished in 5:55.22. Dartmouth placed third in 5:57.31, grabbing the last grand final berth from that semifinal.

Northeastern placed fourth and Wisconsin sixth in UW's semifinal race. Those results reflected significant improvement by UW. Those teams defeated the Huskies in early-season races when coach Ernst was still searching for the best lineup.

'It's definitely in some guys' minds that they beat us earlier in the season. But, it almost feels like it's two different seasons,' said senior bow seat Andy Derrick. 'We have a different boat and a different rhythm. We've been ready to go in the second half of the season.'

Fifteen different rowers and two different coxswains have competed in the varsity boat this season. Ernst established the current lineup in late April. The Huskies have a perfect 7-0 record since then.

'We just didn't match at the beginning of the season,' stated junior Giuseppe Lanzone, the only individual to compete in UW's top boat all season. 'Bob's done a great job shuffling all over the place trying to find the right combination.'

Top-ranked Harvard won the other varsity eight semifinal with a time of 5:55.89. The defending champion Crimson are undefeated this season. Finishing in second and third places were grand final-bound California (5:58.99) and Princeton (5:59.31).

'We've got a group capable of going very fast and I don't think we've had our best race of the season yet,' said Derrick. 'It should be very interesting. There are four teams that could come up with it tomorrow. Hopefully, we're the one.'

For the second straight day, Washington's varsity four crew battled head-to-head down the entire course before posting a narrow victory. The Huskies clocked the best semifinal time of 6:40.52 to record a one-seat decision over George Washington which finished in 6:41.66. Hobart was third in 6:48.27.

In Thursday's heat race, UW edged Hobart by less than one second.

'Our guys are fit. What we're aiming to do is let them express their fitness on the racecourse,' explained intern Colin Sykes who coaches the Huskies' varsity four. 'Yesterday was a little rough and shaky. Today their piece was more poised and they were more confident about it.'

Michigan won the other varsity four semifinal race in 6:42.7 followed by grand final qualifiers Harvard (6:45.97) and St. Joseph's (6:46.9).

The Huskies have two other crews in their five-boat fleet at the IRA regatta. The freshman eight placed second in its secondary semifinal, earning a place in Saturday's third final. UW finished in 6:11.8, just two seats behind winner St. Joseph's that had a winning time of 6:10.89.

The freshman duo of Alan Oriard and Kevin Bacha rowed a repechage in the men's pair without coxswain competition. The Huskies finished second in their race in which only the winner advanced to the grand final. Marietta had a winning time of 7:37.56 followed by Washington in 7:42.26.

The Huskies' pair will row in Saturday's petite final. Georgetown and Wisconsin, the other repechage winners, join heat winners Cornell, Hobart and St. Mary's in the pairs grand final.

Friday, June 4, 2004
Cooper River; Camden County, N.J.
All races were 2,000 meters

Varsity Eights
(top three finishers to grand final, rest to petite final)
Semifinal I -- 1, Washington 5:54.81. 2, Navy 5:55.52. 3, Dartmouth 5:57.31. 4, Northeastern 5:58.47. 5, Oregon State 6:07.89. 6, Wisconsin 6:09.51.

     UW lineup: cox-Greg King, stroke-Brodie Buckland,7-Scott Schmidt, 6-Scott Gault, 5-Brett Newlin, 4-Giuseppe Lanzone,3-Martin Rogulia, 2-Sam Burns, bow-Andy Derrick.

Semifinal II -- 1, Harvard 5:55.89. 2, California 5:58.99. 3, Princeton 5:59.31. 4, Yale 5:59.85. 5, Cornell 6:06.19. 6, Rutgers 6:13.55.

Junior Varsity Eights
(top three finishers to grand final, rest to petite final)
Semifinal I -- 1, Navy 6:07.93. 2, California 6:09.68. 3, Cornell 6:10.8. 4, Princeton 6:11.29. 5, Syracuse 6:19.57. 6, Dartmouth 6:31.31.

Semifinal II -- 1, Washington 6:10.14. 2, Harvard 6:12.23. 3, Minnesota 6:14.37. 4, Wisconsin 6:20.89. 5, Yale 6:21.48. 6, Boston University 6:23.98.

     UW lineup: cox-Chris O'Brien, stroke-Ian Harrison,7-Ben Fletcher, 6-Dusan Nikolic, 5-Ian Sawyer, 4-Marko Petrovic,3-Kyle Larson, 2-Nick Hudson, bow-Matt Kopicky.

Varsity Fours
(top three finishers to grand final, rest to petite final)
Semifinal I
-- 1, Michigan 6:42.7. 2, Harvard 6:45.97. 3, St. Joseph's 6:46.9. 4, Army 6:49.94. 5, Wisconsin 6:52.43. 6, Gonzaga 6:54.64.

Semifinal II -- 1, Washington 6:40.52. 2, George Washington 6:41.66. 3, Hobart 6:48.27. 4, Marietta 6:50.69. 5, Cornell 7:02.23. 6, Ohio State 7:03.4.

     UW lineup: cox-Adrian Andrews, stroke-Seth Berling,3-Colin Phillips, 2-Jacob Pettit, bow-Evan Galloway.

Pairs Wiithout Coxswain
(winners of each race to grand final, next two to petite final)
Repechage I
-- 1, Georgetown 7:37.88. 2, Florida Tech 7:41.16. 3, Boston University 7:44.1. 4, Oregon State 7:45.66. 5, Navy 7:50.64.

Repechage II -- 1, Wisconsin 7:40.03. 2, Washington University 7:48.02. 3, Princeton 7:53.59. 4, Michigan 8:02.04. 5, Grand Valley 8:20.29.

Repechage III -- 1, Marietta 7:37.56. 2, Washington 7:42.26. 3, Harvard 7:47.68. 4, Purdue 7:47.88. 5, Boston College 7:56.32.

     UW lineup: stroke-Alan Oriard, bow-Kevin Becha.

Freshman Eights
(top three finishers of each race to third final)
Secondary Semifinal I
-- 1, Oregon State 6:08.5. 2, Georgetown 6:13.48. 3, Hobart 6:14.74. 4, Marietta 6:19.29. 5, Dartmouth 6:23.99. 6, MIT 6:47.5.

Secondary Semifinal II -- 1, St. Joseph's 6:10.89. 2, Washington 6:11.8. 3, Michigan 6:14.8. 4, Purdue 6:15.97. 5, Wisconsin 6:21.07. 6, Columbia 6:25.24.

     UW lineup: cox-Stephanie Brog, stroke-David Holden,7-Andrew Lyle, 6-Dave Aron, 5-Aljosa Corovic, 4-Jamie Buchan,3-Brett Carlson, 2-Adam Przebinda, bow-Dustin Kraus.
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