Mike Riley Meets The Press

Aug. 21, 2004

CORVALLIS, Ore. - - WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE SCRIMMAGE?'I thought it was okay. There was a lot of football today. The thing we added in this scrimmage that we didn't do a lot of in the first scrimmage was a lot of blitzing, which was disruptive for our offense. We missed a couple long balls that would have been nice to hit, especially against blitzes. I thought defensively, we played well. Offensively, there were some good things. There were some good runs and more consistent running than before.'WAS DEREK ANDERSON HEALTHY? DID YOU JUST WANT A LONGER LOOK AT GUNDERSON AND ROTHENFLUH?'Absolutely. Derek has thrown a lot of balls, and I really felt that after that one long week of camp, why does he need to do this today when we could let Ryan and Adam play with the first string? They never get to do that. It was just a little bit of preparation that way.'WHAT WERE YOUR THOUGHTS ON GUNDERSON AND ROTHENFLUH?'I thought they made some plays - absolutely. I don't know if we separated anything today, but they're still competing and it was good for them to get to do that. They made some plays and missed some great opportunities.'DID YOU GAIN ANY CLARITY ON THE RUNNING BACK POSITION FROM TODAY'S SCRIMAMGE?'I don't have any clarity there either. I thought all three looked good, as did J.T. Walker, who won't be playing for us this year. They're different. I'm not going to make any declaration right now.'YOU'VE BEEN HAPPY WITH GEORGE GILLETT SO FAR, ANY COMMENTS ON HIS PLAY TODAY?'George didn't get many opportunities for the ball today, but he's still definitely in the competition at wide receiver.'TALK ABOUT THE MIKE HASS AND BRANDON BROWNER MATCHUP. DO THEY GO AGAINST EACH OTHER EVERY DAY IN PRACTICE?'They do everyday. That's the beauty of it. We go almost everyday first-string against first-string. I think in order to get better, you have to go against good people and you have to play fast. That's an example of how it goes here. This scrimmage is nothing big for me because of the way we practice, except for the actual finishing of the tackling. It's a lot like this all the time.'IS ANYTHING SETTLED AT LEFT GUARD?'No. It's not settled. We'll look at the film and gather more information. It won't be long before we're forced to make some determinations, but not right now.'TWO WEEKS...'Two weeks. I'm really looking forward to it, and have been for a while. But I love fall camp. I know how important fall camp is; I think it sets the tone for the entire year. It sets the foundation for who you are. If you come out of camp doing things well, you have a chance to be good. And if you're not and you don't have an identity, then your chances of being good are not very good.'IF DECISIONS AREN'T MADE FULLY AS TO WHO STARTS ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE, IT DOES LOOK AS IF THEY'RE MOVING AND ARE SHOWING ATHLETICISM.'I agree with that totally. We're running the football on the edge better than we have since I've been here. We're running the sweep, we're running the outside zone play and we're getting some yardage on it. Our guys are hitting the edge well, and our guards and tackles are leading the charge. I like that look. We are looking better and have a greater capability for different styles of running.'

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