Q&A with Callie Bergan

Sept. 21, 2004

Callie Bergan knows what it takes for the Huskies to make it to another World Series in 2004, but making it there isn't the only goal that Bergan wants to accomplish; she wants to win it all. Now in her fifth and final year, Washington's first baseman and designated hitter knows that it is her time to shine and she is convinced that this years team has a lot of potential under head coach Heather Tarr. GoHuskies.com reporter Jonathan Price caught up with Bergan to get her thoughts on her Husky softball experience during her tenure at Washington and to find out what she thinks about this years team.

GoHuskies.com: Do you feel like you are ready to start the season on Oct. 1?

Callie Bergan: 'We are really excited for this coming season. We have five freshman and two transfers, along with a brand new coaching staff. There are a lot of high expectations and a lot of people that are excited about our team this year. I am looking forward to the start of the season and I think that we will be ready to play come February.'

GH: You mentioned the new coaching staff, how do you like playing for Heather Tarr so far?

CB: 'I think that it is great. She is a local kid from Redmond and she played here back in the nineties. She knows a lot about the school and the program, I think that it is going to be good for us. She is bringing in a lot of new information that she has come up with over the years and with her working with us instead of trying to change everything that we have already grown to be as hitters and defensive players.'

GH:Do you see yourself as a leader now that you are one of the seniors on the team?

CB:'Yes, I have been here for five years and this is now my third coaching staff that I have played under. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge and I feel like a leader just because I am a veteran and I have been around for awhile.

GH: Are you a switch hitter?

CB:'No, but when I was little I had two gloves and I didn't know if I wanted to throw with my right or left hand. Every day when I went out to play it would be different and I just ended up throwing left-handed and batting right-handed.'

GH: How do you feel about the way that the season ended last year?

CB: 'It was pretty disappointing. We made a goal to get to the World Series and we did get there, but once we were there we had some struggles along the way in our first game against Oklahoma. I think as a team we just pulled together after the drug scandal and the firing of our coach. We tried to put it behind us and just stick together as a team and I think it really pulled us closer together. It made us realize that we are a family and we do have a lot of heart. We feel like we can accomplish any goal that we set for ourselves even though there is a lot of pressure on us because everybody knew what had happened to the program. We didn't make it as far as we wanted to go in the World Series, but at least we were in the top eight.'

GH: What are the goals for this years team?

CB: 'Our goal is to play on Monday in the championship game of the World Series. We have the heart, the belief and the trust and confidence in one another. I think that we can do it and this might be a year in Husky softball where we can bring home a national championship.'

GH: How about yourself, what are your individual goals?

CB: 'I am looking to contribute to this team any way that I can whether it is playing first base or coming in as a designated player. It is important for me to hit well and be a leader both on and off the field. I am trying to bring everyone along and teach the seven newcomers the ropes around here. I just want to give the best of my ability and I have one last shot to do it.'

GH: What have you experienced in terms of Husky softball tradition in your five years here?

CB: 'I have experienced a lot and there has been a lot of hard times. I have made friendships that are going to last forever and the tradition around here is amazing. This is the 14th year of Husky softball and everyone seems to stick together as a team. Former players on the team still come back to watch the games and everybody is still a family supporting one another. Two years ago we had a 10 year reunion and all but two players from past teams showed up. That just shows how close we are and how important Husky softball really is to all of us. It just shows the dedication and support that the teams have had for each other over the years.'

GH: When you were a younger player on the team, was there somebody that you looked up to?

CB: 'I had the opportunity of having a past player as my high school coach at Skyline, Shelley Brown. She guided me and helped me even though she was a goofy kind of gal. She gave me a lot of insight and a lot of help into what to expect from the college level. I looked up to Traci Tawney, who was a teammate of mine when I played summer ball at the age of 14. She was also kind of a big sister and a mentor to me when I got here as a freshman. She took the entire freshman class under her wing, as there were 10 of us. It was neat that she was there as a friend and a mother figure to help us out even though she was only a year older than I was.'

GH: It seems like a lot of softball players are superstitious, do you have anything that you do before a game?

CB: 'I do, I always have to put my left sock on before my right sock and my left cleat on before my right cleat. I always have to wear a Nike wristband right below my elbow on my right arm and I like to write my number and position in the dirt before I go out to play. When I am batting I tap my cleats off and I take a couple of cuts when I am in the on-deck circle. I follow the routine every time and try and stick with it.'

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