Washington-Fresno State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 5, 2004

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson
General Comments: 'It is tough enough to play good teams when you are playing good and not turning it over at the pace we did today. To basically give a really good and athletic team 28 points, it is going to be a long day. I am really upset and I don't know what to tell you about the turnovers. Pure and simple, we just gave them 28 [points]. I don't think we made very much progress at quarterback today, as much as I was hoping at least. I am pleased with the way our defense ran and I think for the most part we kept their offense in check. I was pleased with some things on special teams but we missed two field goals early on that would have given us six more points. Field-goal kicking has been a problem for us, but I think Mike Braunstein went in and made a nice kick, and we will give Braunstein the lead at that position. With quarterback we will just go back to square one. It was a rough day. We blocked some things very well, I thought Kenny James and Zach Tuiasosopo ran very well. But pure and simple we just turned over the ball too much and gave them too many easy ones.'On going back to square one with the quarterback position: 'We have to go back and re-evaluate everything we did today and look at this thing real hard. Whether you like looking at it or not, you have to go and learn something from it. That's just the way it goes. I am not surprised that we struggled due to our newness at quarterback. I am just upset as can be about the ball being on the ground and being thrown poorly. I didn't think the young guys were going to pitch a perfect game, especially with a team as athletic as Fresno State is. With the ball on the ground the way it was we have to take a long hard look again and start over again and see if we can get better and find one guy. I felt really good about where Isaiah Stanback was. He sprained his ankle, I think, on the touchdown run so at halftime he came in and was limited to only one series in the second half. It is not going to be a compete tryout for the quarterback position -- we are not going to run an ad in the student newspaper or anything. I like the way Casey Paus moved us at the end of the game and thought that he had some good throws. I think Paus is the starter and I don't think Stanback should be discouraged. I also thought that Carl Bonnell did some good things.'On the defense: 'I think Joe Lobendahn is a really good player and I think our defensive kids did well. Lobendahn is a tough guy. I think he got a little bit of a stinger in the second half. I am very pleased with how the defense played. They gave up only one touchdown drive, and we had a chance to get out of it on third down and eight -- they threw a big toss down the field and their guy made a really good play. I don't think our guy made a great play down there on the ball and it ended up being really the only touchdown that they had to work for.'On true freshman seeing playing time: 'Dan Howell played, Jordan White-Frisbee, Greyson Gunheim, and I think Darin Harris played. Gunheim played a bunch of snaps.'On the team feeling after the game: 'You can't leave here thinking the whole thing is broken. You don't want to take the kids' hope away. We just have to come back and get to work because we have another game in 13 days. We have some work to do and we will go back and do the best we can.'On the offense: 'I don't think we got the ball down field as well as I had hoped, particularly early in the game. We just missed some throws. We had open receivers and didn't hit them and we were not doing well in the passing game. I think their defensive backs did a great job against our receivers, and we were trying as hard as we could to get Charles Frederick some touches on the ball. He got touches but probably not as many as we would have liked to have given him.'On running back Kenny James: 'Good tough player. Good running back. He gets yards, breaks tackles, and moves us down the field.'On the passing game: 'I think we missed just missed some routes. Paus missed some throws early in the game but I thought he came back in the second half and moved the ball pretty well. On the last drive I thought he threw the ball well to get us a touchdown. He just got picked off a few times; the kid read the ball really well.'On the status of Isaiah Stanback: 'I won't know until I get an injury report. He came in at halftime and taped it up and went back out and played.'On the team's confidence: 'You are always going to worry until you win games. I don't think our guys will walk here on Tuesday and act like the world has ended, but we have to take note of what happened to us today. We gave a really good team four easy scores. You just can't do that. We just can't throw the ball around the park like that and leave it on the ground and give them an easy game. There is no way you are going to win like that. They need a day off after the game to rest and get ready.'On the turnovers: 'I'm not surprised that we didn't look offensively like we have in previous years due to the newness of the offense, but the turnover thing is not okay. I am disappointed but not discouraged. This is not going to sit well with me, but this is a great team with great kids and I can't wait to get in here on Tuesday and get back to work.'On the upcoming bye week: 'I have been a real strong critic of having a bye this early in the season. I think a bye is valuable when school is in session and then maybe you can give some guys time to get healthy. I wouldn't mind having a bye during conference play. This will seem like a long time until we play next.'QUARTERBACK CASEY PAUS
