ASU Quarterback Andrew Walter's Quotes From Monday's Press Conference

Sept. 27, 2004

Senior Quarterback Andrew Walter
On the Heisman standings
'There has been a couple of games where I haven't played as well as I am capable of. I think that two years ago some of the numbers that we threw up probably were more worthy of the attention and consideration, but the fact that we are 4-0 probably helps that. But like coach said, it doesn't matter to me.'

On the team looking forward to the Oregon game every year
'It has turned into one of those games for us, it never used to be. Ever since the game two years ago, that was a fun one. But, as coach alluded to, we are more similar to Oregon State this year. But these teams are very similar coaching staff wise, a lot of our coaches were there. Offensively we are very similar teams. Two years ago, it was a mirror of teams going against each other. Every year we play it is always a shoot out, it will be a fun game.'

On what ASU is expecting to see from Oregon
'It seems like every week each team plays us differently than what we have seen on tape, that has been the case every game so far this season. Each week the teams throw a new wrinkle at us that they haven't shown. I haven't seen a whole lot of film, but I assume that they will show us something a little different that what we will see on tape this week.'

On playing at Autzen Stadium
'Autzen Stadium is the loudest place that I have ever played. The only place that might come close is Nebraska. The other night here it was pretty loud for Oregon State. Autzen is definitely the loudest and they are making noise from the moment we step out onto the field. That makes it more fun.'

On the slope of the field
'You have to adjust for that. Oregon State's field was like that two years ago and Northwestern's field was like that a little as well, but you just have to adjust for that. When you are out there you don't really pay much attention to that.'

On the Oregon State game being a more complete game for Walter
'I have never really played like the quarterback who won't make the mistake to hurt his team but it was like that on Saturday. Our defense has been playing unbelievable, so offensively if we don't make that big mistake and give the other team good field position than it is going to work out just because of how great they are playing. That is the way it ended up last week. I try to do whatever I can, throwing a block even it I am getting blown up, making a run even though I don't do that very often. I will do whatever it takes to get a win and not make a big mistake, that is how the last game went.'

On the mindset of the offense with the defense playing so well
'It makes us feel real relaxed, it helps us out more than ever. It has always been that the offense has to play great and hope for a turnover here and there and throw up some big points. That is not the way it is working out this year, thankfully. If we can play great special teams and defense than I think we will be tough to beat every week. I am still not satisfied with how we have played on offense. But the defense playing so well does make us more relaxed.'

On the tailback situation
'It definitely hurts, especially because of the quality of players we have lost back there. Thankfully we were deep at the start of the season. Preston (Jones) is going to have to step up. I told him to just have fun with it. He has played before. There are no expectations, like myself two years ago. He can just go out there and have fun because there are no expectations. I think he will go out there and answer the bell. But it does hurt. They are great runners but they also pass protect, pick up the blitz and do those other things that help you out so much and save a hit on the quarterback here and there as well as catch the ball in the backfield.'

On the rest of the team stepping up
'There is no question that we are going to have step up. I went in to talk to the receivers after the game because we knew about Randy (Hill) and told the guys that we have to step to the plate. I don't think it is going to be like it was in the past where we throw 55 times a game now, I don't think that will change. I do know that we are going to have to step up, receivers, tight ends and myself because it is definitely a loss. We have to put it on our shoulders and make sure everything is more crisp, especially much more than it was last game.'

On the disappointment of last season factoring in to decision to return
'Last season was a huge factor for me. I came into college to have one of those great seasons that you talk about and I don't think that I've had that yet, especially not after last year. That is not the type of season I wanted to end my career at ASU on. The University and the whole experience means more to me than a couple bucks and I know if we have a good season that will be there at the end of this season. That was a huge factor in coming back for me. I want to leave the program in a better place than when I came in.'

On losing Loren Wade
'Losing Loren (Wade) was tough. Thursday he was at practice and then Friday we go to the hotel and he is not with us. It is like losing a family member. You can't replace it but unfortunately the show goes on. You can't reschedule a game. Like I said after the game, it wasn't as much of a distraction as it was a feeling of I wish he were with us because we think of him as family because he is. Especially with what he brings to the table in the game because he is such a great competitor. We were able to keep our focus. It doesn't effect the defense and they were able to play great like they have every other week. On offense we didn't do as well. We are going to have to step up because of the loss of Loren. Thankfully the defense was there to help us out.'

On the revenge factor for Oregon
' This game is a revenge game for them. The last two games have been that way for us, so I don't fault them for saying anything, especially now that there going to have this game at their place. It's going to be even more of a factor this week. They don't want to loose at their house, and they rarely do, so it's like our last two games for them, so I definitely don't fault them at all for saying anything.'

On the strong start to the season
' During the summer you don't really know, you work hard and have high hopes, but you don't really know until camp starts. Once we were at camp we felt we were coming together, chemistry wise, and just as a unit. We were playing pretty good football. Unfortunately, we have had some pretty big injuries early in the season, more injuries this early since I have been here at ASU. Luckily though, we all have a pretty good mindset. Once camp started we had a pretty good feeling, and we are definitely happy at where were at.'

On return of Drew Hodgdon at center
' I t was good, it was nice. Mike Pollack has been playing good football, I am comfortable and safe behind him, and I know he is going to do a good job. He is a smart kid, he knows his assignments, and when Drew (Hodgdon) went in there it was back in the sattle like old times. It was good; he had 27 snaps, all clean handoffs. We're good friends and comfortable with each other. It was a good feeling seeing im back out there because I know how much he wanted to play.'

On what to expect against Oregon on Saturday
' I think it will be a hard fought game. I think they have the revenge factor, where as this week we don't have that so we have to counter that and come ready to go. We're on the road, in a hard place, and then their revenge factor, so there are three big things that we have to be ready for. The biggest thing is if we prepare in practice and start fast like we can, then it will make it that much better.'

On extra boost off a bye week (USC)
'I think it's a great schedule and we're all looking forward to this week. With leaving it all out there, we have 2 days off during the bye week. Guys can rest and relax and do whatever they want. It's perfect timing because guys are banged up, beat up and its sort of a last sprint before we get a water break. So, really it fits perfect for us and it will help us out a whole lot. '

On tailback situation
'Maybe me. I might have to go back there and break some off. I'm a little bigger target, but that's all right. I don't know, we'll wait and see. I truly don't know who can step up and be there, but somebody will.

On the block during the double reverse
'I got jacked on that one, but it scored a touchdown. I was celebrating on the ground. Three years ago against Washington, I was able to get a block that we still talk about so I guess I'm one for two.'

On Crowner coming at you (Walter), not Terry (Richardson)
' I wasn't going to cut him because he was a corner and I didn't think he was going to try and hit me, because he was going to try and make a play on the ball. Thankfully me took me up and didn't make a play on the ball and we scored a touchdown because of it. So I'll gladly get blown up if we score a touchdown. It didn't look good and I wish I put a better hit on him, but I was just trying to seal him off so Terry (Richardson) could go around me.'

On Preston (Jones) at tailback
'In the spring he reminded me of Quentin Griffin [Denver Broncos running back]. He's sort of shorter guy, sort of a slasher. He can hit a hole or bounce it wide. I think he'll be able to catch the ball out of the backfield. It's a pretty lofty comparison considering how good Quentin Griffin is, but they just have similar styles and hopefully he'll play as good as him. They are very similar, I think.'

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