Anderson Meets The Press

Aug. 31, 2004

(Are you glad the game at Louisiana State is finally here and you're not going to have to talk about it any more?) 'Yeah. As soon as this is over right now, I'll be happy - get on with the game work and watching film and getting back to work and getting ready to go.' (Have you seen a team any faster than Louisiana State, and is that your primary concern?) 'USC is fast up front; it's the same idea, bringing the pressure but in a little bit different ways. That's kind of our big thing - pick up the blitz and take care of it in that way.' (You have a lot of new players around you. Do you think it will take a little while for this offense to come together, or do you like what you see in practice and think you'll go out and put some points up on Saturday?) 'Like you said, we could put some points up. We've had a real good fall, we've been doing a good job picking up the blitz and making sure everybody knows what we're doing and guys are making plays, and that's what we've got to do to win.' (Do you feel fully healthy and ready to go for game week?) 'Yeah. I'm feeling good. I'm just trying to get my mind right and get prepared for the game, watching a lot of film ... get through the week and get down there and get going.' (How much do you think being down there this summer for the Payton Manning Passing Academy and seeing Tiger Stadium and hearing the stories will help? Have you told your teammates about that and how much will it prepare you?) 'It's still 100 yards and goalposts, right? It'll be a little bit different. I've been in the humidity and understand that part a little bit. As a team, we've got to shut that other stuff out and go in there and play. It's a football game - it's nothing we haven't been doing for a long time. Just go down there and do that.' (There's been competition for several starting spots on offense this fall. Has it been frustrating for you, as the starter, not to know who's going to be on the field with you in the first game?) 'No. He (head coach Mike Riley) is going to work to get the best guys on the field and he's been doing it. Both the guys fighting for the left guard spot (Josh Linehan and Jason Fyda) have been doing a good job and I feel confident in whoever is in there.' (For redshirt freshmen Brandon Powers and Anthony Wheat-Brown, this is going to be their first game at receiver but you've had a lot of chances to play with them - what do you expect from them?) 'They're going to do good things for us. They made a lot of plays throughout camp and progressed a lot. And Marcel Love is going to do some good things for us, too, so I feel real confident with those three guys.' (Are there similarities between this game at Louisiana State and last season's game at Southern California?) 'It's a new season. It's a new team for them, a new team for us. You just get past all that other stuff and get going with it. They've got great athletes out there. They bring their pressure a little different than USC does; USC relies a lot more on those front four guys and not as much on the corners, so it's a little different.' (Do you pay any attention to Louisiana State being such a big favorite in this game?) 'You've still got to play. I'm just excited at the opportunity we have to go down there and play and have a good time with it.' (How much does Louisiana State blitz?) 'A lot, but nothing out of the ordinary. They like to bring a lot of pressure with their corner, and they run their safeties all over the place, and their linebackers are real active, as well. It comes from all different angles.' (What's the key for Oregon State's offense?) 'Picking up the blitz, knowing where it's coming from. And they're going to do some different things that we haven't seen, and adjusting to that during the game will be big for us, offensively, to pick it up and learn on the run.' (Calling audibles could be very difficult at Tiger Stadium - have you guys talked about that?) 'Yeah. We can go to hand signals, do that sort of thing, and there are a couple of other things we can work on to be prepared for it.' (How often do you change plays at the line of scrimmage?) 'I think we'll do a little more than we did last year - more in the run game and things like that. In certain looks, we'll be able to change them, as well.' (Will you be able to come to the line and anticipate things a little better this year?) 'It's understanding what they're bringing, and hopefully getting us out of bad plays and getting rid of those lost-yardage plays.' (Has it made a difference being in the second year of head coach Mike Riley's offensive system?) 'Yeah. I just understand the offense that much more, to be able to understand the reasons why we're doing it and what we're doing it for.' (Are you doing anything differently this year without running back Steven Jackson?) 'Same things. Nothing really huge has changed.' (So you won't be running a lot of options?) 'Well, you know, if we have to. (laughs)' (Naked bootleg for you?) 'It could be in the cards for that. When guys are active like that and come flying in, you never know.' (How much faith do you have in your new guys on offense?) 'A lot. They've proven themselves through camp and we've done a lot of good things. They've made plays and that's what it's about - just making plays.' (Feel like you know them pretty well?) 'For the most part. I've been with them since they got here, and I understand them a little bit and what they can do and can't do, and just know where they're going to be.' (On Anthony Wheat-Brown) 'He's going to be good for us this year. He made a lot of plays during fall camp, and that's why he's out there. Hopefully, he'll make a lot of plays for us this season.' (How do you feel with the season being here and opening at Louisiana State?) 'I'm excited about it. You've just got to block out all the other stuff. It's football; you've just got to go down there and play.' (Who do you think is your deep threat this season?) 'Mike Hass. I mean, he's not the fastest guy, but he gets down the field. And Anthony (Wheat-Brown) can run as well. Marcel (Love) is real quick ... all three of them can really bring it good.' (How does OSU compare in that department to last year?) 'The same. Anthony is just the same speed as J-New (James Newson) was; J-New wasn't blazing fast. I'd say about the same.' (Do you feel this is more 'your team' this year as a senior who has started for two years?) 'Yeah, a little bit. I've been here a while, and I've got to get these guys going and bring some energy and keep them on the same page. And when things are bad, just keep it together - things I've fought with myself in the past, and I can help them.' (Have you thought of what this game could be to this program?) 'Yeah. It could be big for our season and for our program, as well.' (When you first started playing at Scappoose High, did you ever think you'd be playing at Tiger Stadium in front of 90,000 people?) 'No. I hoped it, though - I hoped for it.'

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