Washington-UCLA Postgame Quotes

Sept. 19, 2004

Washington Head Coach Keith Gilbertson
General Comments:
'I am pleased with an awful lot of things. I'm thrilled with our guys. I think they had a sense of what's its like playing to the last play of the game. We've got a lot of kids that can compete, fight and scratch. The effort was pretty good; we had a chance at the end. They had three or four first downs in a row; I thought that was critical. I am really anxious to watch the video. I am pleased with our offense and with Casey Paus' game. I think he did a nice job of running our offense; made some real critical plays, put together a great drive at the end that came off just short. Their offense is pretty powerful -- I expected them to be good offensively. They have every starter returning from last season. I'm quite shocked that our defense could give that kind of yardage and those kind of runs. I'm surprised at our depth, but I think that UCLA is a good offensive football team. I'm still a little disappointed at what happened to our defense.'

On the final play: ' I appreciate that they fought until the last plays of the game. The play before that was the corner route -- we missed that throw. I'm not sure where ET ended up. I thought that was a very good drive by our guys. I thought Casey did a nice job , but we just missed the corner.'

On the UCLA running game: 'I think their offensive line has really improved. Maurice Drew is really a fine player, I thought so when he was in high school.'

On the defensive linemen: 'I felt comfortable about how things were going until about five minutes into the second quarter. We just couldn't get them out of a drive. They took one from real deep in their own territory. The guy got down in the fourth down and one on the timing route. We maybe had a chance to get them out of a drive but we just could not do it We misplayed one of their hot spot crossing routes and let them off the hook. The run after the catch was really critical.'

On the three long runs in the 1st half: 'Guys need to be able to get off their blocks, make tackles and play their guy better. And a couple of those runs were runs that we overran the cut back.'

Washington Players
On third and goal stop in the fourth quarter:
'It went kind of fast. I got off on the ball and the next thing I knew, it was just me and him. I was focused on getting off on the ball and the next thing I knew, I was in the gap.'

On Maurice Drew: 'He's quick and they used his athleticism. They opened holes and he hit them. It was crazy. We just tried to focus on filling the gaps. If we fill the gaps, then there's no way they can get through the hole.'

On early lead:
'We were trying to get early penetration to stop them. They like to go lateral with their running game and everyone has to stay in their gap and fight through their blockers and make the tackle. A couple mistakes caused a couple big plays.'

On UCLA running game: 'They have a good offensive line and Maurice Drew is a hard runner. He was running downhill the entire time and we were taking the wrong angles at him and he would just cut back on us.'

On mentality during the game: 'I'm just out there playing. I don't look at what's going good and what's going bad. I try to dominate, stop the running back, get some turnovers, and try to get our offense back on the field. I think we did an okay job, we just gave them too many big chunks and that led to a lot of touchdowns. They're a good team.'

On third and goal stop in the fourth quarter: 'We had our backs against the wall. Our defensive tackles had to get some penetration and we had to stop the running back from scoring. We did pretty good. We attacked them before they attacked us.'

On last play: 'I was hoping that we'd get just one more second so we could get E.T. in the end-zone. If we'd have given them more time, they would have scored. It's a team effort, not one person can win the game.'

On the final play:
'When I caught the ball, the safety hit me and then I spun off him but I saw another guy coming and I was just trying to get there as fast as I can. Then when I got to the other safety, he hit me and I was just trying to drive my foot. Then another guy from behind pulled my feet and I just fell down. I thought I was going to make it. I was trying my hardest to get in there. All my mind was to get in the endzone.'

On the final drive:
'One thing about this team is that the game isn't over until it's over. There was no doubt in our minds that we were going to get that touchdown. It's just a shame that it came down to the one-yard line.'

On if he thought Frederick would score: 'Oh, yeah. I know Charles is capable of doing that. I've seen him make guys miss.'

On the offense's play compared to the first game: 'It's similar. You have a game where you do so many things right but the outcome just isn't what you want. That might be the only frustrating thing. We wanted a running game, we got a running game. We wanted to pass, we passed. We have a defense. Don't let anyone tell you that we don't. Once we put it all together we'll be fine.'

On how the team feels:
'It's a bad feeling. Offensively we went out there and played well. We ran the ball good, Casey had a great game throwing the ball. We just had a few mistakes at the end of the game that hurt us. The defense went out there and stopped them when they had to. We just came up short.'

On the strong start on offense: 'Our offense came out running the ball like we were supposed to. We came out scoring points. If we polish up a few things we're going to be a great team. I'm excited to play next week.'

On why he came out of the game in the second quarter: 'My chinstrap broke; I just had to get that fixed. It wasn't because I was hurt or anything. But I came back and ran the ball hard. Shelton ran the ball hard, too.'

On his interception:
'I saw the ball get tipped and I just went after it. We needed more plays like that.'

