Serna Meets The Press

Sept. 7, 2004

(How do you feel after having a couple of days to think about what occurred at Louisiana State on Saturday night?) 'It was toughest that night. Once I got through that night, my sister was in Oregon so she took me out and I hung out with her fiance's family and kind of got things situated and started feeling a lot better, and the next day I was ready to kick.' (What's the reaction been from your teammates?) 'Everybody has been really supportive. I'm glad I'm on this team; it's one of the greatest teams to be on, they're so supportive. That's great.' (On the emotions you displayed at the end of the game) 'I was just really in shock, because that's never happened to me before. It was a big thing to me. I'm really passionate about kicking and I love it, and it was tough to see then ... people ask me if I've seen the replay, and I'm like, `Not really, because it's going over and over in my head right now'.' (Is there something you can take from this and grow as a person?) 'It's a great experience to learn from. Some things just don't go your way; you never know why it happens, so you've just got to move on sometimes. Life goes on.' (What was your thought right before the kick?) 'Nothing, really. When you go out there, you try to stay relaxed and clear your mind as much as possible so I was just going out there to put another PAT through.' (Did anything happen in particular that forced it wide right?) 'It was just that I wasn't getting my hips around on the ball. I'm a very aggressive kicker, so I think when I planted, the ground wasn't firm enough to help me turn my hips and should have adjusted for it.' (Does it bother you that the placekicking job is still a competition now?) 'No. I'm actually a very competitive person, so I'm excited to start competing again. Just the opportunity to get another chance - I'm ready to go out there, because I do want to get back on the field and play.' (How much would it help you to get a chance to win the game at Boise State?) 'Actually, just to get back on the field would help a lot more. Winning the game doesn't matter; kicks are just like what you do in practice. You try to think of them as practice kicks.' (Have you developed any amnesia yet?) 'Actually, that's a funny thing because (former OSU kicker) Kirk Yliniemi came out Monday and I talked to him about the kicks and stuff, and he said one of the big sayings in the 49ers camp was, `Kickers have to have short-term memory', so that was kind of good. I try to forget about it and put it in the past.' (Are you ready to move on?) 'Oh, yeah, I'm ready. Right now, I want to get back on that field and play again.' (What in your personal life have you been able to use in dealing with this?) 'Just family and friends - they've been very supportive. Just talking to everybody and knowing they're supporting me. It's kind of exciting, though, that more people were proud to see me on the field than knowing I missed that kick. I'm ready to bounce back.' (What did head coach Mike Riley say to you right after the game?) 'He said, `There's not much I can say to make you feel better. You've just got to get ready for the next game'.' (Did you ever imagine you'd get this much attention this early in your career?) 'No, I didn't. It's not the greatest attention, but you take it as it comes. Actually, I'm starting to enjoy it.'

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