Postcards From Prague

Aug. 15, 2004

PRAGUE, Czech Republic - The Oregon State volleyball team is on a two-week tour through Europe. They'll visit the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary during the August 10-24 trip. Coach Nancy Somera checked in with an update on the first few days, which were spent in Prague, Czech Republic.Well we're finishing up here in Prague...leaving for Brno in an hour. Two days ago we beat our second opponent.When we arrived to the gym we were able to watch a youth team handball team train. It's an exciting sport! It's also interesting to experience sport in another country. You really do realize that sport does transcend across all cultures, as it was evident what the coach was trying to get her athletes to accomplish even though we didn't understand the language.

The Beavers in Prague

That afternoon the team went on a scavenger hunt through the city, went shopping, and had some time to roam on their own.Yesterday morning we practiced, which was good after having two matches to show us where we needed to improve.After some time off in the afternoon, we went on a dinner boat cruise down the river. Prague is such a beautiful almost doesn't look real!The team then went to a discotheque, which had 5 floors of different music. They had a good time. They also met some fellow OSU students there!Today, we're off for a travel day and sightseeing in Brno. Tomorrow we visit these caves that are there, and then play again.