General Comments:
'What went wrong isn't really the question. We just didn't execute. And from my standpoint, we made some mistakes and they need to be corrected.'On if nerves played a factor in the turnovers: 'The mistakes I made had nothing to do with nerves. Sure I was nervous out there a little bit but after those first couple plays it goes away. It was just bad execution.'On if Fresno State surprised the Huskies: 'No, they gave us exactly what we expected. Unfortunately, we moved the ball well but we just didn't come away with points.'On the momentum swing at the start of the fourth quarter: 'That's definitely a change of momentum. From the offensive standpoint, as a quarterback, you've got to block that out and you've got to go do your thing. But we had some momentum going there for a minute, unfortunately we just couldn't take advantage of it. What it comes down to is that we can't give a good team like that points. We just can't do it.'Washington PlayersQUARTERBACK ISAIAH STANBACK
On his fumble:
'I was trying to pull the ball out so I could get the pitch off and caught Sims on his hip. It was my fault. I tried to pull it out and caught him on his hip and lost the ball. It was either a give or a pull and pitch. The defensive end gave us the read where I was supposed to pull it. When you give him the ball you put it in his stomach and you try and pull it out and I caught him on his hip. I was going to keep it and run the option. It's my fault, I guess.'On his interception: 'The interception was a bad decision. We had a screen going to the right and my thinking was that they were running out hard so when I saw that I was like, `Okay, get away from it.' But at the same time I forgot there was a screen. I had a tight end on an out route on the back side and thought, `I can catch him.' I just underthrew it. It's the worst. Then Casey went out and made some turnovers and I felt like I started everything, you know? I feel like if I would have just played it simple, none of that would've happened, because I committed the first turnover. I feel it all comes back around to me.'On turnovers: 'It's going to be a long season. I'm not saying that in a bad way, either. Our defense played their butts off; offensively, we did well except for the mistakes that Casey and I made. So if Casey and I don't make turnovers, we win that game plain and simple. We gave them four touchdowns.'FULLBACK ZACH TUIASOSOPO
On the fourth quarter:
'I don't think much went wrong. We made some mistakes but you've got to tip your hat off to Fresno State. They're a real good team. They may not be in the Pac-10 conference but they've got scholarship players just like we do. They played a very good game.'On the turnover problems: 'I think our quarterbacks played fine. Interceptions are going to happen in a game, it's how the team bounces back. Our defense played great. They gave the offense plenty of opportunities and we just got to put points on the board.'INSIDE LINEBACKER JOE LOBENDAHN
On his performance:
'I did my part on defense and every one of the defensive linemen did their job. They stayed in their gaps, and I made the plays. It's a team thing, it's not about individuals. Everyone was working hard.'On getting ready for UCLA: 'We're going to come back Tuesday and watch the film and see what we have to work on as a defense. We need to cut down mistakes and get better.'OUTSIDE LINEBACKER EVAN BENJAMIN
On the defense:
'Our defense played well. We did what we had to do. I think we scouted very well. They played tough. We need to get a lot more takeaways. That was the thing; we just need to go get the ball more. Our tackling was good, but we have to get the ball.'On Fresno State's more effective running attack in the second half: 'Our intensity was there, everything was still there -- we made the right calls and everything. Maybe they found something in our defense. They were getting about five yards a pop, which wasn't bad, but I thought we did a good job on third downs to stop them.'DEFENSIVE TACKLE MANASE HOPOIOn Huskies getting eight tackles for loss:'We've been practicing on getting off and then staying in our gaps. We knew that some of their guards and tackles are vulnerable to pass rushing and bull rushing moves, so we tried to take advantage of it. We tried our best technique and sometimes it worked.'Fresno State Head Coach Pat Hill
General Comments:
