Q&A with Jim Wolfe

Sept. 22, 2004

As the Washington Men's swim team welcomes 12 incoming freshman this year, the perfect candidate for someone to guide them through their first year has to be senior Jim Wolfe. Now in his fourth and final year of Husky swimming, Wolfe has been named team captain and shows all of the qualities that you would want from a leader to guide a team to success. GoHuskies.com reporter Jonathan Price got a chance to sit down with the Washington veteran and to talk about the upcoming season.

GoHuskies.com: Oktoberfest is right around the corner, do you feel like you are ready to get this season started?

Jim Wolfe: 'Yes, it is usually a pretty brutal meet because everyone swims a lot of events. It is just an indicator to see how fit our team is and I think that we are doing pretty well. Our freshman our doing a good job and they are very capable.'

GH: What events will you be swimming in?

JW: 'I have the 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle, 200 freestyle, 200 IM and the 100 strokes. Everybody swims in every event.'

GH: You have 12 incoming freshman this year, how do they look so far?

JW: 'They are adjusting very well and the freshmen are adjusting much better than my class did when we came in. This team is definitely on the upside and I am very proud of our freshman because they have adjusted so well.'

GH: As a senior and a team captain this year, what responsibilities do you have in terms of showing the young guys the ropes?

JW: 'Well it is not only me, all of the returners have to show a good example. There can't be any slacking off or else the freshman will think that it is okay. So far all of the returners are doing a great job in helping to guide the freshman and the freshman are doing a great job of following them.'

GH: Mickey Wender has coached you throughout your entire career as a member of the Washington swim team, what kind of coach is he to you?

JW: 'He is a great guy and he is exactly what this program needs. He is like the father figure to this entire team and he is a great leader for all of us. He is very passionate about his job and he is a great guy.'

GH: We did a Q&A with Mickey Wender a couple of weeks ago and he said that one of the best qualities of Husky swimming is the family atmosphere, can you see this taking place around you?

JW: 'I definitely can see a family atmosphere all around me. It is evident before school starts because almost everyone is living together and we are around each other almost all of the time. It really is a family atmosphere with everyone supporting each other and everyone is always there for one another.'

GH: Do you feel like Washington has developed a good swimming tradition over the years?

JW: 'It has been around for a long time and I hope that it will continue to be around for a long time. This is really a great program and we are fortunate to have such a great group of guys.'

GH: What are your plans after graduation?

JW: 'I plan on taking a year off. I am majoring in electrical engineering, so I plan on going into that field. I just need to take a year away from school and find a job and figure out what I really want to do.'

GH: Do you think that you will still be swimming?

JW: 'I plan on maybe doing a few triathlons, but my swimming career will be done because I will be finished here.'

GH: How do you feel about the outcome of last years season?

JW: 'As a team we performed very well and we had some really good seniors last year. We had one guy placing in the top eight at the NCAA's and it is hard to lose guys like that. We finished very well and we had only one loss. It was a good season and I am looking forward to trying to have a better season this year.'

GH: How about you individually?

JW: 'I didn't swim very well at the Pac-10's. My season started very well, but I got a bad case of the flu in December and I didn't recover from it fast enough to do well at the Pac-10's.'

GH: What would you like to accomplish this season?

JW: 'This season I would like to get best times in my 200 to 500 freestyles. I really just want to get my best times and that is pretty much all I am interested in.'

GH: What do you do for fun outside of swimming?

JW: 'I did a lot of sailing this summer when I could get some extra time and I really enjoyed it.'

GH: What have you enjoyed most about your time here at the University of Washington, in both swimming and the school itself?

JW: 'At Washington, the school as a whole is a classy institution. It is a top athletic and academic institution and I really have enjoyed it. As far as the swim team, I think that the family atmosphere that you take away from it is just great. There are a bunch of people that you can rely on and depend on. Everyone is always there for you and I would do anything for anyone on this team, it's just wonderful.'

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