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Oct. 11, 2004

On this week's game: 'We both have had our struggles, and we find ourselves winless in the conference. Both teams would like to change that.'

On last year's win over OSU: 'If I think back to that game, we got some very good play from our defensive people. I don't think it was one of Steven Jackson's better games, so we were able to hold him down, which I thought was essential because he's such a dominant player. We got some play from some aspects of our team that we haven't yet this year. Charles (Frederick) returned the punt and then had a big catch. Basically, what we did in that game was have some big plays, which we have not been able to manufacture this season at all. That was a pretty good game for us, but without Charles and Reggie (Williams) and Cody Pickett, we're not the same offense.'

On Derek Anderson: 'He's leading the league in passing with 302 yards per game and he's two years older than when he was here last. He's a much more veteran guy and now. He's been with Mike and his staff for two years. We have to defend him and their receivers and find a way to get some rush to him, which is something that we have struggled with more than we would like. I think he's matured and I think he's a fine player and a great kid. I've gotten to know him and he's a marvelous young guy.'

On the UW quarterback situation: 'Casey Paus will be number one, Isaiah (Stanback) will be number two. Carl (Bonnell) is on the injured list with a groin injury; we probably won't see him at least until Thursday. We have not had much success with rapid recovery off groin injuries, evidenced by Derrick (Johnson) and some other people in the past. Carl's is pretty significant. It was very swollen yesterday, so he won't do very much of anything this week. We'll go with Casey, and this way Isiaiah will get lots of reps.'

On groin injuries: 'It seems like we got a couple of them at Stanford. That's when Derrick injured his and that's when Carl's started. I don't know if it was the surface being different than what ours is. We warm up, we stretch, we do a lot to make sure that we've isolated that muscle group and gotten it warm before we play, but you always have them. And like other injuries, it seems like they come in bunches. So now we have our second one and Dashon (Goldson) has been really slowed by a groin injury also, so we have two or three significant ones in the program now.'

On San Jose State: 'I thought the defense did a nice job of keeping them out of the endzone. Between some interceptions, a fumbled punt snap, and a line drive kickoff that allowed them to get a nice return, they had a lot of redzone opportunities. As deep as we were playing them and trying to get back, they still were able to run by us a couple of times, so they really have excellent speed. On the one ball that our safety got a pass interference on, the ball was in the air for 65 yards and he overthrew the guy, so he can really launch it deep. There was some good play offensively and some nice things defensively. Special teams, in some areas not as good, but I thought (Anthony) Russo did a nice job of hitting a crease on a couple of kickoff returns and that's an area that was a problem.'

On Charles Frederick's availability on Saturday: 'I don't know. We're going to have to wait and see what he's like. You could tell on Saturday that he was barely there. I have to wait and see until Tuesday or Wednesday when we really open up and get going. Monday is more of a lighter practice, so we won't see Charles until Tuesday or Wednesday to really see what he can do. I'd love to get him back returning punts because we've had no punt returns so far. We need to generate some yardage that way.'

On Derrick Johnson playing Saturday: 'I believe so. Probably today we'll go really light with him and gradually build him up in repetition Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.'

On Greyson Gunheim's start: 'I thought he did fine. Grayson's going to be a really fine player. He and (Jordan) White-Frisbee and (Erick) Lobos have done some really nice things on the defensive line.'

On depth chart changes: 'Obviously it would be nice to get Charles back in the mix offensively. I think Manase (Hopoi), Frisbee, (Dan) Milsten, Gunheim will stay, obviously our backers will stay. I don't count on (Mike) Mapu yet. I haven't seen him do anything. We were going to take him out Saturday and take him through warm ups to get back into it, but he felt like his leg was too tight and not ready to go even for a warm up. And then if we can get Derrick back in the rotation, that'll give us our normal rotation at corner although I did think that Matt Fountaine played well.'

On the passing game: 'We lead the world in drops. And some of them have dropped and ended up in someone else's hands going the other way. So, first order of business would be catch the football.'

On guys getting open enough: 'Saturday a guy was wide open, caught a ball and it went right through his hands, popped up and went to another receiver. I thought on the one where we threw down the middle, Carl just really made a mis-read on the four verts as to where to go with the football. We've had guys open and we've had plenty of drops.'