'Our players have been preparing since January for this season. We felt we had a very good football team coming back. Even though there aren't many seniors, we had a team that could really do a lot of things and have good chemistry. They've worked very hard for 227 days and they came up here with the expectation of winning. It was a tough football game but our defense played really, really well. We sputtered a little bit today on offense but we did the things you have to do to win the game. That's what it's all about. It's a team game. My hat's off to the Huskies-- I thought they played good defense. We made some critical mistakes early in the game on offense but our defense just really played well. The thing that's great about this sport though is it's a team game and it was a total team victory. I felt good about that. I'm proud of our kids but now we have to get home and get ready for Kansas State.'On the secondary: 'That's really a strength of our team. They played very, very well and it's a young group back there. The defensive line has some leadership in it. The back-ups are very young-- linebackers are a young group. We only have four seniors in our starting lineup. We had a real young team last year but they mesh together very well and they understand the expectation of our program. Our team will play anyone at anytime and when we play, we expect to win and we'd have it no other way. Like I told them after the game, we called all of the chips and next week we'll put them all-in again. We're always all-in and that's the way you've got to play at Fresno State. You've got to go for the brass ring and I don't see why we shouldn't have that opportunity to play in one of those games. We just have to keep winning.'On being 8-6 against BCS teams: 'You've just got to read the scoreboards. Yes, we can play. I'd like to get some of these games in Fresno but this is a good trip. We'll be back again in 2006 and we're just very fortunate to have the University of Washington on the schedule. We'd like to play those California teams but we just can't line those up.'On the interceptions: 'We just break on balls very well and they did a good job on the secondary. The pass rush was good today -- the kids were bringing it hard. I thought we did a very good job, except for the fullback dive, we stopped the run all day. When you force it into a passing game, it gives you an advantage but they had the one dive and the unbalanced line and we were out of position and then the next play (Isaiah Stanback) made a nice move and it worked. We let them off the hook on that dive and other than that, I was very happy with the way they played the run.'On winning in a Pac-10 stadium: 'This is the first time we've done it since I've been here. We went to Oregon a couple of years ago and had a nine-point lead and lost it. We lost a couple of real close games at UCLA, lost in overtime at Oregon, got blown out twice at Oregon State. So this is the first time we've gone into a Pac-10 stadium since I've been here and won. It's special whenever you go on the road and win in this day and age. This is a tough venue to win in. Washington doesn't lose many games in Seattle -- especially non-league games.'Fresno State PlayersCORNERBACK RICHARD MARSHALL
On Fresno State's Defensive Touchdowns:
' I told my roommate last night that if I got an interception, I would make it look impressive. We ran nickel and I jumped the curl. The quarterback still threw it and I jumped on the route. He made the wrong choice. We are trying to make our defense one of the best in the nation. We work hard at getting to the ball everyday.'On Defensive Style: 'We trigger fast and we watch film so we know what they are doing and what we are getting into. 'On UW's quarterbacks: 'Our defensive coordinator talked about how they are young and that they will make mistakes. We knew we had to come in and watch for the three-step drop, and other key routes, including the post. We knew that when they check out of stuff, that they will most likely run the three-step drop.'STRONG SAFETY JAMES SANDERS
On Washington's youth at quarterback:
'They were inexperienced, and they threw a couple balls that they shouldn't have thrown. We were just playing our positions, and we were in the right place at the right time. Whenever they made mistakes we were there to take advantage of it.'On his interception: 'I couldn't believe he threw that pass. I saw number three going into the flat, so I just covered my man and it was like a birthday present. I called my pick during practice the other day. I give the credit to Donyell Booker for putting pressure on the quarterback.'On beating Washington: 'We watched film of Washington over the summer and we knew this was a team we could dominate defensively. They have basically the same offense that we run, so we see it a lot in practice. We knew they had a new coach and coordinators, and that they would come in with that Northwestern type of option. That was the only thing that we didn't get a good look on over the summer, but we adjusted well during the game. It was really good to win in a Pac-10 stadium, because they look down on us. We came out here and we just wanted to play ball, and that is what we did. They were trying to make a change and rebuild, they have a lot of pride and we knew that they were going to come out hard. In the first half they did, but after a couple of big back-breaking defensive plays we knocked the wind out of them. We took a giant step today by beating Washington.'On Lack of Scheduling Respect: 'Being in the WAC its hard to get into the BCS games. We try to schedule some really tough games at the beginning of the season. We need to win those games and go undefeated so we have a chance at the BCS Bowls. We just need to take it one game at a time, and we need to compete as a team.'

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