Player Report With ... Sophomore Flanker Evan Moore

Sept. 8, 2004

Sophomore Evan Moore is featured in the third installment of a weekly column of player reports that lets Cardinal Commitment readers in on the thoughts of Stanford football players. The Cardinal hosts BYU this Saturday, September 11.

CC: How important was it for the team to get that first win against San Jose State last Saturday?

EM: To open up the season with a win in a big way was very important for the team. The defense played very well, and the offense really needed a 43-point game to give us confidence going into the next game. Regardless of who the opponent was, it was good to get that win under our belts.

CC: You made a pair of touchdown catches in Saturday's game. Can you talk about your one-handed touchdown reception in the first half?

EM: It was a scripted play, but I had to improvise a little. It was a fade route, but the defender jumped outside and it's tough to run a fade against outside coverage. I just brought it inside, hoping Trent (Edwards) would see where I was going. He read me coming inside and put it up where I could get it. It worked out well.

CC: How are you preparing for BYU this week?

EM: Personally, I'm just watching a lot of film. They do some things with unorthodox coverage and their defense is very different than anything we see in the Pac-10. The best way to prepare is to keep watching film and study everything they do, including their tendencies and what they do in different downs and situations. I think that will be the biggest thing for me this week, to really get to understand their defense. I only played a little against BYU last season, so the biggest thing for me is to understand what they're doing because I've never gone up against a defense like theirs.

CC: BYU was able to shut down Notre Dame's running game last week. Is there anything scheme-wise that the offense is doing to prepare for the game?

EM: BYU blitzes a lot, and they bring everything at times. When teams do that, it can take away the run. It falls on receivers to make plays and try to open things up.'

Evan Moore and teammate Mark Bradford are also members of the Stanford basketball team

CC: A number of different receivers saw action in the Stanford offense against San Jose State. Can you talk about being a part of that deep corps of receivers?

EM: It's just a group of great guys in the receiving corps. Guys are getting a lot of playing time and coach (Ken) Margerum is trying to open things up for everyone. On Saturday, six or seven guys had catches and that is huge because everyone feels like they're a part of what's going on. There's no negativity and guys are pulling for each other. No one cares who has the most catches and things of that nature. There's a lot of unselfishness, and it does a lot for team chemistry.

CC: Can you speak a little more about playing for wide receiver coach Ken Margerum?

EM: Coach Margerum's approach is so different because he's not going to come down on you and scream at you, but you can tell when he's serious. He doesn't get on you, but he's forceful and you know when you've done something wrong. He makes you want to change mistakes because you respect him so much. He tells you what to do and he expects you to do it. He's great to be around, and can make things a little more light-hearted. It's great to play for him.

CC: Can you talk about your on-field understanding with quarterback Trent Edwards?

EM: The type of understanding we have doesn't develop on the practice field with coaches around. It's when we're out there and it's just him and I, like we did in the summer. When it's just us throwing and catching is when it really develops, because we're just playing football. Things don't necessarily have to go with the scheme of the play. If something breaks open, you might cut into the middle even though it's not the play. Stuff like that is what wins games, and making those plays come out of team chemistry and being close with your teammates.

CC: Has your experience as basketball player at Stanford helped you as a football player?

EM: Just being around a great group of guys like Matt Lottich and Chris Hernandez on the basketball team last year was really something special. They had tremendous heart and desire, and that's something that Mark Bradford and I took from our experience on that team.

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