Q & A with Freshman Christal Morrison and Alesha Deesing

Sept. 8, 2004

GoHuskies.com: How is your freshman year going to far?

Christal Morrison: 'Everything is going great so far this year. I love everything so much, both the team and the players.

Alesha Deesing: 'It is going really well. I am having a lot of fun and I am learning a lot. I am really enjoying my teammates and coaches, it is going pretty well.'

GH: What are your thoughts on the team's fast start?

Morrison: 'It is going good so far and we haven't been beaten yet. We can get a lot better and getting better is just something to look forward to. We just need to work hard every day during practice and our matches.'

Deesing: 'I think that it is very important to start off with a good preseason and to win our early matches because it will prepare us for the Pac-10.'

GH: What is it like playing for Jim McGlaughlin?Morrison: 'It is awesome and I wouldn't want to be playing for anybody else. He just knows so much about the game and he is just going to make me a better player, along with the other coaching staff as well.

Deesing: 'Jim is one of the reasons that I wanted to go to the University of Washington. He is a good coach and I have learned a lot from him. If I do all of the right things and follow his coaching, I have the potential to be a really good player.'

GH: How different is volleyball at the college level compared to high school?Morrison: 'It is very different just in the training level. I think that high school practices are a completely different level than I have experienced so far on this team. It is the same way in our matches as well and you are just so much more focused and on task. The dedication and hard work that you put into it is on a completely different level.'

Deesing: 'It is definitely a huge step up, but I knew coming in that it was going to be a big step for me. It was something to look forward to and I am definitely glad that I am playing at the next level.'

GH: How do you like playing on the road?

Morrison: 'I don't mind playing on the road, I actually like it. I think it gives us a good variation of the gyms and it helps us to get better at playing anywhere. We can just be the Huskies wherever we go.'

Deesing: 'I think that playing on the road is a lot of fun. I like to travel.'

GH: Is there someone on the team that you look up to or that you look to for leadership?

Morrison: 'I think that the whole team, especially the upperclassman, are awesome at leading me. Of course there are going to be the jokes where your teammates are like `Hey freshman,' but we are a team and there are no walls that are set up between any of us. It has really been fun getting to know Sanja and she has kind of taken me under her wing because we are both outside hitters. It has been a lot of fun.'

Deesing: 'I think that our entire team are really good leader and I enjoy playing with each one of them.'

GH: What are your goals for the year?

Morrison: 'My goal, obviously, is to help this team win the Pac-10. Ultimately, we want to win the national championship, but that is in the goals for everyone else as well. If we just do the right things and get what we need to do done, than anything is possible for us.'

Deesing: 'I want to focus on what I need to do to get better, that is pretty much my main goal right now. I want to get better at what I need to work on and get better each day.'

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