On whether it's matter of poor hands or a lack of concentration: 'If I knew that, it would be all corrected. It's probably a lot of both. This week will be a real test, in that OSU has really two fine corners Brandon Brown and Aric Williams. They're a great tandem and they can really cover and get up on you. They are very fast, they're big guys. Last year was the first time I had seen Brown, and Reggie was a big receiver and this kid broke the huddle in the very first part of the game. He walked right in on Reggie and was nose-and-nose with him; we hadn't seen him a lot. He's a real talented big corner. So our guys are going to have to work a little harder to get open and make some plays because their corners are excellent.'

On if the offense changes now that Casey is running it: 'No, we did the exact same things with Casey that we did with Carl, with Isaiah ... we're doing the same stuff.'

On Joe Lobendahn's play: 'I don't think that was one of Joe's better games Saturday. I think he's had better games. If there was a defensive player it was Manase Hopoi or C.J. Wallace. Joe is the emotional, spiritual kind of leader of that group of people. He's really the glue defensively. He's a guy who's played hurt and still made significant plays and he's just great for our defense and our defensive people.'

On Pac-10 changes that he has seen as a head coach: 'Obviously the styles of play are going to change because of how many coaching changes there have been. Since I was I was a head coach at Cal, now there has been four new coaches at Washington. Probably the most stable places have been Oregon and Washington State. There's been three at USC and UCLA. OSU has had several, so there has been a lot of coaching changes in nine years. And with every coaching change is going to bring a little bit different style offensively, defensively. I think college football now, with the scholarship numbers, you're going to see that teams have cycles. They struggle for a while and then mature and have older kids that play well. Then you are going to struggle for a while when those people graduate.'

On looking at OSU on film and what are keys for Saturday: 'We've got to match what the front seven and their two corners can do defensively. Their front seven is excellent. Billy Swancutt is a great football player and has been for a long time, he's terrific. I was thinking they won't be as good at defensive tackle because of those other people gone, then here comes two more guys terrific inside. They moved Trent Bray to inside linebacker and with Ellison and Pollard outside, they got terrific speed on the outside.'

On the 60-point victory by Texas Tech over Nebraska: 'I'd like to get that damn game plan. I've seen Texas Tech play before and they are wild. They can really move it. That would be a fun place to go visit. Mike has got some really cutting-edge ideas and they can really score and they have done it for a long time. Now the other thing I heard is that he only allows 25 plays. That's goal lines, short yardage, third down, red zone, black zone. Coming out first-and-10, 2nd down, everything. He has 25 plays total. I have talked to some people on the telephone about what in the world is this guy doing. And he does it with a lot of different people at quarterback. They put together 25 plays on Monday and practice them Monday-Thursday, walk through them on Friday and play Saturday.'

On how much you play off the Northwest rivalry thing: 'Sure, it's significant. Oregon State and Washington have been playing each other for a long time, there have been some great football games. It's a heck of a game all the time. That's a big deal to us.'

On Isaiah Stanback: 'Last week was the first time he looked like he could really run, and there were still some times where he had a little hitch in there when he was running. But he looked better than he had in the previous three weeks.'

On OSU's record: 'Well, I think they play some good teams. I'll tell you what -- Boise State can flat move it, and California can flat move it. Those two teams are really high-rolling offenses -- hard to stop, lots of good skill, lots of speed. I think that LSU is an unbelievably talented team, and obviously they played them really well and really shut down New Mexico. So I think that's very misleading, because I look on the video and I see a bunch of quality athletes who play hard. Some of that's misleading, but at the same time you have to give Boise and California credit, because those people can really score. The interesting thing is you look at ASU and California and Boise State, all three of those head coaches come from the same system, having all been at Oregon. Those guys back at Oregon have scored a lot of points.'

On big plays last year from Charles Frederick: 'He got it going with a punt return and he ended it with an out and up route. We'd been throwing the ball in front of him on the same route a couple times and I thought, let's just try out and up. Now it's the same route we called against UCLA -- first play, second half -- that we got sacked on for a touchdown. He ran a beautiful route and Cody Pickett really put one on him. In between there he caught some short balls and made some runs and made some people miss. He was really healthy for that game and the next week he got injured and was never really the same. He missed some time prior to that game -- we got him at a healthy moment. And I think one thing that helped Charles was that on the other side of the sideline was Reggie. There was a high-profile guy and you really had to pay attention to him because he is a great player.'

On what winning will do for your team's demeanor: 'A win always soothes everybody's wounds -- gets up the morale. People have a tendency to have a little extra bounce in their step. There's nothing like it in this business.'

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