Tuesday's Press Conference Quotes

Sept. 7, 2004

Opening Statement
'It was a nice way to start the season last Saturday, and we're looking forward to BYU.'

On Stanford's Performance Against San Jose State
'I think we played okay, we could've played better. We play a challenging schedule, and we need to improve. For the first one out of the blocks, there were some good things in all aspects of the game. But, I think we can do much better.'

On His Reaction To Finding Out That BYU Defeated Notre Dame
'BYU is a really solid football team, so it's really not surprising. They are very diverse offensively and mix it up effectively. They can dump the ball off on screens and run the ball inside. Historically, BYU has had strong quarterbacks. (John) Beck and (Matt) Berry both played and played well. Defensively, it's an attacking mindset and they do a great job of disrupting protections. They cover well and they're physical.'

On BYU Being Able To Shut Down Notre Dame's Rushing Offense
'In the style of defense that they employ, they're going to make it difficult to run the ball. They send a lot of people in from a lot of different angles. They play a very effective form of defense, and it does disrupt your schemes. They are tough physical guys and they play aggressively and play hard. They are a good outfit.'

On KennethTolon's Success Running The Ball Against San Jose State
'I think he's the kind of back that can take a lot of carries. J.R. Lemon can as well. We adjusted subtly during the course of the game, and I think we wore San Jose State down a little bit, and that opened some seams. They are two backs that can play and you'll see them both on Saturday. We wore them down even more in the second half. There were some seams created that weren't there early on that Tolon exploited. He ran hard and I thought he ran strong, and we blocked well for him.'

On BYU's Quarterback Situation
'They (John Beck and Matt Berry) run the same offense, throwing the ball around a lot. Beck is a mobile player, maybe that would be a slight difference. But, I've seen Berry move around as well. They both can throw the ball effectively, and schematically they'll do the same things with either quarterback.'

On Making Any Changes In The Stanford Lineup For The Next Game
'No. I think that corrections can be made, but the guys performed well by and large. We expect to perform at a higher level this week. We came out healthy and in terms of rotation, we play a lot of people. I think we'll probably continue that.'

On Stanford's Overall Team Effort Against San Jose State
'We really are focusing on what we do and how we do it. Obviously, we prepare for our opposition. We focus on limiting our mistakes. I was pleased that our first group was really not penalized. We didn't turn the football over. We'd like to have a few more takeaways, but it was a fairly disciplined effort. We have to keep doing what we do and adjust each weekend to our opponent.'

On Flanker EvanMoore
'He's tall and athletic. When the ball's in the air, he plays it very well. He had a couple of big catches on Saturday. He's a dual sport athlete (also basketball) and you can see the athleticism. He's a very competitive individual, a quick learner, and has a great personality.'

On Coaching Dual-Sport Athletes
'Philosophically, I feel guys can carry two sports. We are one of the few, if not the only program, that encourages involvement in dual sports for athletes to that extent.'

On The Performance Of Wide Receiver JustinMcCullum
'He worked hard this summer and is much more consistent than he has been in the past. (Receivers Coach) Ken Margerum has done a nice job with him. He's playing with greater confidence, and he's making big plays. He's responded well. I'm happy for him because he's put a lot of time in, and it's paying off.'

On Punter JayOttovegio's Performance And The Punting Game
'I thought he played very well. He had two punts inside the 10 and two other opportunities for us to pin down that we weren't able to manage to keep out of the end zone. He had a 40.2 yard average. (Long snapper) Brent Newhouse was very consistent snapping the ball. The operation was smooth, and the coverage teams did a nice job. It was good to see a guy get the ball off the way he did.'

On Kicker MichaelSgroi And His Missed Field Goal
'He hit it well. He hit it straight and it was true, but it was off a little bit. The protection was fine and the snap and hold were good, a little to the left and it would have been good. He's been the most consistent in the preseason. He kicked the PAT's, which he did a nice job with. It's just that one missed hit, and obviously he'd love to have that one back. He hit it solidly and confidently, just not as accurately as we would have liked. He's the guy unless Derek Belch really steps forward. He's kicking the ball more powerfully and confidently than he did a year ago.'

On Defensive Standouts Against San Jose State
'Scott Scharff had a strong ball game for us. Babatunde Oshinowo played very well inside. Kevin Schimmelmann played real well. The secondary with Oshiomogho Atogwe, Leigh Torrence and Stanley Wilson showed some good play back there. T.J. Rushing stepped in and made some nice plays. David Bergeron did a nice job. The thing we need to improve on is that we had too many missed tackles, and a number of those resulted in 50 or 60 yards of extra gain. Another thing is stopping big plays. They had five plays with a cumulative total of 150-plus yards. If you take those out, then it would have been a dominating defensive effort. They made plays, but we have to eliminate those big play situations.'

On BYU's Running Game
'They have good running backs. Their offensive line is huge. They put points on the board. A year ago they were physical and tried to run the ball against us. I assume we'll see more of that this year.'

On The Importance Of Establishing The Pass Against BYU
'We need to protect well. We faced a lot of pressure on Saturday, and we responded to it effectively. We sensed that they would come after us. (Line Coach) Steve Morton has done a nice job developing an understanding with the guys up front. They're communicating very effectively. Our routing is more consistent, and we're making the catches. You put that all together, and when the defense loads up the front, the thing to do is pass. If you have the ability to throw the ball against pressure, it softens their attack.'

On The Performance Of Running Back RayJones And The Status Of Other True Freshmen
'Ray was the guy (who played) at the running back position. I thought he performed well the first time out. We have more depth than we've had before, so we are trying to develop some of the young guys, getting them snaps. I talked to the freshmen, and some are closer (to playing) than others. Some we've told will be in a redshirt mode through the course of the year. It's kind of a week-to-week deal. The attitudes among the freshmen are tremendous.'

On Stanford's Offensive Line Play Against San Jose State
'It was okay. It was a C+ from a team standpoint. There are things that we can improve on. I think the guys feel the same way. We're excited to get a win but came away with a feeling that we can do better.'

On The Play Of Quarterback T.C. Ostrander
'T.C. came in and made some good decisions. He made some nice throws. There are things that he missed and things that he learned just from being in that environment. It was nice to have a chance to get him into the ball game.'

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