Tuesday's Press Teleconference Quotes

Sept. 14, 2004

Stanford football head coach Buddy Teevens addressed the media about his 2004 team and its preparation for the Cardinal's next game versus top-ranked USC on Saturday, October 25.

Opening Remarks
'It was a nice win on Saturday, and we look to continue to progress. In the off week we look to improve and really work on our fundamentals. Obviously, we have USC coming in two weeks down the road.'

On What Distinguishes This Season's 2-0 Start From Last Season's 2-0 Start Against The Same Two Teams
'This team is very unselfish. We play a lot of people and they support each other. They're playing hard and with a great team chemistry and cohesiveness. That's helped in many areas.'

On Stanford's Offensive Performance Through The First Two Games
'I think the difference has been the continued development of the offensive line. We played with a lot of young guys that were inexperienced a year ago. They have progressed to their skill set. The quarterback has progressed in terms of his reads and his comprehension, as well his timing ability. The receivers continue to improve. We're talking about young guys across the board, with sophomores at quarterback, receivers, and offensive linemen. They're a little bit better physically and have developed a better sense of the game.'

On Whether The Team Has Reached Its Full Potential Yet
'We continue to grow. We haven't had a flawless performance by any stretch. The first game I said was a C+, this last game I'd give a B-. We have a lot of areas that we can improve, one being the fundamentals. That's what we'll put a huge emphasis on this week: the blocking, the tackling, the pass sets, the routing, you name it. The players understand it as well. They're happy to have two wins, but they realize that we need to play a lot better. Our competition steps up appreciably in the coming weeks, and we need to do the same with our squad.'

On The Receivers And KenMargerum's Role In Their Development
'Certainly, he's (Margerum) been a welcome addition. People know him, and he had a wonderful career here and then on to the NFL. He's got a wonderful reputation. The players themselves have potential, and they've continued to develop. Ken is assisting in that regard. I think the biggest thing that Ken has brought is probably an enthusiasm for the position, and our attitude is that the best players will play. The guys that can help us win will get an opportunity on the field. It's very equitable across the board. (Mark) Bradford, (Marcus) McCutcheon, (Greg) Camarillo, (Evan) Moore, (David) Marrero, and (Gerren) Crochet have all caught passes for us at the position. So, there's a lot of competition and they realize that if they're dropping balls in practice they won't play during the game. That is the difference this season at the receiver position.'

On Quarterback TrentEdwards
'I think that protecting himself is coming with maturity. We saw more self-preservation from him this week. The nature of defense is the willingness to blitz, pressure, and bring people from odd spots these days. There are times when you're going to get hit. Using intelligence and knowing when to throw the ball away, sliding or avoiding a hit is kind of a learned process. I think we're seeing that maturation process in Trent right now.'

On Preparation During The Bye Week
'We're going to put a huge press on fundamentals. We need to tackle better. I thought we were better at that in the second game than the first, but some of our techniques need to be polished up a bit. That's going to be the big push. We will introduce USC as much as we know about them, but we see this as an opportunity to improve our skills. We will face more conventional defenses from this point on.'

On The Benefit Of Having The Last Opponent (BYU) Playing The Next Opponent (USC) This Weekend
'You can cross compare a little bit. But, you see any tape on USC and you see that they're as good as anybody in the country. So, you already know what you're facing.'

On College Football In General
'I think there's more parity across the board in the history of college football. With the limited scholarships, scholarship reductions, and academic reductions. They key I think is health and consistency. We need to perform at the same level repeatedly.'

On Containing USC Quarterback MattLeinart
'He's a very gifted quarterback and systemically, they do a very nice job with him. They spread the ball around and get it out of his hand. The offensive line protects him well, and they use the line productively in various different capacities. He's a special player. You have to know your assignments and try not to allow a great athlete hurt you. They're going to make the plays, but to eliminate the big plays is crucial.'

On Stanford's Defense
'The rationale for going to the 3-4 defense was to get pressure. I thought our three down guys did a good job of bull rushing and trying to constrict the pocket, and the speed guys had an opportunity to make plays in the backfield. Kevin Schimmelmann had a big sack and a turnover. It serves its purpose in that regard, and I think it fits our personnel very well.'

On Kicker MichaelSgroi
'We need consistency, and we talked with him about that. I think he was really anxious and hurried a couple of his kicks. The thing I was happy with was that he settled himself down. Sometimes a kicker can get into a spiral. He missed a couple of kicks but came on strong for us at the end of the game.'

On What Stanford Has To Do To Beat USC
'We have to play an outstanding football game and execute as thoroughly as we can. In my opinion, they are the best football team in the country by a pretty good margin. I don't see any weaknesses in their defense. They're seasoned and play very hard.'

On Wide Receiver JustinMcCullum:
'He's probably improved more than any of our guys. The biggest thing is his confidence. He's been much more consistent and has shown flashes of brilliance in the past. I think he's stepped up and performed well. We're very happy for him and happy for our team.'

On NCAA Rule Changes
'The changes were very minimal this year. People have asked me about the instant replay, and I'm not really a fan. It delays the game and percentage-wise the officials are correct more often than not. I wasn't a big fan of officials naming the player that commits a foul either. The guy knows he did it and you feel bad for the guy that messed up. I didn't think it was necessary.'

On Receiving Votes In The Latest AP Poll Released On September 14:
'The thing I like about our team is that the external distractions seem to be minimal. It's nice, but it doesn't mean a whole lot.'

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