ASU Quarterback Andrew Walter's Quotes From Monday's Press Conference

Sept. 21, 2004

On Saturday's game:'That was, as far as any game that I have played from sixth grade until now, as thorough of an all-around you are ever a part of. So it was fun.'

On payback for Iowa and Oregon State:'It's special. It is truly a testament of the guys. Shaun (McDonald) started it off. Derek (Hagan) now, Terry (Richardson) ,Zach Miller, I think he will have a lot more this season hopefully. The guys around me, the offensive line, it's sweet. The more I can share with them the better it is. Last year we went to their place (Oregon State), and they jumped all over us. It wasn't a very fun night for us and they made us pay. So then you switch, kind of like Iowa. We have to do what we have been doing this year. Going back to the basics, working hard, practicing well, preparing for the game. If we do all that we will have a shot on Saturday.'

On having a lot of receivers to throw to:'It's huge, like Coach (Koetter) said. They make plays. This last game they made plays. I feel like, by and large, I try and put the ball in a spot where they can catch it. If they make a great play we are moving the ball. If not, then hopefully nobody can catch it. They made all those catches, aside from a couple. When they are playing like they played I look great and the offense looks pretty darn good. It is definitely a team effort. Far too often the quarterback gets too much credit and too much blame. But guys made plays around me.'

On leadership and Riccardo Stewart:'It is huge. In high school he played on a championship team. I went out there and stayed with him before we came to ASU. You could just tell what kind of guy he was. Then when we came here to ASU. He was very vocal and had a lot of energy every day. He comes ready to play every day and wants to get better every day. He requires that on the defensive side of the ball. When we are playing against him in drills he requires that of everybody else too. He doesn't hit a whole lot in practice, he saves it for the game. He is explosive. He makes plays.'

On emotion after Iowa game:'It was great. We all felt like we could beat Iowa, maybe not to the degree that it happened. We felt we could go in there and get the win. There wont be a big emotional hangover because everybody expected to do it. We just have to go back to working hard, working in practice and go back to the things that makes good things great.'

On conference opener:'Every time we play at home you have to have a certain focus. If we go where we want to go we have to play great every week. The Pac-10 is a good conference and every team could beat any given team every week. There are no patsies in the Pac-10. We have to be ready to go every week. If we are not, we get hit in the face.'

On the team's success rather than personal numbers:'That's why I came back. I didn't come back to break any records. Those are all nice but I came back to have success as a team. At the start of the season our goal is going to the Rose Bowl as I'm sure everyone in the Pac-10 has the same goal. That is our goal and it's all about the team. You play this game to win and you don't play it for records. That's basically the reason why I came back. If you're here you want to win and you want to have success. If that means getting your name in a place that can't be erased until somebody breaks it then, sure, you might as well put it on there. You play to have success and you play for wins. And with wins all of those things come. If you're going to be here you might as well get it all.'

On the energy before the Iowa game:'With as much energy as we've had, it was sweet. There were a ton of people there that I know helped us. The overall energy with every body in the locker room doing warm-ups and the start of the game was great. If we can bring that eight more times it could be pretty nice. It's hard to repeat, but it was about perfect for one night.'

On playing in a hostile environment:'You are definitely standing alone with your team. There's nobody else really aside from the small portion of your fans that were able to make the trip. Autzen Stadium is the one that comes to mind. It's so loud you can't hear anything. All you have are hand signals. You can't talk to anybody. It's hard to communicate even in the huddle. You're yelling to get the play out. But that's college football and that's why you play. You want to be in a game like that. If we can get all our fans there making those kinds of noises and guys can't hear it would give us a huge advantage.'

On ASU's defense:'It's huge. Every day they've got energy. Guys are talking and hitting so it makes you raise your level of play. It's as good of a defense as I've ever had on a team. They are guys that just lay the wood. There are a lot of guys out there that just love to hit. They just have an aggressive attitude that you need. I love that I don't have to play against them.'

On Oregon State defense:'Last year they got into us. I think they have a pretty solid defense. Swancutt, a defensive lineman, is in so many plays. They're corners are very good and tall. I think they'll match up pretty well with our receivers.'

On Derek Anderson:'I think he's got a rifle. He's somebody who's like me in the fact that we're not running all over the field. If he's given time he can be extremely accurate. We saw him throw the ball all over us last year. He threw a great wet ball against LSU and really helped his team get into a position to win that game. He showed he can go on the road and play in hard conditions. I think he's a very solid player.'

On ASU's offensive line:'The offensive line has played unbelievable. I couldn't ask for anything more from them. We had Brandon Rodd go down for the whole year and Drew Hodgdon had a fluke injury in camp. They are our best offensive lineman and our only other senior on offense. Those guys (offensive line) have stepped up. Stephen Berg has played awesome. You couldn't ask for those guys to play any better. I've always told them that how they go is how we'll go on offense and they've been playing great.'

On the team's emotions:'It's hard. I think the more success you have the more you have to tie it down. You don't want it to get to people's heads. I don't think we're that kind of a team this year. I think we're more focused. We all know it's only our third game and we have a huge one here in Pac-10 play. I take it as a huge responsibility and I know that Riccardo (Stewart) and the other guys know that too so it's not like I have to shoulder it by myself.'

On Zach Miller:'I've kind of been expecting that since the opening game. It just worked out that it hasn't come to pass until this last week. For him to play great against a great opponent in a big game like that sets up great for him for the rest of his career. It's something that he can say, `I've done it now and I just have to repeat it.' But he does it every day in practice. He makes great catches. Like Derek (Hagan) said, he's not called `The Truth' because doesn't make plays like that. He's definitely for real.'

On playing in the fourth quarter against Iowa:'You'll have to ask coach. I don't decide whether I play or not or if we're throwing on the goal line. I'd rather get the win because two years ago I was up here answering questions...400 yards, four touchdowns but you guys lost. I guess it's like Randy Johnson throwing 100 strikeouts a game and not getting a win. You play to win.'

On his relationship with Coach Koetter:'We both understand that this is it for me and him on the same team at ASU. It's all about wins. It's all about getting a win every week. Last week's game plan was as good of a game plan that I've ever seen. We just have a good understanding of what it's all about right now. There's no other goal than getting a win every week. It's pretty easy to be on the same page when it's like that.'

On the comparisons between Todd Heap and Zach Miller:'They make the unbelievable catch look easy. I think there was a shot in the paper of Zach making a catch behind him and he made it look routine but it wasn't. It was a hard catch. In the end zone, making a play where I just throw it up and kind of trust that he's going to get there, he gets there. He's got as soft a pair of hands as anybody on the team. He's just somebody that can make the hard play look routine and he's a great target. For a true freshman to have a grasp of the offense like him...I wasn't even close to that. I think that says a lot about his smarts.'

On the rankings:

'I couldn't care less about that because it doesn't mean anything. Like coach said, if we lose we're right back out the door and if we win we'll keep on climbing. But it doesn't matter because the end of the season is what matters.'

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