On UCLA running game: 'They just gassed us. We made the right calls, we tried hard, they were just gassing us too much. It felt like there were empty holes everywhere. I thought it was a bad performance by the defensive players today. I don't think we tackled as well as we did the first game, we didn't get off blocks. They took advantage of it. I give a lot of credit to them. They have two really good backs, a one-two combination, but a lot of it is on us too. We had chances to make plays and to get off blocks, but we didn't do that and you can see what happened. They really didn't do anything special, they were just running north and south. The score really shows what we did out there, we didn't play well at all.'

UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell
General Comments:
'Well, you couldn't get a game more exciting than that. Our kids really showed something about themselves today to be able to come back from a huge deficit in the first half. They kept fighting, kept pushing though it, kept trying to come back and make plays. I'm really proud of this football team. They've come a long way and this is a great victory for us here at this stadium. Maurice (Drew) had a great game for us. The little man -- he's something else. He's a special kid. All of our guys are good, but he energized a lot of us today. He did some great things. When we needed a play, he made some plays. It's good to see some kids step up when given the opportunity. That's starting to trickle down a little bit with a lot of our guys now. Those are all great signs of a team that's starting to mature and believe in one another and believe that they can do great things this year. '

On whether he expected to have such a great running game against Washington: 'No. We knew that we could run the ball effectively. We didn't think we could run the ball as well as we did. Most of the time we are going for a very balanced game plan -- we like to have balance of both our running and throwing, and for it to turn out the numbers that it has, it just shows you how much the offensive line has improved, how much a lot of different areas have improved offensively. The running game definitely helped us win this one. We had some key throws in certain situations as well, so I'm really proud of what this team did. I liked how the offense ran it the last six or seven minutes of the game. They had an opportunity late that didn't work out in our favor with the fourth down, just trying to get them to jump offsides, which we believe they did, and it didn't come out in our favor. But we'll learn from this. We won the game and it's an exciting win for our program.'

On the decision to bait Washington to go offsides: 'It worked almost perfectly, except when the refs didn't catch it. We'll learn from this. Next time we'll punt. I guess we'll be more conservative but the offense did a tremendous job the last six minutes of the game with some crucial first downs. Probably, if I was put in that situation again, we'd do it again because they were controlling the game at that point.'

On whether he sensed something was different with Maurice Drew after the first touchdown: 'He looks the same to me everyday. Usually when I watch Maurice run in, I'm waiting for him to break one. I had no idea that he'd break as many as he did today, but I'm not surprised. He's that caliber player for us. We like to feature both of those guys in our running game and they do a tremendous job for us and our offense.'

On the defense at the end of the game: 'It was gutsy. That's a very good offense, a very good football team we beat today. It seemed like Casey Paus was getting better each time. As the game evolved, he was getting more and more confident in what he was doing and receivers were making plays. They were running the football, so they had good balance today. For us to do what we did at the end of the game and keep them out of the endzone, that was a key point.'

UCLA Players
On great running game:
'The offensive line and our fullback came in and did a good job with their blocks. They did what they had to do and coach told us that if they do what they do then the holes are going to be gigantic. It is pretty easy for me to get in the open field and go one on one with the safety when they are able to make such big holes.'

On record breaking day: 'I just thought it was going to be special for everyone because the offensive line was doing everything and we were doing a lot of different things to be successful. The offensive line accepted the challenge and played with a championship mentality and they just did what they had to do to make it easier on the running backs to get in the open field. The recievers made some blocks, as well as the tight ends; everyone was just playing well. I don't think that the defense saw me the whole time because they were going the opposite way that I was going with the ball and I didn't know why. Our whole offensive line is big so they probably couldn't see me because I am only five-eight, and they made all of the blocks that they needed to make.'

On knowledge of record during game: 'I didn't know. The game was a bit too close to worry about it and, going into the fourth quarter, we just needed to milk the clock out. Our mindset was to just keep driving and get first downs here and there. When they got the ball back it was kind of nerve-wracking and we just had to rely on our defense to do what they had to do.'

On playing at Husky Stadium: 'This was a hostile environment that we got to play in and we did great things. It wasn't all me; I would rather just accept that the whole team won the game. The offense came in and just made the right blocks and our receivers caught the balls when they needed to be caught.'

On fumble: 'On the kickoff return I had cut up and I thought that I was going to score because I could only see the kicker, but he wrapped my ankles up and I was trying to get out of it. Someone came up behind me and poked it out. I was pretty upset, but coach told me that I need to just brush it off and do something for the team that will make up for it.'

On improving his game: 'I just try to get better every week. It is a high standard to come out next week and play as well as I did today, but as an offense we just have to try and set higher standards. As a team we have to do the same thing, so we have to try and get it together and win again.'

On last offensive play (kneel down): 'I thought that they were offsides and we were going to get five yards. When we found out that we weren't getting the penalty, everyone just went over to the defense to try and pump them up because we knew that the game was going to be on them. We love the defense and we have faith in them because they are the ones that hold us all day at practice. We knew that they could go out there and do the same thing against Washington, and they did.'

On touchdown that changed the momentum: 'I guess it was the second one because everyone was hyped up when the Huskies scored and I came back and scored again. The offense was pumped up, the coaches were pumped and the whole team was just pumped up. We just keep doing what we do and we will find a way to score every time.'

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