Player Report With ... Junior Nose Tackle Babatunde Oshinowo

Sept. 15, 2004

Junior nose tackle Babatunde Oshinowo is featured in the fourth installment of a weekly column of player reports that lets Cardinal Commitment readers in on the thoughts of Stanford football players. The Cardinal hosts USC on Saturday, September 25.

CC: After Starting The Season 2-0, What's The Attitude Of The Team Heading Into This Bye Week?

BO: We're feeling pretty good about the first two wins, but we know that we have a lot of work to do. We're using the bye week to get back to fundamentals and work on basic things. We need to clean up certain things in order to play to our full potential.

CC: The Defense Has Been A Major Factor In The First Two Wins Of The Season. Why Has The Defensive Unit Been So Successful?

BO: We've had success because we've adopted a certain mentality. We know that no one can score on us if we do what we know we're capable of. One of the biggest changes about this season when compared to last season is that everyone on this defense is plugged in. We know what we have to do, and no one is trying to do too much.

CC: The Line Is One Of The More Experienced Groups On The Defense. Can You Speak About Working With That Group?

BO: The defensive line is the key to the new scheme that our defense is running, so us working together in the off-season and through camp enables us to know where everyone else is going to be at any time. We have fun playing together, and we all know every one of the positions and can play anywhere on the line if necessary.

Oshinowo has seven sacks in his Cardinal career.

CC: Is There An Increased Emphasis Placed On Being Able To Rush The Passer In The Defensive Scheme?

BO: Pressuring the passer is a definite priority. With the 3-4 front, the outside linebackers come with a lot of blitzes. On the interior, we have a lot of three-man rush schemes. We know we can stop the run if everyone plays their gap, so getting pressure on the passer is something that we wanted to work on. I wouldn't say there is any more emphasis, but we do focus on being able to collapse the pocket.

CC: How Is The Team Preparing For The USC Game On September 25?

BO: We know USC is a good team and they are capable of doing certain things, but we're more focused on ourselves and what we need to do to be successful. We know what we have to do, and we're focusing on being able to execute our game plan.

CC: What Kind Of Influence Has (Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Tackles Coach) Dave Tipton Had On Your Play?

EM: Coach Tipton has been a great influence. He's definitely been a constant presence over the last few years. He's been a very solid presence, and he's always someone that you can go talk to. He knows a lot about the game and about techniques on the defensive line. I've learned so much from just being here and playing for coach Tipton.

CC: How Do You Prepare In The Week Leading Up To A Game?

BO: (Junior Linebacker) Kevin Schimmelmann is my roommate, and we watch a lot of film on the upcoming opponent. We try to break down tendencies and plays. I like to know a lot about what's going to happen, seeing what they like to exploit and what they do in certain situations. I also go over our game plan. It's important to know our game plan inside and out, so that I don't even have to think about it on game day.

CC: What Are The Goals Of The Team Heading Into Pac-10 Play?

BO: As a team, we want to go to the Rose Bowl. The big games that we have this year are very important. Every season, there are a few games in which your performance will shape how you perform in the other contests. On top of that, we really look forward to playing on the road. We have a lot of home games to start the season and that's great, but we really want to have road success this year. We've struggled with road games in the past, so it makes those games even more important.

CC: Are There Any New Defensive Linemen Coming Up On The Squad That Fans Should Keep An Eye On?

BO: Nick Frank is playing very well for us. He made a lot of plays and had a great game against BYU. Gustav Rydstedt has also shown a lot of promise.

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